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What Pairs Best With Poison?


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Top Choices:

Fire Blast is your highest dps option for obvious reasons, it is on almost everything. The low reliance on procs for damage means it is easier to chase set bonuses and defensive procs which is important for a poisoneer.

Water blasting has some helpful knockdowns, self healing, and proc slotting opportunities. 


Other options:

Dark Blast has some additional tohit debuff, self healing, and proc slotting - but the cone playstyle meshes poorly with poison. Water better as a self healing blast set for poison.

Radiation Blast has Irradiate PBAoE to mesh with poison playstyle but poison can already slot fury of the gladiator and achilles heel without radiation blast and so there is some value lost here. The high -res potential in poison works better with fire blast.


Poison is also 100% better as a defender set. Poison/Fire does stupid high dps for a defender. Poison is also great with Plant Control and its interaction with seeds of confusion.




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Currently on fire.

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I really like my Poison/Water defender, I suspect it would do well as a Corrupter as well.  The nice thing about it is it gives you a self heal early on and it's not super heavy on Cones for AoE (unlike Dark)

What this team needs is more Defenders

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