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  1. Leave a bid on the AH for a stack of Level 31 Kinetic Crash recipes. They'll fill over a day or two. Craft them and then Convert Out of Set (Knockback). You'll get a mix of Force Feedbacks and Sudden Accelerations. If you're lucky you'll get a Sudden Acceleration (KD to KD). If not, you can convert in set to get one. You can then do what you like with the remaining rare enhancements - use them, or convert them and sell them off to make a profit.
  2. As of this evening, I am astonished that in 2 years I am the first person on Excelsior to attempt to name a plant controller Hedge Fund. Does anyone else hear a phrase or idiom in normal conversation and feel compelled to rush to log in to see if it's free as a character name, or just me?
  3. There's plenty of time (the character is L26) and respecs are cheap. Taking Charged Armour softcaps S/L/E resists and leaves defences across the board at 19-22%. Seems quite solid but I'd be concerned about mez, Sonic Dispersion is pretty nice but low mag protection. How often do you get hit by mez? Electrifying Fences also nullifies KB, which is great on Bots, but would negate my Wall of Force soft control, which is another element to consider. They get 10% ToHit from Supremacy and the slotting above gives them about 50% extra Accuracy. Do you still find it's adequate vs +
  4. Slowly, I'm doing solo content on this in between normal play on other characters. Currently just dinged 26. It was downright painful leveling this before 22, when I slotted IOs (with commons or SOs to fill in where the build uses min lvl 30 IOs). Since then I've done a full set of vigilante tips and the i27 Agent Watkins arc*; post-IOs, the build is far more viable as the pets are significantly sturdier. I still can't push higher than +0x2, though, I tried +1x2 and +0x3 and got smacked down in short order. I found the playstyle that makes this combo function (prior to
  5. I really, really like this idea. What could be more fitting for incarnates than taking on an insane god-entity in his own dimension? Firebase Zulu (and maybe the Cascade Archipelago) could remain 41-50 content so the TFs and few lower level missions there still have a home, and the Chantry and Storm Palace be Incarnate zones?
  6. I'm a single data point, but I was one of these players. My friends were CoH players from launch who all converted en masse to CoV at the release of Issue 8. I played a 14-day CoH free trial, promptly took out a sub to CoV only, and played red exclusively until both sides of the game unlocked for the cost of the single sub in ... issue 12 I think. By then all my mains were red ATs. Nowadays I have a mix of all 4 alignments in my roster with a slant towards rogues. Personally, I love the sense of dark humour that suffuses the Rogue Isles from day 1. Paragon City can be a
  7. Recall Friend got replaced with TP Ally/Foe. TP Foe got replaced with Combat Teleport. So... yes you will have to respec. But you get Recall Friend for free to make use of with Superior Invis, which isn't a bad trade in my mind. Me, I have to work out how to re-do my Warshade's teleport binds to make use of the new TP powers.
  8. I did not advocate for any change or nerf to the Incarnate system in any way. I advocated for a challenge option to switch off Incarnate powers in non-incarnate TF and Ouroboros content and associated badges to provide an incentive to run it that way. Look at all the AT forums in which people are doing no-insp/no-temp/no-defeat 'Master Of' solo TF challenges, there is an audience out there for further self-imposed challenge. I explained my personal feelings about the impact Incarnate abilities have on non-Incarnate play as my reasoning for wanting such a thing, but my p
  9. As I implied when discussing the ITF (which is why I specifically said L35), they don't directly affect lvl 35-44 content, but my game experience in PUGs. Every PUG I join in which I am sidekicked to a 45+ exemplar will inevitably have incarnates in it. Yes, I could explicitly just run Ice Mistrals and Morty Kals and Manticores until I ding 50 to avoid it, but I still find being stuck with the choice of 1) PUG above L45 and be an utterly useless deadweight or 2) deliberately avoid any and all L45+ content or 3) solo makes my personal game experience less fun.
  10. Level 35 is the lowest level for ITF. If you attempt to run one at L35-44 you will struggle to form and keep an 8-man team unless you agree to give the TL position to a incarnate and sidekick to them.
  11. My issue, as a player that vastly concentrates on the 1-49 leveling game (probably 90-95% of my total play time), is that incarnate powers bleed into the level 35-50 game and overshadow it badly. Playing a vanilla character in any of the capstone TFs, content that was designed for you to learn to master, feels like no matter how carefully you structure your build to squeeze every drop of efficiency out of it or how skilfully you can play your class, it still becomes the 'Stand back and watch the incarnates' show. I find leveling 40+ in any team content at all to be significantly less fun becau
  12. You probably know the concept but not the community name of Frankenslotting. Say you wanted to enhance Call Thugs' attack and damage, and you put 6 slots into it. 3 Accuracy and 3 Damage SOs, level 50 +94.3% Accuracy, +94.3% Damage 3 Accuracy and 3 damage Common IOs, level 50 +99.08% Accuracy, +99.08% Damage Edict of the Master: Acc/Dam, Blood Mandate: Acc/Dam, Sovereign Right: Acc/Dam, Call to Arms: Acc/Dam +94.21% Accuracy, +94.21% Damage ...for the opportunity cost of four slots not six. You can now use the remaining slots
  13. Or if you want to do it the old fashioned way, by getting the Field Crafter badge (this is a lot more effort than just buying it...) My crafter uses a crafting table and /ah while hanging out in the Pocket D Tiki Lounge bar. There are crafting tables in a bunch more places if you look, including 'Abandoned Labs' (Port Oakes, St Martial), the 'Cultural Centre' (Imperial City), and in the Vanguard base.
  14. There is a distinctly different animation if you are flying (sort of a whirlwind twirl); might fit some character concepts, such as celestial beings, who permanently hover.
  15. Mercs/sonic is definitely not a power combo, but I want to see what I can do with it for concept reasons as part of a 'level every MM primary to 50 and try out secondaries I've never used' project. This is a leveling build, so it emphasises hitting survivability milestones at lowest levels possible, and doesn't use any purple IOs. I am unlikely to play it into incarnates. The playstyle intent is to spam Project Will and Wall of Force to keep knocking enemies down to mitigate damage and provide +rech to minimise pets being on cooldown if I need to resummon, and then Web
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