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"Tasks Failed" Kiosk


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This is a very petty thing, but as a perfectionist it really bugs me. I'm sure I'm not the only one.


I accidentally failed one of the Safeguard Missions, and now I permanently have "Tasks Failed = 1" on my kiosk profile.


I know these kiosks are old as hell and don't really matter, but why do they have to keep track of your failed missions? I'm not against failing missions, but why do they have to keep a permanent record of it??


In the next update, could you just remove that stupid "Failed Tasks" thing? It would probably take two seconds to edit it out and would be a big relief to lots of OCD people!

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Id like if the info terminal gave as much info as possible.  Everything that gets tracked per character would be great to access ingame.  Like if a character has done the weekly TF,  the cooldown remaining on your catalyst token,  how many times you have visited more then just the atlas statue,  how many times having completed each TF.  Anything and everything,  give me more stats.

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I think we should actually add something that highlights all of Phanto's failures in game.  Perhaps something that links to the forums and gives us notifications when he fails?  "PHANTO JUST DIED ON INDOM PLEASE COME HECKLE HIM"!


Also just for phanto.  Id prefer you not see how often Ive failed at this game in the last 15 years.


Just kidding my friend.  Couldnt help myself.  Mean no offense.

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<Principal's voice> Sorry, this is going to have to go on your permanent record.


The worst is picking up one of those "stop <x> from escaping" missions when the person escaping will literally cheat and go through walls sometimes (saw it happen once but luckily still managed to stop him that time).  If you really care about the failed stat make sure to autocomplete or abandon those missions.  

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