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want to make a blaster farmer toon....


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so after finaly giving pure dps a chance i love it.. (mostly i have a chaotic house atm 2 step kids and a new born) so just dps is sooo much easyer for me to play.. i dont like brute farming never have and fire/kin troll was my farmer on live and realy dont want to spend a ton of time on one agian..


i know blaster can farm.. just unsure best combos and build.. i know it will be S/L or Range.. anyone point me towards a good combo and what i should be aiming for.  

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I have had good luck with an Elec/Temp in farms.  I have never solo farmed with it.  The range on the nuke is longer than ice.  (And all at once) with a softcap range defense you can hover blast as long as the roof is high (not asteroid). 

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Fire Cubed Blaster with capped Fire Res and Fire Def is my blaster farmer.


I don’t recommend soft capping S/L def or ranged def for farming. S/L def capped blasters tend to get there with Scorpion Shield or Frozen Armor, which means lower resistance than a fire capped character. Ranged defense means you’re stuck hover blasting, and that will never be as fast as being right in melee.

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