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Old style of Masks With Hair please return?


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Is there ANY way we can go back to the way back when version of Masks with Hair? It has been gone for a very long time (I think even before Homecoming actually) but without it, it looks like your peeps are wearing crappy Joker after a long fight makeup, not a fabric mask. See these attachments. It's like night and day!! 


Like this...




Not this...


masks with hair.png

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Are you on Ultra graphics settings?  Maybe try turning it off temporarily to see if that translucency effect goes away.  I doubt they intentionally added translucency to the masks.  It might be a result of the shaders that got added with Ultra and why you remember it looking different/better way back when.


Just a guess.

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I think the transparency effect isn't on the masks, but linked to the way the game shows the color white - specifically when it's on a pattern applied to a skintone.




There's a clear difference between the shading of white on a Tights options vs the Mask Pattern applied to the skin. However...




When swapped to a Chest Option that uses the skintone (Bare Chest) and a white pattern, it flows smoothly (and transparently) together.


It doesn't seem to matter what the skintone choice is, either - that transparency/bleed-through effect remains the same regardless of what skintone option is chosen. As far as the mask/pattern goes, using any other color seems to severely lessen the effect to the point that you can barely notice it.



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