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The Matrix 4 Teaser Trailers

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So, yesterday a bunch of teasers were dropped saying the "full trailer" for The Matrix 4 would be released in two days.

The teeny tiny clips in the teasers showed what appear to be recreations of some iconic scenes from the previous films in the series, but also some distinctly new stuff.


The last time I ever felt the concept of a "spoiler" was real was when I saw the original Matrix movie.  Since then, no "spoiler" has ever really robbed me of being able to find enjoyable in a movie.  If a movie is good, then no amount of "spoilers" can actually spoil it for me.


But this time?

I almost feel like I should avoid the trailer, and go in to the movie completely blind.  Just like I did for The Matrix.

Just for old time's sake, right?


What about you folks?

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Mental illness and a sub-poverty line income don't allow me the luxury of avoiding spoilers.  If I'm going to spend money on something, I like being informed of the value of the purchase and likelihood of my enjoyment.  And even the most detailed synopsis or longest trailer can't tell you everything that happens, anyway.  A movie is more than a climactic conclusion, or a 2:30 trailer, or a synopsis, so I'm not bothered by knowing a few details.

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Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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I watched the trailer a few times.  My concern is that it will undo all the growth and character development, (not to mention world-changing events), of the other 3 movies.  Further, I am also concerned that it will simply retread what's already been done and/or try to "subvert our expectations"...

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