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Running low on end?


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Somebody overpaid for some Stamina. If you DM me the amount you accidentally paid, and which IO set, and the specific IO and level of the enhancement, I'll refund you the difference of what you expected to pay. (And don't try to tell me you typed two extra zeroes, lol) 

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You know, I tried, but it wouldn't let me send it to you. I think the 2billion cap is a myth, and it's actually 1,999,999,999. I thought about verifying, but it would cost me 1 inf to do so, and I'm too cheap. 

The time limit has expired for this poor soul, so I will share the screenshot. As you can see, they meant to overpay by 1-2M, which is why I was gracious enough to offer a refund. 


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On 9/30/2021 at 5:54 PM, Yomo Kimyata said:

I've got a long rambling incoherent rant about the Perf Shifter market, but I think I'll just save it for the Monologue thread.


I look forward to it. The additional EndMod sets added on HC certainly made the market here harder, but there are times when this niche looks downright weird.


Anecdotally: I still stick with one of these in Stamina for everyone of my characters, although I have done some experimenting with a few characters (that don't have extra slots invested in Stamina) to see if I noticed any difference between the %proc and simply slotting an IO EndMod (boosted, natch because of Inf). I had a couple of characters with large +MaxEnd boosts (accolades, sets, buffs) and I ran them across a lot of different content at many different levels... it felt to me like keeping the Performance Shifter proc was the right call for most cases. This was not a rigorous study by any means.

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