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A newbie guide for being a team member in cox


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There are a few rules being in a team that you need to learn:


1) Be polite - the other teammates are just like you. When you pick a name for yourself, keep it short and easy to read/type. This way others will remember you and may ask you to join them on another mission. How well you play during a mission can really help here.


2) If you plan on leaving after a couple missions, let the team know when you arrive. The same goes for training, bio, getting a snack, etc.. Other team members want to know that they can depend on you.


3) Some mission really end when the blue exit button pops up, but many do not end. The more experienced players will stay behind and clear the map before exiting. The object of doing missions is not seeing how many you can do. If you exit early, you will be standing outside with no way of getting back in for as long as it takes for the others to clear the map. And you will be missing out on a lot of XP too. Running to the next mission and waiting for them to start doesn't help you either. So get the most you can in each mission.


4) There are lot of different types of missions. And unless you have billions of influence, you want to focus on Arc Missions. Radio missions won't help you except for the XP, but Arc's also give you merits and badges. If you are poor (like me), you can spend your merits on enhancement boosters and sell them at the Auction House for a little over one million influence each (each cost 5 merits). Just by completing the Atlas arcs, you'll earn 9 merits. King's Row gives you another 12. In all you can earn over 4 million influence. So doing the low level task force missions may give you a little XP, you'll still be poor afterwards.


5) I try to give others inspirations all the time. If their endurance us getting low, I'll pass them a blue to help. The problem is, almost every new player is a "hoarder." They never use their inspirations so they can't accept gifts from other teammates. Experienced players use their inspirations as soon as they get them if they are in combat. What good are inspirations if you never use them?


6) You ever play follow the leader? Stay with them as they move through a mission. If the team splits up its bad for all. If you accidentally attack another group and then become overwhelmed by them, don't lead them into the team. Run out the exit and the npc's will go back to where they started. The only exception to this is if you are playing a dedicated tank (all defense and the taunt skill). You can bring other mobs to the team as long as you can control the aggro (so they won't harm your teammates).

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Not necessarily so:
1) I agree with politeness, but being civil will suffice. Being quiet or not being an asshat is also very acceptable.

2) PUGs mean Pick Up Groups. So you're quite free to join and leave whenever you want. If my dogs suddenly fight under my desk, I'm just going to say something urgent came up and I have to go, thank the team and leave. I doubt I'll be missed, and I'm sure I will be replaced shortly.


3) While true to some extent, some people don't care much for the oftentimes negligible XP another mob will give. so when the exit button comes up, it's time to go. If it is a big deal for the team, leader or someone will usually say (i.e. ITF Towers).


4) So many things about this point that I don't personally agree with. Tip missions offer 40 merits, so they're well worth your time. plus they're fun and different. Newspaper missions open up Mayhem missions, which are also fun and on a different level (you get to beat down a hero in each one + side missions). Merits to converters to selling in the AH isn't always the most efficient way to make inf.


5) Not everyone is an insp-popper. Most of the time, I don't even have the insp window open, and I play Blasters with hardly any def, res or mez protection. If you're relying on insps too much, something's wrong with your build.


6) This is usually the case. Stick together because the team is stronger together. But it's not always the case. Sometimes a sneaky stalker can stealth his/her way ahead to scout or click the glowie or TP the team to the boss. On some SG runs, we split up because we're confident in our abilities and we cover more ground. Sometimes, you'll see a brute go his own way ignoring the team. It's cool. If you're talking about XP, then he's earning EXTRA XP for everyone... on his own.

I'm sorry, if this reply comes of snarky. Something about dictating how I should play rubs me the wrong way, and something about the title makes me question who gave you the right to lay down the rules of how people should play.

The only rule I play by is be nice to people who are nice to you. Do your own thing as long as you're not preventing others from doing theirs.

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