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Suggestion for two builds that dual boxes well together?


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I have been dabbling with dual boxing on the same machine. Very helpful on Trick or Tricks leagues when there aren't enough ican slotted players.


What do you think would make a good pair?


I figure there's two ways to go.


One build is support, buff, debuffs that follows. The other active where you do most of the playing.


Or ones that alternate depending on mobs or power recharging. Both can be primary some of the time.

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  • KaizenSoze changed the title to Suggestion for two builds that dual boxes well together?

One brute or tank coupled with one buff/debuff AT. That's all ya need. 

I like a fire tank with burn on auto with a fire/rad or water/sonic corruptor. But - be advised - juggling multiple accounts on the same machine can result in the occasional glitch. 

I've had it where I was on a tf - with my farmer account on the background...and suddenly, I couldn't target any bad guys. I'd tab through, and select them, but when I went to fire - the cursor would move to an ally, and I'd get a message "invalid target". And I wasn't confused. Had to close the other accounts to get controls to work properly. Re-start the alt account and things were normal. A strange thing, has happened maybe twice in the past couple of years. 

Other issues are sound. Game sounds just no longer work on one account - but they work on another. No big deal. Close alt game, re-start, and it's all good. These are rare occurrences, but they happen. 

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21 hours ago, Glacier Peak said:

Fire Armor/Radiation Melee or Spines Tank or Radiation Melee or Spines/ Fire Armor Brute or Scrapper paired with a Pain Domination Defender or Corruptor. 

<--- I don't really farm at least in any typical way.  But I'd say keep an open mind about either Pain or Thermal depending on your Tank, Brute or Scrappers strengths or weaknesses and how passive the support is or needs to be.  Both have strong debuffs (and buffs) to offer.

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