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Stalagmites and Hover

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Currently this is stalagmites in game:


You can cause Stalagmites to erupt all around an enemy, damaging all nearby foes. The Stalagmites deal minimal Lethal damage, and can Disorient all affected targets for a good while, as well as reduce their Defense. You must be on the ground to activate this power.

Damage Minor
Recharge Slow
Minimum Level Archetypeicon controller.png 12 (Controller)
  V archetypeicon dominator.png 12 (Dominator)
Effects Ranged Targeted Area of Effect Minor Damage (Lethal)
  Foe Disorient, -Defense
Enhancements TO Training Accuracy.png Enhance Accuracy
  TO Training Damage.png Enhance Damage
  TO Training Endurance Cost.png Reduce Endurance Cost
  TO Training Range.png Enhance Range
  TO Training Attack Rate.png Increase Attack Rate
  TO Training Disorient Duration.png Enhance Disorient Duration
Set Categories IO Damage.png Targeted AoE Damage
  IO Stun.png Stuns



All around is a pretty decent power aside of a slow cast time and the fact that you have to be on the ground to use it. I understand the need to be on the ground for powers like grounded or where you visibly interact with the ground yourself. This power causes its effects to come from the ground to the enemies, not originating from the player, so the requirement of needing the ground doesn't make much sense to me. If that were changed to allow you to use while hovering that would be great.


Additionally speeding up the cast time slightly would be desired.



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     Well a slow/long cast time, total animation time yes but the time before your stun actually occurs is 0.733 seconds into the animation.  So in practice it does its job fairly rapidly or at least I've never found it problematic across 5 lvl 50 Earth/** controllers including several that rely on stacked stuns (Stalagmites, Thunderclap, Fissure) for primary mitigation.  I only noted Seeds of Confusion as faster to effect as well as being available earlier (0.633 seconds and at 8th).  Heart of Darkness was slower by a tenth and several were noticeably slower at over 1.00 second to effect (Flashfire, Ice Slick)


     Edit:  As for being on the ground it makes sense to me anyway.  You're an Earth Controller, the animation has you stomping on the ground ... and to me projecting that effect through the ground to your targets.  But you can probably explain the power by almost any manner it's not like reality is at play here.

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