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Super-Strength as a Power Pool

Take One

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Super Strength has problems, the biggest of which is spelled Rage. There have been many suggestions for how to solve these problems. This isn't one of them. Instead I suggest that there should be a power pool called Strength, since I think it's silly to limit such an iconic super-power to two archetypes (potentially three if it ever gets proliferated to Scrappers - I'm not holding my breath), when many more concepts could benefit from a limited form of Super-Strength. Thus 'Strength'. Here's my suggestion for which powers you'll unlock at each tier.


  • Power 1, available at level 4: PUNCH
  • Power 2, available at level 4: HANDCLAP
  • Power 3, available at level 14, requires one other power from Strength: HURL
  • Power 4, available at level 14, requires two other powers from Strength: KNOCKOUT BLOW
  • Power 5, available at level 14, requires two other powers from Strength: FOOT STOMP


The exact numbers and effects for these would have to be balanced for the power pool nature of the attacks, but considering that they are already weakened by the lack of Rage I don't know if they need to be much weaker. I know that these would more than likely vastly overshadow Fighting's Boxing and Kick powers, but that's more of a problem with that power pool. The real purpose of this powerset isn't to turn everyone into The Hulk, but to let anyone appear strong, for theme and concept reasons.


Ideally, the real Super Strength powerset should be updated before introducing this weaker version, or those poor brutes and tankers might feel tempted to double-dip into this to get access to two KO Blows and Foot Stomps. On the other hand, if they could do that, SS might not need to be updated.

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Reduce the radii of FS and HC to like...8ft and you've got yourself a deal. Martial Arts users everywhere will thank you. 

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