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Writing prompt #14: Favorite firsts

Crystal Dragon

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This ones going to be a little silly and light hearted but given the last prompt, I felt it was appropriate. So here we go!

What are some of your characters favorite firsts?


I suppose Cry's favorite first, was the first time she tried an egg roll from the Lucky Egg take out place in Atlas Park. I kid you not, she had eaten some good food in the past, but egg rolls for some reason turned out to be a complete culinary obsession for her, and a means to judge whether a buffet or asian place is any good. For her, if it doesn't have the right kind of crisp to the eggroll shell, or the right flavors inside the shell, it just won't do and she'd pay her bill and leave without a second thought. It's funny cause the few people that DO know that she loves a good eggroll, often bring her some at the Vanguard base while she's on shift, just so she can be a happy sparkle dragon for a few hours. Another favorite first was when Crys' offered to take in Kami when her father was sniped in the Warzone. Instead of just fostering Kami, she ended up legally adopting her, and that's a memory that's really close to Crys' heart.


Her kids on the other hand, well, their first MSR run with the regulars at the Vanguard base was probably one of their favorite memories. Aki brought home a massive Rikti sword to put on display in the trophy area of the den, and Nee brought home a Rikti skull (Sans such in the base items, turned into a human skull on display.), Cloudberry brought home a chunk of Rikti ship shielding which their uncle Daris is studying to learn about it's attributes and to help improve Cloud's armor that he made for them. They are favorite firsts for many reasons, but dragon whelps didn't get to do any of this back on Pellea, and Crys cherishes the freedoms these whelps of hers have in Prime.

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Two words. "Space panther!"


... ok, explanation. Kheldians can copy the pattern of beings they merge with, thus the ever popular squid and dwarf.  Well, shortly after merging, Cat - no longer being all that welcome in the precinct, kind of at loose ends, and trying to figure out what to do with this odd energy puff that merged with her, went to the zoo.  Allie became interested in the panther they had there, and wanted a closer look.


Cat wasn't quite aware of what she meant by a closer look. Granted, Allie wouldn't exactly be able to be *clawed, * and the panther didn't seem to notice as Allie got closer... though *merging,* that was unexpected.


For a brief time, the Chicago Zoo had a flying panther.


Cat finally got Allie to come back - and discovered, yes, she'd copied the pattern. Being glad she'd at least decided on a panther instead of, oh, a boa constrictor, they finished their tour and gone home.


Fast forward ... eh, two-ish years. Cat's had a ... bad case. She and Allie kind of spiraled each other down into the bottom of a bottle for a week or so, mutual guilt and memories building on each other, 'til a friend finally essentially kicked them in the butt at a time they were actually willing to listen (after several attempts by others where she just wasn't ready.) And Cat... well, shows this copied panther to Mel, who - despite Cat's sneezing (not used to that nose *yet,* thanks...) finds it hilarious. And as Diva comes home with food... Mel arranges for her to be met by a leap by "SPAAACE PAANNTTHHERRR!"


The sneezing probably ruined the effect a bit, but still. It was the final bit needed to break Cat completely out of the funk she'd been in.

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2 hours ago, Greycat said:


Two words. "Space panther!"


... ok, explanation. Kheldians can copy the pattern of beings they merge with, thus the ever popular squid and dwarf.  Well, shortly after merging, Cat - no longer being all that welcome in the precinct, kind of at loose ends, and trying to figure out what to do with this odd energy puff that merged with her, went to the zoo.  Allie became interested in the panther they had there, and wanted a closer look.


Cat wasn't quite aware of what she meant by a closer look. Granted, Allie wouldn't exactly be able to be *clawed, * and the panther didn't seem to notice as Allie got closer... though *merging,* that was unexpected.


For a brief time, the Chicago Zoo had a flying panther.


Cat finally got Allie to come back - and discovered, yes, she'd copied the pattern. Being glad she'd at least decided on a panther instead of, oh, a boa constrictor, they finished their tour and gone home.


Fast forward ... eh, two-ish years. Cat's had a ... bad case. She and Allie kind of spiraled each other down into the bottom of a bottle for a week or so, mutual guilt and memories building on each other, 'til a friend finally essentially kicked them in the butt at a time they were actually willing to listen (after several attempts by others where she just wasn't ready.) And Cat... well, shows this copied panther to Mel, who - despite Cat's sneezing (not used to that nose *yet,* thanks...) finds it hilarious. And as Diva comes home with food... Mel arranges for her to be met by a leap by "SPAAACE PAANNTTHHERRR!"


The sneezing probably ruined the effect a bit, but still. It was the final bit needed to break Cat completely out of the funk she'd been in.

(I..oh man, I need to see this at some point first hand on Crys, I'm pretty sure she'd keel over trying to keep her feathers from flying off with laughter.)

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Carmilla's easy to imagine in that one of her absolute favorite firsts, one that still warms her heart, is her first kiss. It was with an old friend of hers, a pretty but goth girl named Mina. Mina had just won some competition, she doesn't really remember what, but as they were heading back, she remembers taking Mina's hand and kissing the girl on the lips. In more than a friendly way. It... Didn't go over that well but they got talking about it when they were older and agreed that if neither of them were seeing anyone seriously by a certain point, they'd go on a date and see how it went. That hasn't happened because of being turned but... Carmilla does hope to at least see her again.


Raphael Firestar when he finally finished his dissertation on using propellants in a sandstone and/or dust-covered environment and why they need to be kept to a specific level of pressure, if present at all. While not a common first, he managed to defend it well when even he thought he was being too over-prepared. Little did he know that it would lead to some of the best and worst parts of his life, and one of his other favorite firsts: finally being able to muster up the nerve to clearly ask a girl out.


Ra-Akhnaten's favorite first is probably a bit odd but... First time he had a pear after taking over Raphael's body. Much like Hector Barbarossa in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, he had a hankering for, among other things, fresh fruit and being able to taste it, actually *feel* it in his mouth as he ate.


Raphael Firebane's favorite first from Praetoria was probably being able to drive in Nova Praetoria. While not that big a deal, just being able to take the time to get around without relying on his powers or having to worry about "Is X group causing trouble?" was pleasant. On Primal Earth? First time he came across Mexican food. Burritos in particular. While they likely exist still in Praetoria, they just don't make them with the same kick.

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Teri was born to fly. She knew it from a young age. She was even surer when she sprouted wings that were good for nothing except increasing her clothing costs and molting all over the bloody place. She tried everything she could think of to awaken her latent flight powers, but nothing worked.


Then she found out about Peacebringers and worked to become one. The second she merged with her Kheldian half, she finally felt whole. Powered up, she took the skies for the first time, and her wings unfolded and flapped. Everything was right. She's never gotten tired of the sensation, but that first time was something special.


Edit: For Chelsea, it was the first time she could touch another person with her bare hands after being in isolation and/or having to wear a containment suit for so long. This was the final sign: everything would be alright.

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5 hours ago, CrystalDragon said:

What are some of your characters favorite firsts?

Corrigan's #1 favorite first is the first time he saw Yggdrasil.

In his expanded lore, he has been to thing in mythology called Yggdrasil. This gargantuan tree, as it ties to the character, is the center of the life itself. It is connected to realms beyond, and by all accounts it is where he can sit in a more spirit animal form and relax. It's the most peaceful place, and the most astounding. In the "mindscape" he can access, he utilizes a version of Yggdrasil to traverse memories and show wonderous experiences to life partners. Of course, it's also how he once got access to Gungnir (the explanation for Incarnatehood that I had for him) so that's neat.

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Tiltowait's favorite first... would easily be his first hug.


It was a pretty everyday situation.  A woman walking the sidewalk, headed home from work at store in New Thebes.  A Freakshow scumbag taking notice of her and deciding to make an impression.  An unwanted pickup line, a firm refusal, an attempted grope, a swung handbag, and soon she was fleeing from her life from an enraged garage cyborg who was steadily gaining on her.


Fortunately for her Tiltowait spotted the situation from the air, and descended on the Freak with all the grace and subtlety of a cruise missile strike.  As Tiltowait picked himself up and left the Freak whimpering and twitching in a shallow crater, he dusted himself off and asked the woman if she was okay.  The response he got was a heartfelt hug.  Tiltowait froze up; he'd never been hugged before.  And now he was of two minds on it.


Now Tiltowait had heard of hugs.  A weird gesture among humans consisting of a gentle squeeze with the arms around the other person.  Ward had explained the concept, and a couple of Midnighters had explained the particulars but... honestly it seemed a little dumb.  It was squeezing, something you do when you want to keep things together, not blow them apart.  He was thoroughly uninterested in the idea until he'd experienced one.


It was warm, affectionate, tender.  Comforting.  Soothing.  For a brief moment even Tilt's boundless hyperactivity experienced a touch of serenity.  And would wonders never cease, he liked it.  The woman was taken aback a bit by his how Tiltowait tensed up at first, but he quickly reassured her that nothing was wrong.  Just that hugs were a new experience.  Then she apologized for taking something precious from him and he had to stop her because she'd given him something precious instead.  She'd changed his mind entirely on the experience.


Tiltowait mulled over the experience for a while.  The Midnighters had explained that hugs were just a bit more personal than most interactions and shouldn't be given out lightly, but wow did they ever feel good.  As a result he looks for any opportunity to give hugs of his own, because they're just too good not to share.  They're a little bit tight and boisterous, but heartfelt.  He is circumspect enough to ask if they'd be welcome first, but he is very enthusiastic about giving them.  Since becoming a Personification, hugs have become #2 on his top three things, right behind explosions and just ahead of pizza.


Mmm.  Pizza.

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For Charlie the Dynamo, I'm thinking it would be the first time he fought off an Arachnoid.


It's not easy living in Grandville's Gutter, especially when you're a homeless blind teenager. Charlie had managed to survive so far by sticking close to other people who had been discarded by society. When danger approached, he could normally expect to follow someone to safety, but relying on other people is no guarantee against the horrors of the Gutter.


One day someone sounded the alarm, and as usual Charlie tried to find someone to follow during the ensuing panic. This time however, he noticed something wrong when noise of the commotion stopped - he was all alone. He paced around slowly until he heard the unsettling hiss of an Arachnoid. The monster shrieked and he knew had been spotted.


Charlie assumed a defensive position hoping to survive just a little longer. Then he heard the Arachnoid rush forward and the fear suddenly left him. He ran at the monster and gave it a good punch. He managed to hit it in the solar plexus and it stumbled back gasping. He sensed he had a chance and tried to pounce on the monster before it could recover, but it pulled back before he could land another hit. It gave a weak, resentful hiss and retreated.


Then Charlie was all alone again, but this time he was safe.

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Tabby’s First Gyro

One of the perils of learning a word by reading is getting its pronunciation right   I, for example, grew up in an area with very little greek influence, so I’d only ever read- not heard- gyro, and just assumed it was pronounced phonetically with a hard g.  Tabby had much the same problem.

WARNING: I’m spoilering this for suggestive content, but it's really only a walk and talk in Atlas park.  It's only suggestive if you're already corrupt...and pronounce gyro correctly.
(also, apologies to any characters named in this piece.  I didn't go online and search for open names before coming up with the supporting cast.)





“Ok, so now what?”  Tabby muttered to herself.  This wasn’t her first trek to City Hall, but it was the first time leaving where she wasn’t trying to hide.  Normally it was a quick run to one of the underground access tunnels then following the map RT had made- best way to stay hidden.



Unfortunately, she couldn’t hide now.  


She wanted to, but not after seeing those pictures and learning that the Blue Bolts may be attacking other crittergirls when they couldn’t find her.

“No, nobody else gets hurt.  If they want me, they gotta be able to find me.”

So she stood there, at the street separating Atlas Plaza and Hyperion Way, wondering, “What next?!”


“Hey, New Girl! Vait Up!”  


The heavy German accent was coming from a yellow ball of fire on a trajectory headed right for her.  As it approached, the flames faded to reveal a blonde girl, probably in her early 20’s wearing a yellow and red flame-motif outfit that only would ever work with a generous application of glue.  


“It is Tapitha, right?” 


Tabby nodded, “and you’re Blazing Justice!  I saw that video of you fighting Nemesis out in Peregrine Isle.”  Blazing Justice was a fan favorite online, and not just for her costume.  She was everything Tabby wished she was- bold, confident, commanding, soxy as hell, and human  *A lady like her would never be stuck standing at an intersection too indecisive to figure out where to go, that’s for sure.*


“I know zat look- country girl, right?  First time in ein big city, right?  It’s chust too much… Hefferyzing.   I remember zat.  I grew up in ein small village vith only one schtoplight. Vas schtill a ‘Big City Firgin’ when I moved to Paragon.  I used to stand here for ages, too scared to even cross ze schtreet.  


“It vill pass.  Come. Best thing to do is to keep walking."

With that she took Tabitha’s arm and started walking briskly down the sidewalk.  She was a good head taller than Tabby, so her brisk stride forced Tabby to practically skip to keep up. She wasn’t sure what to make of her new overly-assertive companion yet, but it was probably better to have company if the Blue Bolts were out there.  *Speaking of… I’d better warn her.*

“I’m not sure it’s really safe…”

“Nonzense!  Ve’re both heroes. Ve can handle anything.  Come. I vill treat you to lunch too.”


The promise of lunch sealed the deal as far as Tabitha was concerned.


“Zis city is zo full of zo many vonterful resdaurants.  Vere I grew up, ve only had pubs.  Zix of them, und all zee food vas zee zame.”


Tabby laughed, “Yeah, pretty much the same.  Bar food.  There was this one place that tried fast food- must’ve cycled through six franchises in nine years before converting itself into yet another bar.”


“Vill do better for you today…. Vaitaminute,” she waved ahead, “Hey’ Backscatter!” When the form waved back, she dragged Tabitha along, “ I knew that vas him. Come!”


With the iron grip on her arm, Tabby didn’t really have much choice but to stumble along with the flaming German bullet as she ran across traffic toward the blue-and white hero ahead of them.  She let go only when they were already uncomfortably close so she could leap into the air and hang around his neck, dangling over his left shoulder. leaving Tabitha braking hard to prevent a close encounter with his abs.


“Hey, BJ, long time hon.”  Even with his cowl, Backscatter was a massively-muscled olive-skinned Adonis with an equally massive mace strapped to his back. The blue and white tights did nothing to hide his abs or muscles or anything else.  A light that seemed to radiate from inside swept over his body, making it difficult to focus on any one area for too long… fortunately... given Tabby’s eye level.  


“Who’s your friend?”


The fur on Tabby’s cheeks bristled as she blushed.  She did her best to act casual, but staring up into the two faces, so obviously close to one another, she couldn’t help but feel she was intruding.   Growing up isolated and then trapped in a boarding school for the past 4 years, public displays of affection were uncomfortable for her at any range, but was particularly bad when she had just gotten so close to frenching this stranger’s navel.

“Zis is Tapitha. Zhe’s a Big City Virgin, zo we’re ztreetwalking together to change that.”


Tabitha, suddenly in full fluff, waved frantically behind Blazing Justice miming total absolute denial.   Backscatter gave her a knowing wink.


“BJ, your English…”


“Iz pretty good now. No?  I could almost pazz for native!”


He grimaced, “You still need to work on your idioms.”


She frowned and slid down off him.  The way she flowed over his contours, there was no doubt these two were intimate.  Like, biblically intimate, causing Tabby to blush some even more. “Zo mean- I’ll have you know I have two degreez in engineering. “


“Idiom…” he interrupted himself, putting his hand up to his commlink.  “…  Look, I gotta go help with a Babbage thing.  Can we meet up later? Maybe back at D tonight?  Maybe Tabby can help you with it while you… walk.”  He winked at Tabby. She melted. 


With a flash of light he took to the sky, leaving them both just stare.


“Pah.  He calls me ztupid then wantz to hook up.  Just like that.  He didn’t even say what time.”


They both watched him as he became a smaller dot, slowly going out of sight.   It was a better option for Tabby than the awkwardness of facing BJ after that intimate encounter.


“Haffe vu effer had ein gyro, Tapitha?”


She couldn’t have heard what she thought she just heard.  *No. No way.*  


“H… had a hero?” she answered back with trepidation.


“Yes. haff you ever had a gyro,” Blazing Justice did her best to control her accent and illustrated  with her hands into two large “C” shapes as if holding something cylindrical up to her mouth.   In retrospect, it really didn’t clarify things as much as either of them thought it did.


Tabitha momentarily choked on her tongue, “I… I… er… um… nope, I gotta say I’ve never had a hero before.”


“Oh, darling, you’re missing out.”


“I… I can imagine.” came her outside voice, while her inside voice shouted, *I’ve been trying hard NOT TO imagine that since you two perfect specimens of humanity rubbed all over one another separated by a few scant molecules of fabric, thankyouverymuch.*


Her accent increased with her obvious excitement.  Blazing Justice Had a Plan, “Oh vu schouldn’t haffe imagine.  Vell grab tvo gyro’s right now.  After today, vu’ll von’t be ein Big City Firgin or ein Gyro Firgin.”


Inside voice was shouting *Hells NO!* while the outside voice was still replaying everything that was just said trying to make sense of it all.  Outside voice did manage an “ow” as BJ took hold of her arm and dragged her along.


“Don’t vorry, I know it can pe tough choozing.   I’ll pick ein good one for vu.”


Finally the inside and outside voices coordinated. “You’ll  WHAT?  I think maybe I should have a say here.”


“Fine- chust ein varning- zere are a lot to chooze from und half zee names are imbozible to  pronounce. Nopody uzes zem.   Chust valk up, zay vat vu vant, zen let zem do zeir magic.”




She squeaked as she tried to pry a finger free, “Well that’s kinda direct… and that… that actually works?


“Oh yes. All ze time. Alvays only ze best results.”


*Well, when you look like YOU maybe… but… who am I kidding.  With all the catgirl websites I’ve seen, that sounds right up the alley for them, too.*


“Y’know, not sure this is my thing.   Kinda would be weird without at least introductions, smalltalk…” she said as she tripped over a curb, only staying upright by the force of the grip on her arm.


BJ steadied her and cupped her cheek, meeting her with a supportive- if somewhat patronizing smile,  “Avw… zee? Zat’s zee small tovn talking, not big city.  Introduczions slow zings dovn.  Zeze guys need to get to vork.  Moffe fast. In und out. In und out.   Zat’s vat zey vant.”


It was all Tabby could do to shake her head no.  She didn’t doubt that’s what guys vanted.. Err wanted… but that didn’t mean she was at all interested in going along with it.


“Pleaze, vu’re no longer stuck out in zee schtix.  Be ein little adventurous! At least try it.  If vu don’t like it, I’ll finisch both off.”


The sudden- and quicky banished- mental image left her unable to respond with anything other than a high-pitched squeak that alerted any dogs or dog-folk in a three-block radius.  Her inner voice had totally shut down, focusing instead on a moment- any moment- to break away.


“I’m betting you’ll like it though.   You’ll like it so much you’re gonna be stealing mine. Gyros can be addictive.”




Tabitha finally regained both mental and physical footing.   “Look, I appreciate you trying to help me and all, and I’m sure any other catgirl would be all in for this but…”


“Ve’re here. Zity of Gyros,” she said, pointing to the street sign.


It took a moment for Tabitha to register the sandwich shop, then just a moment to play back the entire conversation.  *Oh. the G is silent.*  She let out a laugh of relief.

*15 minutes later*


Tabitha crumpled up the paper bag and soda cup and tossed it in a sidewalk trash can, “That… was… incredible.”


Blazing Justice “See? I told you you’d try to steal mine.”


Tabitha’s laughed, recalling her own terror at the misunderstanding.


*Oh My God.  That was like… so incredible.  My favorite food … ever.  The flavors… it’s…”


They completed the sentence together “...it’s like an explosion in your mouth.”

That was the moment two ladies in business attire walked past.  The older one muttered something guttural to the other, who responded, “well, one’s a catgirl, so I’m not surprised.”


Blazing Justice handed Tabby a napkin, “Here’ I’ll handle ziz. Vu’fe kot zauce in your viskers” before chasing after the ladies, “Hey, vat’s your problem? Vy zee attidude.  Ve’re chust tvo schtreet valkers, zame as vu.”


Tabby wanted to climb into the trashcan and hide, but instead called after her, “BJ, maybe leave them alone and we’ll work on those idioms…” 


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((The Lady Cobra receives the first of what is to prove a recurring series of gifts…))

As always since Ex-husband William had publicly revealed her secret identity, Emily Chang was very cautious answering the door.

A quick scan revealed no obvious danger, although the delivery truck and its notepad equipped driver could of course be part of some cleverly disguised kidnapping ploy.

“We have a delivery for a Ms. ...uh…Cobra-sama?” The delivery man was reading from his notepad.

“I…didn’t order anything…” Emily’s mind was thinking did somebody send her a bomb, something poisoned or contagious? Could it be Ngo Damh sending a venomous reptile or spider “gift”? It wouldn’t be the first time.

“It’s from…uh…Mizuni Fashion,” the driver volunteered after consulting his pad again.

Emily nodded, puzzled but definitely relieved. Whatever Rei’s company might have sent her, it probably wasn’t anything dangerous. Her eyes then widened as the delivery man and his colleague started bringing box after box after box into Emily’s hall.

When they had finally left it looked as if she was just moving into a new house. Emily’s eyes went over the mountain of boxes and finally found one with an envelope attached. She opened the envelope and examined the letter inside.

Dear Ms. Cobra-sama.

On behalf of Ms. Mizuni Rei, please find accompanied herewith this month’s delivery of complimentary clothing  and accessories from Mizuni Fashion. For this month you will find sneak preview items of our next Mizuni fashion line for Fall.  Also please find our complimentary and honorary delivery from Subdivision X.

Yours most truly,

Yamada Hiroko, head of Mizuni Fashion division.

Emily didn’t know what to say. This was…

Still in a state of shock, Emily started opening the boxes. Dresses, skirts, pants, suits. Jackets and coats. Shoes and boots. Underwear, hosiery, belts, gloves, scarfs,…*gasp*…jewelry.

This was just over the top. There was no way she could accept this. She had to call Rei. Except Emily was afraid that Rei might be offended if she were to decline or return the gift. And…most of these outfits were gorgeous. Some of them a bit more risqué than Emily’s traditional Thai upbringing would normally allow for, but she might at least try them on at home, as long as her mother never found out.

The final boxes were the complimentary deliveries from Subdivision X. Emily gasped. It was a series of stunning alternate Lady Cobra costumes complete with belt, boots, and mask. She couldn’t wait to try them on, but first she would have to phone Rei. But how in the world was she going to word her gratitude in any way even remotely appropriate in proportion to the enormity of Rei’s generosity?

Then she discovered a final parcel, this one smaller and also with an envelope attached. Eagerly, Emily opened it.

Dear most honored Cobra-sama,

I hope most sincerely that you are not offended about my most humble delivery of complimentary items from Mizuni Fashion division. It will be my most distinguished pleasure when you will graciously honor us by to wear these items at your election and at your convenience from the time to time. In particular it will be my most distinguished thrill to witness your most exquisite elegance and beauty in the dress that accompanies this letter when perhaps we may visit that Pocket D night-club together in a future not too distant from now?

Most truly and humbly yours,

Mizuni Rei.

Emily gasped and looked at the ravishing orchid-pink dress Rei had singled out. It was stunning! A bit risqué again perhaps, but if she was to wear it in the company of the confident Rei, perhaps even Emily could muster the courage to pull it off. A night out in the company and slipstream of Rei Mizuni. Yes, this was something she was already looking forward to. Very much so in fact!


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((Rei Mizuni’s first experience with what would trigger her passion for car- and motorbike racing and her rivalry with Takuma Nakayima.))

12-year-old Rei Mizuni was busy coming up with new and innovative ways to sulk.

She did not want to spend her rare precious moments with her father at some stupid racetrack and much less so in the company of that walking monument to plastic surgery, Anni Nakayima, who had been trying relentlessly to sink her gold-digging, black widow claws into Rei’s father ever since Rei’s mother had left.

Even worse was the added presence of Anni’s insufferable son, Takuma, who defied common theory on the male gender’s inability to multitask by mastering the combined skills of continuous boasting and radiating arrogant superiority while at the same time coming up with new ways of trying to ogle Rei and peep up her dress. Three years older than her, he was perfectly convinced of being god’s gift to everything in general and anything remotely female in particular, and it made Rei physically ill to see the way all the girls were fawning over him.

“Look at Takuma’s skill!” Anni Nakayima marveled as a kart and its purple crash-helmeted driver raced by taking the chequered flag.

Rei’s scowling intensified. As if his personality hadn’t been intolerable enough before the victory…and lo and behold, now he was coming over to brag.

Takuma lapped up his mother’s vomit-inducing appraisal and to Rei’s dismay, even her father seemed impressed by the kart racing victory. And now Takuma had his eyes set on her.

“What do you say, Rei-chan, pretty brilliant eh?”


“My victory!”

“I didn’t notice. I was busy studying my finger nails.”

“Got to keep them pretty for me I guess.”

“How do you mean?” Rei’s scowl attained new, record-breaking intensity.

“Well, it’s like my mum says. You’re lucky! When you grow up, I am going to marry you, and then you can keep yourself busy studying fingernails while I run Nakayima Mizuni Enterprises. If I decide to keep the Mizuni name post-merger that is…”

Rei muttered something about rather being chewed slowly to death by a pack of rabid Tasmanian devils, but the megalomaniac nuisance hadn’t finished.

“Besides, it’s not like girls know how to drive anyway.”

“Excuse me?” Rei’s eyes sizzled dangerously.

“Obviously you could never be expected to understand the craft and intricacies that lie behind racing…let alone victory.”

“Is that so?” The tone of Rei’s voice would have caused any remotely sane person to seek the nearest nuclear fallout shelter.

“Of course – it’s not like a girl would have the guts to get behind the wheel and race me anyway…”

Only the skilled intervention of Mouse holding her back prevented the ripping of Takuma Nakayima’s throat. But nothing, not even the immense strength of Mouse could have held her away from taking up the carelessly pronounced challenge.  


Borrowing a Kart and a racing suit had not proven difficult for Toshiro Mizuni at his cherished daughter’s insistence and Rei had even acquired a pastel pink crash helmet that would make her female victory all the more embarrassing for the chauvinistic rival.

The lights came off and Rei accelerated furiously away with a reaction time that even Nakayima came nowhere near matching. Within seconds, the first left hand corner approached. Rei started to turn in, and…SLAM…something driven by an opponent with a purple crash helmet crashed into her, pushing her off the track. Rei’s ribs, elbows, and wrists burned from the impact and it took forever to get the Kart back on track. It was a small miracle it was still running, but Nakayima and everyone else were long gone ahead.

Rei gritted her teeth and concentrated on putting in lap times. She could see the back markers ahead come closer and closer and remarkably the Kart felt like an extension of her own body and mind and she felt like she had been racing for years and just intuitively knew what lines to take and when to brake. She was gaining on the rest of the field fast, and yes, she might be helped by the others being considerably heavier than her, but in Rei’s mind it was mostly down to skill.

Overtaking seemed surprisingly easy and with two laps to go, she was amazingly up to second and hunting down the purple-helmeted race leader. As they flew down the finishing line straight, Rei was right on his tail and she used her weight and speed advantage to go up the inside. The purple helmet turned in disbelief and started to pull towards her in an attempt to squeeze her against the barrier. But Rei had anticipated his aggressive move and lifted off just enough to fall behind Nakayima and take the outside line. Nakayima had to brake earlier than her and Rei had the better exit line, and in one perfectly executed – and for Rei breathtaking – slingshot move, Rei went ahead to lead the race.

The remainder of that penultimate lap, Rei extended her lead. Now there was just that final lap left and victory would be hers. She turned into that first left-hand corner and…SLAM!

Rei’s eyes fluttered open and closed and her body was one big mess of pain as she sat buried deep in the tire barrier. Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! She was going to rip Takuma Nakayima apart and trample on his heart. If only she didn’t hurt so much.

Officials carefully helped Rei from the Kart and lifted her onto a stretcher. Rei closed her eyes and drifted away dreaming of ways to slowly torture and kill Takuma Nakayima.


At the hospital, Rei was told that the insane long-distance inside-line dive-bomb from Nakayima had taken them both out of the race and had him disqualified. She supposed it had been better for him than having to face the reality of being beaten by a girl.

Rei winced and inwardly questioned the doctor’s assessment that luckily nothing was broken.

Despite the aches and bruises she couldn’t wait to ask her father to buy her a proper kart of her own – pink to match the helmet – and to get back on track to hone her skills and beat Nakayima for real.

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My character may or may not consider it her favorite first, although she did kill a bunch of ghouls with one hand for the first time.


Once again, Mara wakes up on a couch in her old living room. Funny that she had left it almost a decade ago, yet this place doesn't look abandoned at all. It takes a few seconds before she sits bolt upright, suddenly recalling a few things. First, her old place is a mere simulacrum made by Cole Memorial Hospital AI. Also, she is not here in her living room. She is floating inside one of those tubes in the ICU. Last but not least, her medical insurance may not cover the upcoming medical procedures. 

There's a first time for everything: The first day as a PPD specialist, the first mission, and, of course, the first screwup. Her last escort mission didn't go well due to Mara and her team's failure to spot a pack of ghouls hanging on the ceiling in time. One of them landed on her before it tore off her armor and a few bits of her with it. In the end, she killed her attackers, but it cost her an arm and a leg. The former was missing, and the latter broke. If there's a silver lining to her ordeal, it's that her head was relatively unscathed. 

Aside from her face (No need for facial reconstruction! Praise the Emperor!), her gateway implant, one of her prized possessions, also survived after being jostled around by a rabid ghoul. Thanks to it, she can stay awake in a virtual waiting room while the nanobots are busy fixing her mangled torso. In the meantime, she decides to entertain herself. After all, her bum is not going anywhere for days. On second thought, maybe she should review her payment plan. 

Mara slumped down onto her couch. The doctors couldn't re-attach her right arm because those cursed ghouls had mangled it beyond repair. She has to replace it. A prosthetic limb, although cheaper, is out of the question. Mara needs a flesh and blood hand to use her power. Also, she is not keen on turning into a cyborg. Men won't date a clockwork freak.


Men. The word incites another emotion. Slowly, Mara realizes the gravity of her situation. She is almost 30, a Christmas Cake, and utterly broke. Her odds of finding a husband are steadily diminishing with each passing year, and her high-risk job isn't helping either. Mara sinks deeper onto her couch.


Suddenly, a loud beep startles her. Someone has scheduled a hospital visitation.

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B34T-D0WN: By this point in her life and devotion to transhumanism, all that's 'left' of her is most of her head (not the lower jaw), her spinal cord, throat, lungs, and heart. Most of her heart. One lung.  But she'll always remember her first replacement part. She'd just joined the Freakshow after walking out on her office job in the middle of her boss tearing her down and right into living her dream as moeny-free anarchist. She was just in it for the philosophy. But there was an accident when trying to raid a Wentworth's and she lost her right hand. So they pumped her full of excelsior and gave her a shiny metal grasper. It was the moment her future became very very clear to her.  She has a new set of hands now, but she'll always remember her first replacement.


Chrono-Bot: her first encounter with the ocean! It's best not to ask why she didn't know what that was (she's from the year 3000-something, please don't ask too many questions for your own sake) but she was so excited she ran right in! Anyway she wasn't waterproof and had to be put in rice until she got better. She thought it was very neat though.


Quickfrost: Her first complete business spreadsheet. After she got out of jail from being arrested with the other Outcasts, she wanted to try out being a middleman instead of a street level gang member. But she didn't know if she'd have the skills to run her own business. But it just... clicked. Everything balanced. Things made *sense*. It wasn't out of her reach. It was the day she realized she really was capable. She absolutely uses this skill for illegal shit.


Silver Cygnet: his first 3 am kebab combo from city of gyros (the 'shame deal'). He was drunk, up too late, and it was like eating ambrosia.

I am @Chrono-Bot! SGs: Girls Gone Rogue Isles, The Helping Hands, The Orange Bagels, Paragon's Perfectly Normal Heroes. Server: Everlasting! See my characters, now with photos, below!




I'm not NOT here to make friends.

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