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AE Enemies Count toward badges?


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AE critters, regardless of NPC faction don't count towards defeat badges. 

Further, influence earned in AE don't count towards AE badges, either. 

There are a couple of things that DO work well for badges in AE. 

One is recipe rejection. See the p2w vendor to reject uncommon and rare recipes. Run yourself a few AE maps for tickets. See the ticket vendor in AE and get some random recipe rolls, as cheaply as you can, 60 tickets a pop. You will not get the recipes, and get credit towards the recipe rejection badge. Additionally, if you're sitting (or doing the helping/hitting) in an AE map, any recipe drops will also count towards the rejection. 
Ideally, you'd wait until you have all the other badges before doing this so you wouldn't have to get 60,000 tickets. The most I've had to get were about 150 recipes worth. Takes maybe 5-6 runs of Brigg's 125 map. (and you get ticket max so fast, you don't even have to clear that tiny map. Literally only takes about a minute) 

Vet levels are something else I've gotten in AE, although, it's rarely necessary. It's only been the last couple of characters I've finished all badges on the character before vet level 99 that I've taken the liberty of farming the rest just to be "complete". 


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9 hours ago, Solarverse said:

I think I already know the answer to this, but just want to be sure, do AE Tsoo or Crey or anything like that count towards badge counts for enemy kills?

As Ukase said defeat won't count in AE.


There are lots of suggests in this forum about Issue 27 badge about Crey. Excellent hunting spot for most of them in Eden, just not gamma tanks. There are other missions for that.



For Tsoo,  for Tsoo sorcerers there is a spot in Talos that is very good. Just search for the badge name.


Tsoo spirits are more tedious, but I find doing Dark Astoria Tsoo missions will net you 5-15 a mission. Not great, but you have to do all the DA arcs anyway. Then redo the DA repeat Tsoo missions for that last of them.

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