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Mu or Soul for StJ/EA?


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Looking to flesh out a concept but I’m really torn on which would be better, so I thought I’d ask the community’s opinion! I want to take one of power pools in no small part for the snipe but I wasn’t sure if one is generally considered a better mechanical complement for the combination of street Justice and energy aura.


Conceptually I wish there was an epic power pool that had energy blasts/snipes in it. The idea I have is a character who passively absorbs cosmic aether, magically enhancing his strength and defenses, and by the end the power is spilling over and can be released in blasts. In that vein, mu may be a better fit, although soul mastery could work for a more “mystical” effect.


I’m sure I’m not gimping myself with this choice whatever I picked. Just curious if anybody has gotten better mileage off one power pool over the other?

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Main/Planned Characters:

  • Astellus - Kinetic/Energy/Mu Scrapper (Magic)
  • Plasmitar - Radiation/Energy/Flame Blaster (Science)
  • Scionic - Psychic/Atomic/Soul Blaster (Mutation)
  • Safehouse - Street Justice/Energy Aura Scrapper (Magic)
  • Starshear - Energy/Atomic/Force Blaster (Science)
  • Neonstar - Luminous/Luminous Peacebringer (Natural)
  • Faerwald - Gravity/Energy/Psionic Dominator (Science)
  • Fomalhaut - Rad/Rad Sentinel (Science)
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Either way you're getting the snipe. Question becomes, do you want extra AoE with ball lightning or do you want a one slot wonder by having LotG slotted in shadow meld for alpha absorbing in between mobs (it doesn't root bit has long cast time, so I use it while running to a group.


If you're only getting a snipe, go with Soul since it can slot one more damage proc 

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