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Collaborative Effort: Everlasting's Guide to Extra-Terrestrials


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I think by now there are enough characters of different ET origins around. How about pouring all that lore out of your head and share it with everyone else? Make the setting bigger, give us more stuff to work with for our arpees.


(hopefully this may become popular enough to warrant a sticky eventually? Or perhaps a Player Content entry at the FBSA wiki)




Status: (active? extinct?)

Location: (planet, star, galaxy, cluster).

Physical Description: (include any extra-human traits like psionics, etc).

Affiliation: (galactic organizations are the new economic blocks).

Idiosyncracies and way of life: 

Most remarkable tech hallmark: (the Rikti's all-pervasive gravity technology, Batallion's biotech, Praetoria was fully rebuilt on metatechnology for metas by metas, Kheldians not needing tech at all, etc).

Cultural Progress Level: (in an ideal universe, societies reaching intergalactic travel would first reach post-scarcity... but it's comicbooks and it would be boring if they were all like that).


Current Agenda:



Name: Annunaki.

Status: Active.

Location: The Crab Nebula, but can be found anywhere.

Physical Description: A humanoid insect species resembling locusts. Their average height is 3 meters tall for males, and 3.8 for females. During their time on Earth, however, they adopted the guise of gigantic humanoids.

Affiliation: The Galactic Federation (currently under several sanctions and barred from approaching planets under development).

Idiosyncracies and way of life: From all the member species in the federation, the Annunaki are perhaps the ones sharing more things in common with humanity. Given both species' shared history, it's highly likely humanity learned its selfish, irresponsible, and exploitative ways from the Annunaki.

Most Remarkable Tech Hallmark: Like the Pleiadeans and other more advanced species of the federation, Annunaki evolved into 5th dimensional awareness, and are capable of advanced psionics not unlike magic. Unlike Pleiadeans and the other more advanced species, however, they forced their evolution with technology before being ready for such responsibility.

Cultural Progress Level: While they share most idyosincracies with humans, Annunaki are (mostly) past self-destructive impulses, slightly leaning towards enlightened self-interest more than they do towards slavering colonialism.

History: Back during the dawn of man on Earth, the Annunaki meddled with them and domesticated humans by posing as gods and ruling them like kings until finally overthrown by Tielekku and Merulina, who sent them packing back home. The Annunaki meddled with humanity in following occasions until the federation barred them from approaching Earth. While humans beneffited technologically from Annunaki presence every time, such advancements only caused humanity to progress faster than they were ready to, leading to their current state.

Current Agenda: Annunaki are intergalactic grifters rather than planetary conquerors (conduct largely frowned on by the federation), the Crey of space, stealing or conning as much as they can get away with whenever the federation isn't looking.


So, your turn.

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Hmm. Have a few... not all (re)introduced to the game. I'll have to remember to write up a few.

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The Grun'Tuk Empire

Grun, being the word in their tongue for their species, and Tuk being their former home world's name



Expanding their dominion, thriving and currently seeking new worlds to conquer.



A galaxy far far away... (Author note: Or at least far enough away to keep obscure while the lore itself gets hammered down)

... and a scout ship in orbit above Earth


Physical Description:

For the smart-asses amongst the human population... some would describe them as Space Cows.

For the misunderstood amongst the human population... some would describe them as Space Minotaurs.


The species, Grun, physically have the visage of a Bovine creature and do indeed look like "Sons and Daughters of Minos," (What the Grun'Tuk call Minotaurs). However, these looks only go skin deep. They are genetically engineered beings, each individual of their race is grown/bred for specific purpose in their war machine.  Some are incredibly large, having vast amounts of muscle mass to weather incredible punishment, while others can be leaner and agile for more delicate operations or surgical strikes.


Physically their height ranges from 6ft to 10ft in height. Their mass varies wildly depending on their purpose. Their natural fur colouring varies just as wildly as well. Unlike Minotaurs they possess human like feet. Some will possess horns of a differing nature, others will have stumps where horns used to exist or have failed to grow. There are "cultural and societal" reasons why a Grun would not possess horns.


All are physically strong and incredibly quick, however, there are exceptions who exceed their base strength and agility. They can suffer incredible punishment before they fall, being a warrior race they have bred fortitude and resilience into themselves. However, and this might not technically be a physical trait, some will have their mental facilities reduced so they can be better soldiers. Jar-Heads are indeed something the Grun'Tuk use.


They can be found adorned in the armour of their people. Its colour having some indication of their rank or unit assignment.


Author note: I have yet to work out whether they do taste good with BBQ sauce.



They are an Empire that conquers worlds, so they have both subjects and enemies spread throughout the quadrants of Space they occupy. Several species are subordinate to them and fill roles the warriors feel they are not fit to do. Others act as auxiliary forces for their war-machine.

To Earth, they would be seen as an aggressive and invasive force with fleeting affiliation to those who ally themselves with.


Idiosyncracies and way of life: 

Author note: Without writing a small book I will pick out three key parts of the species that helps define them.


Unity: We Are One.

All Grun'Tuk are bound by what they call their Unity. Each individual sees themselves as a cell in a larger organism. When they fight, they fight as one. Unit cohesion is incredible and their adherence to their battle doctrine is even more so. Watching the Grun'Tuk battle would be like watching ants go to war.  A soldier will always be precisely where they need to be without even realising it. They see this as their Unity guiding them. 


Outside of battle it also helps keep them focused on the Empire's objective. Conquest. Even the mundane tasks can be seen to fulfil some objective for the Greater Good of the Unity.


Every breathe you/they take, every move you/they make... Unity is guiding you/them... and is done in service to the Unity. Their Unity, to the Grun'Tuk, is seen as a way of thinking. It binds them, guides them and overall drives them to conquer and expand.


Unbeknownst to their people though is the sinister undercurrent that comes with the Unity.


Author Note: I don't want to give away too much as there is currently an arc I am working through that is revealing more substance. If you are ever interested in hearing more speak to Aghorn.


Confidence: Might makes us right.

The Grun'Tuk are supremely confident creatures. They have been fighting in wars throughout their entire species existence. This means they can speak with confidence when it comes to their physical ability to achieve their goals. This, however, does not breed overbearing arrogance within them. They are well aware of their own weaknesses and flaws as well. They don't let these hold them back. When they set their mind on a task they will throw every fibre of their being into achieving their objective. If they cannot achieve it, they will retreat and rally and weigh up their options.


They are also not arrogant to dismiss any enemy they face, no matter infallible. So, they will compliment a species when they see strength, and even provide advice on how to better themselves if given the opportunity.


Society: Caste to Die

The Grun'tuk work on a caste based system. Warriors, fighters, admirals, marines, commanders... anything that would fight as their primary purpose are seen as a higher tiered caste than anything that fulfils an auxiliary role. Some Grun'Tuk are unfortunate enough to not rise to this rank, most times through no fault of their own. Genetic quirks can cause a Grun'Tuk to be underdeveloped physically in their VATs. Those that come out of the tank and are seen as inferior stock are reassigned to auxiliary forces, most frequently the science divisions where their sharp minds can be put to task on other objectives in the Empire. 


However, like a few things with the Grun'Tuk, there is a barbed twist to this. Those who are found insufficient out of the tank have their horns removed as a mark of shame. Those who develop insufficiencies later in life are assigned to Rhel units, suicide/penal units.


Author note: I lied... it was close to a small book.


Most remarkable tech hallmark:

Interstellar travel, biological engineering, becoming a species of Vat grown warriors/monsters.


One thing to not about their tech is that they have found it better to conquer those with technology they want, rather than invest the time and effort into drawing up a proper scientific sect of their species. This has resulted in their scientists both being seen as a second class citizens.


Those not of their species are seen as subjects. They don't abhor their subjects, but they also dont see them as equals. They are just another tools or weapons in the war-machine and the Grun'Tuk take great pride in looking after their tools or weapons. However, if a tool or weapon is no longer of any use it is disposed of, efficiently.


Cultural Progress Level:

Cultural "progress" is not something they really do. More like Cultural acquisition... and even then only if it will conform to their ideals.


They are a few centuries old species and have been space borne for the last near century and a half


They have got to the level that they can pew pew in space though... if that hasn't been made abundantly clear until now.



Author Note: If you are still reading to this point I commend you and appreciate your time and effort in doing so! I'll keep this part short and sweet.


They blew up their own planet. Around the time they finally managed to attain sublight speed there was a war upon Tuk that ruptured the surface. It was what forced them to

spread out and conquer their first world. A world owned by the Flovian Accord.


The war with the Accord was brutal and bloody and nearly resulted in the Grun'Tuks extermination, but they prevailed and took the Flovian tech and harnesed it so they could travel beyond their native stars.


In more recent history they found Earth, and saw it was good... so they wanted to take it and add it to their Empire.


Current Agenda:

This can be summed up rather easily...


Wrathlor: "So what is it we shall be doing tonight, commander Khalgra?"

Khalgra: "The same thing we do every night..."

Wrathlor grins.

Wrathlor: "Try to take over the world."


Additional Author Notes

♦️ Some of the stuff I have created would put these guys into the realm of "Empire too stupid to exist..." I am entirely aware of that. Its a comic book universe and I am having a little fun here.

♦️ Also, despite how big a bunch of a**holes these guys are, I dont condone their actions and I am rather easy going person in real life. I will conquer the world in another way!

♦️ They have two languages, one being Grun and the other being Flovian. Grun is their ceremonial language while Flovian is used with their technology... I may have a select few words already.

♦️ All of the character profiles tell a little more about their lore. I try to keep them unique and fresh so you can see different aspects of their nature.

♦️ Finally, I am also entirely aware they will fail in their ventures. Its all about the journey!


I also want to drop a thank you to all the players who I have the pleasure to Roleplay with. You all have contributed more to their lore than you realise!

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FBSA: The Grun'Tuk Empire


This account tends to post in character... be warned... or overjoyed.

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Name: Meian

Status: Presumed extinct

Location: Parallel dimension Earth

Physical Description: Primarily human. Heavily psionic, shared empathy, other than a few mindblind.

Affiliation: NA

Idiosyncracies and way of life: The dimension, while being an alternate Earth, is somewhat "faster" than Primal by about four times. There's a periodic desync, best described as a storm, that prevents travel for much of the (primal) year.


The Meians were standard human until about a century and a half ago, when much of the world - mid-war - suddenly became psionically active. They also learned that this came with empathic sense - one person's pain would be felt by all those around them. This drove the majority of them to be pacifists, and the few that still wanted to cause harm were seen as "ill" and priorities for treatment.


Non-Psionics (known as "mindblind") you may expect to be discriminated against, but just the opposite took part - they are honored for the fact they can do jobs that the rest of the public can't (thanks to the shared empathy) - things like firefighting, rescue, and front line law enforcement.


Most remarkable tech hallmark: Psionic tech and materials - paintings and music can be enjoyed by non psionics, for instance, but those with that perception can see "more." 


Cultural Progress Level: Post-industrial, or "eco-industrial," given the harms that can otherwise occur.




Much of the history was similar to Primal Earth through about the Napoleonic age. As warfare turned industrialized, whatever event "switched on" their psionics kicked in, making warfare exceptionally painful for both sides. Treaties were rapidly drawn up, and the world entered an extended era of peace.  The world became united, not through conquest, but through a shared sense of being.


The industrial technologies that were starting to take hold shifted, as well - the sicknesses early industry brought on were quickly identified and the causes found, so new methods were needed. The environmental damage Primal has felt was nipped in the bud, though discoveries led to newer discoveries at a very rapid pace, especially in science, medicine and the arts.


Portal Corp. made contact with the world and began a tentative exchange of information and goods - and the occasional patient that needed delicate psionic care or surgery in ways Primal could not provide. Shortly after the last of these, where one Eileen Sinann was passed on to handle a "psychic tumor" that threatened her sanity and possibly her life, contact with Prime was cut off for an extended time.


Unfortunately for Meia, this is also when their world was detected by beings that fed on psychic energy - the Ji'ann. Scavengers, predators and beasts in many cases, the Ji'ann descended and started to overrun the world.


Fortunately, that last Primal proved to be a clever strategist, and having decided to make Meia her home previously, she gathered the other Mindblind and formed an army. One destructive war (and the loss of her husband and child) later, the Ji'ann were driven off. However, the Meians - grateful as they were - were horrified by the destruction and afraid of the power that might come with this army. With the portal to Primal opening, Eileen and much of the mindblind army was sent back, exiled to Prime. 


The next time the portal cleared, Meia was a barren rock. Signs pointed to the Ji'ann having returned to harvest the world. While there may be survivors, either in this world or in the hands of the Ji'ann, none have been found. The Meians are presumed extinct at this time.




Current Agenda: Presumed extinct. No agenda.

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I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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Name: Ji'ann

Status: Active

Location: Alternate dimension, no homeworld - dispersed

Physical Description: Varies through life cycle and feeding, from bestial and four legged through semi-humanoid to near entire psychic entity

Affiliation: None

Idiosyncracies and way of life: 


The Ji'ann are brutal creatures from a brutal planet. Left to their own devices they probably would have been extinct by now. The majority are bestial, mostly running on four limbs. They feed primarily on psychic energy - that being an evolutionary quirk from their homeworld, where physical bodies tended to wither quickly in the environment. As they feed and fight each other, they become more intelligent, becoming huntsmen, overseers, then overlords. As they do, the psychic energy in their bodies burns more of their physical being away.


Most remarkable tech hallmark:


Their primary tech - the ships they use to travel and strip worlds - are stolen tech. Tech itself advances a bit differently on each ship, each being essentially a world to itself. The scientists (themselves a new thing in the society) are learning to adapt and modify the tech - and other tech they've stolen. Similarly, some are learning to adapt captured beings from worlds they've harvested to be more than foodstock...


Cultural Progress Level: Mixed




Current Agenda:


Find and strip more worlds. Conquer, survive, grow stronger.

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Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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Name: C'ao

Status: Active

Location: Hyades Cluster

Physical Description: Humanlike. with horns, tail, and floppy ears. Usually taller than humans. Enhanced strength and Stamina. C'ao are remarkably mentally and physically stable, bordering on inert. Mutation, psionics, magic, chi powers, and other esoterica are essentially nonexistant among the race. Note: The black-and-white spots are, despite initial confusion, NOT skin or fur: but merely the traditional patterning of the empire's spacesuits.

Affiliation: Hegemonic Dominion of C'ao

Idiosyncracies and way of life: C'ao are a highly social species, congregating in vast herds in advanced cities. A resource-rich homeworld lead to a heavily socialized welfare system ensuring that all C'ao citizens receive adequate food, shelter, and medical care from the empire. With basic needs met, ambition became a measuring stick for social worth, the strongest, fastest, and cleverest C'ao being rewarded with positions of power in the meritocratic government. C'ao are quite confident, often crossing into arrogant, about the superiority of their way of life. Since leaving their homeworld, the continued expansion of the C'ao sphere of influence is the most popular way of demonstrating one's prowess, either military, diplomatic, or scientific. While the vast majority of C'ao vessels belong to the Imperial Armada, captains have the authority to break away from the main fleet to investigate promising planets as candidates for membership off the empire.

Most remarkable tech hallmark: "C'ao technology is the most advanced in the galaxy!" is a common phrase among the C'ao. In truth, while they have a wide array of advanced technologies (energy weapons, force fields, warp drives, and more), C'ao equipment is generally simple, durable workhorse equipment that is practical but not exemplary. The only two standout technologies are their aggressive adoption of jetpacks (95% off C'ao own a jetpack and know how to use it, compared to 89% of adults in america having a drivers licence), and the C'ao anal probe; a medical device capable of analysis that can detect a broad spectrum of medical ailments, as well as treating diseases, poisons, and simple traumatic injury via targeted energy pulses designed to cause rapid cellular regeneration. The probe can also tap into the subject's nervous system to read their mental and emotional state, as well as allowing them to influence their mental state; letting it help calm panicking patients and prevent them from going into shock. It has also had some efficiency in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other such disorders. The nervous-system link also makes being probed an intensely pleasurable, euphoric experience; enough so that C'ao often use the device recreationally. More ominously, rumors persist that the technicians can retrieve specific memories from the subject, or implant subliminal or even overt brainwashing, or that the euphoric pleasure is somehow addictive, turning the probed into obedient servants to the Empire. C'ao are quite proud of their probing tech, and perplexed by why the devices seem to repel humans so thoroughly.

Cultural Progress Level: Stellar Empire

History: C'ao evolved from skirmishing tribes on the rolling plains of their homeworld, operating under simple principles of might making right. When tribes battled, the losers were often integrated into the winner's tribe, swelling its ranks. A transition to feudalism, with a single C'ao King overseeing many vassals, to Empire, with one great leader managing multiple kings, was a simple but gradual affair. The first C'ao to unite the known world because known as the First Immortal God-Emperor, who is still venerated in the empire to this day. The rituals and traditions of rulership passed down encouraged benevolence, law, duty, honor, and meritocratic excellence, with the God-Emperor's advisors being open for challenge at any time to prove their competency. Benefitted by good stewardship and the luck to have evolved on a planet with multiple anomalous materials (The purple metals and green glow distinctive to C'ao equipment are the result of these specific metals); C'ao quickly achieved spaceflight and colonized their own star system before continuing to expand into the unknown cosmos.

Current Agenda: The C'ao are often seen as reckless, barbaric idiots by the rest of the galaxy; who characterize them as an aggressive expansionist force, powerful but stupid. This is not entirely unfounded, as the C'ao are fairly disorganized on the galactic stage at the moment, and heavily preocupied with expansion and conquest, adding occupied planets as 'vassal' or 'client' states to their hegemonic dominion. A small crew of C'ao has converted Asteroid Chariklo 10199 into an asteroid base known as 'The Milk Bucket' from which they launch scouting missions to earth, variously attempting to learn more about the strange earthling concept of superpowers, sway earthlings to supporting the eventual C'ao takeover, or sabotaging factions that would resist their goals.

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Name: Ṭirākaṉ


Status: Active (However, endangered.)


Location: Fifth Dimension, Horsehead Nebula, Pellean Star system.


Physical Description: Appears to have multiple different draconic features similar to Earths legends and myths of dragons. Even hybridized forms containing one to three versions of dragon types recorded in legends and myths throughout human history on Earth. Some are an amalgamation of different dragon types known to have been drawn, painted, or written about in Earth's historical documents and myths of the ancient civilizations of man. (I.E. Quetzalcoatl, Loong, The Standard Western Dragon, Wyvern, Hydra, Ryu/Tatsu, Druk, Ayida/Damballa, Gaasyendietha, Vishap, to name a few of those varieties.)


Affiliation: Pellean Human Conservation and Preservation Initiative (A.K.A. Scions of Everlasting.)


Idiosyncrasies and way of life: The Ṭirākaṉ are perhaps one of the most varied types of dragon-like aliens you'll ever run across. Each type have their own culture, ceremonies, rites of passages but each one maintains a strong connection to the rest of their species through what is known as the Aether. These beings are capable of taking ley energy in it's purest form and using it to communicate with one another over extremely long distances, even from one star system to another by what appears to be the plucking of a stringed instrument. There are larger and more threatening Ṭirākaṉ, considered kaiju by the native refugees currently residing on Prime, but very little information is shared about them except the extreme threat they pose to the rest of human kind if allowed full freedom from their star system through the dimensional gateways. Ṭirākaṉ tend to take on the aspects of the base elements that they are born to, and each clan of Ṭirākaṉ are different from the next. The harder to study Ṭirākaṉ are the gem toned, only a few have fled to Earth for unknown reasons, one such stated that the monstrous kaiju and some of their own kind were working together to tear their home world asunder but little other information was offered up upon interview. Most of the Ṭirākaṉ that had been spoken to about their ways of life stated similar points. They are heavily environmentally conscious, careful of disrupting the delicate balance of life in Prime Earth, but also seeking to ensure the climate and environment remains stable for humankind to thrive. When asked about their tenants of faith and religion, Ṭirākaṉ refugees refused to speak of these aspects, deeming the subject too personal to discuss, or not important enough to enlighten others of. 


Most remarkable tech hallmark: Ṭirākaṉ are remarkably well attuned to working with magiteck, a form of technology that is powered by pure ley or Aether energy, it's sources a closely kept secret to the Ṭirākaṉ themselves, and the construction of such objects tend to be also well hidden from observation. It is told by the few Ṭirākaṉ that had found their way to Earth that there are older technologies still hidden on their home planet that they were uncovering and rebuilding to benefit the remaining people on their planet however much of their efforts had been put aside to focus on restoring their population and retrieving their wayward refugee's on Earth. (Player Note: Currently in progress plot. This may get updated in the near future as things evolve and reveal.)


Cultural Progress Level: Interdimensional travel, dimensional colonies exist however little information is offered from the Ṭirākaṉ refugees that have been interviewed at this time. Space travel seems to be a lost art to them, but a few of their kind are capable of traveling through space without the use or need for air, or a suit for their physical needs. Other forms of cultural progress seems to be in the clans the Ṭirākaṉ claim as their own people. Each one has specific talents, skills, and functions in their civilization, some of the gem-toned are suggested to be fairly talented as artisans, and others are more skilled as entertainers, singers and poets, given the data FBSA has received from the refugees in Prime Earths residency. 


History: Ṭirākaṉ claim to have been born WITH the planet they were to protect and guarded humanity since the dawn of time in their dimensional plane. Over time the clans evolved and spread, some were deemed special due to abilities and skills that emerged among their species that were not seen in any other of the clans among their kind. When humankind evolved on their home planet, they were instructed (This information was quite vague, the refugee spoken to was near exhausted when the interview got to this question.) to keep a watch over humans and their civilization as the Ṭirākaṉ society and people continued to evolve and grow along side them at this point in their history. Roughly 1600 years ago, Earth time, Ṭirākaṉ had to eliminate several clans that were producing extremely powerful, and highly dangerous kaiju-strength level Ṭirākaṉ that bared a close resemblance to Godzilla in power strength. These kaiju, as they had adopted the term for these massive beings, were 'tamed' as the refugee had described, their "rage" removed and placed to work on rebuilding what the kaiju had destroyed in it's rampages. Humans at this point in their history were at risk but had frequent wars among themselves, bickering over resources, greed of rare metals and gems, and later on, for territory. About 100 years ago, mankind was wiped out when one of the kaiju had slipped the watch of the Ṭirākaṉ clans and ran rampant, tearing through cities, ripping apart metropolitan regions, and laying absolute waste to what was left of humankind in this dimensional plane. The Ṭirākaṉ refugees that were interviewed about this were deeply grieved with telling of this part of their history, assuming that they themselves felt guilt for the loss of life on their home world. Several of these refugees assumed names and titles to protect themselves from being hunted but also to assist human kind in this dimension to persevere, and flourish where their own human kind had been driven to utter extinction. 


Current Agenda: The preservation of humankind, it's peoples and allies of Prime Earth and Ṭirākaṉ to live in harmony and thrive. 

(And yes, there is so much more to this but I didn't want to stay up until 9am after a full night awake, simply writing. Want to learn more? Feel free to ask me, I'm always willing to talk about the Dragon Wars* of Pellea, and the Pellean society currently refuged on Prime Earth and any other information about the tirakan that has not yet been shared. If you decide to roll one, please let me know, I'd love to help flesh out the characters background information and connect them with other Pellean characters currently holed up on Prime. ^^;)

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Name: Pleiadeans

Status: Active

Location: The Pleiades.

Physical Description: They look exactly as humans, if overall looking healthier.

Affiliation: The Galactic Federation.

Idiosyncracies and way of life: Pleiadeans are (mostly) what humanity could become if they got over tribalism and prejudice... if not as virtuous as one would hope. Pleiadeans are scheming and manipulative in the pursuit of their goals, also "my species outgrew warring among ourselves" doesn't mean they don't do war with others. Pleiadeans are perhaps the most ancient species in the Federation (over three million years), but they're only active for decades at a time followed by hybernation periods lasting for centuries to millennia, during which the whole species is dormant.

Most remarkable tech hallmark: Pleiadeans are master terraformers and can seed life on any planet within a star's Goldilocks Zone. They apply their fourth-dimensional math and awareness to keep tabs on existing School Planets and predict the location of future ones.

(School Planet: A "School Planet" is the cosmic equivalent of a Nexus Point. They're called that way because their privileged location is conductive to birthing species that will transcend three-dimensional limitations given time and the proper guidance. Also, a universe's Well's embodiment is always within a School Planet, which means a disproportionate amount of metahumans).

Cultural Progress Level: Pleiadeans are one of the main pillar species of the federation, which implies they long grew past their worst aspects to become a key player of a "Galactic Village." Being masterful team players and most excelent statesmen, however, doesn't preclude them from pursuing their own agenda.

History: Pleiadeans are responsible for the panspermia in at least three thousand planets (including our own). Whenever a "humanoid" alien species is found, chances are, Pleiadeans are behind their birth. Most of their panspermic experiments, however, end in failure, with species either self-destructing or failing to reach the stars before being wiped out in the next ELE. They took a special interest in Earth after accurately predicing it would become home to the Well of Furies and seeded life on a large number of Earths across the multiverse, but abandoned that approach after war with the True Rikti.

Current Agenda: Pleiadeans keep their panspermia plan going in order to create species worth elevating and assimilaing in order to self-actualize. After finding the Well of Furies, they decided Terrans were destined to carry their torch. For that, they need Terrans to get their act together, but the Federation prohibits them from directly intervening. Nevertheless, they have high hopes Terrans may be the ones to stop Pleiadeans' greatest failure: Batallion.


(Loving your entries, everyone!)

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Most Dangerous Game (ongoing): 16058, 16059, 16060, 4363, 15230, 22386, 23645 * The God Machine (finished): 26365 * Family Reunion (finished): 18920 * Remnants (finished): 5405, 5408, 5411, 5597 * Ball and Chain (finished): 33690 * The Scroll of the Spirit Dragon (finished): 37070 * Prime Real Estate (finished):  43979 * Lord of War (finished):  49034 * Euthanatos (ongoing): 41945, 54307, 54312, 50727

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Name: The Galactic Federation (organization)

Status: Active

Location: Raoz, in Sagitarius A-2, the closest star to the supermassive black hole in the milky way. We can't make out the existence of A-2 with Earth instruments since A-2's emmissions are blocked by a Dyson Sphere.

Physical Description: Constituted by 50 species, each with unique physiology.

Affiliation: An organization in itself.

Idiosyncracies and way of life: As varied as species in the federation. The federation establishes contact with civilizations once they have implemented FTL travel successfully. Those budding star-faring civilizations that are proven not to be a danger to themselves and others are invited to become signatoires. Having said that, not all signatoire species are exemplars of virtue. Furthermore, alien mindsets wildly differ in what is right, but when 2 signatoire civilizations come into conflict, the federation does it best to reach a conciliatory solution. When push comes to shove, the federation deploys agents from their Peace Keeper force to pacify conflicts.

Most remarkable tech hallmark:  The Peace Keeper force are the federation's first army 100% armed with meta-technology in order to deal with high caliber threats and its creation was approved after the uncontrolled surge of incarnate power observed on Earth over a decade ago. Their meta-technology power armor suits grant them FTL capabilities better than those of large starships, and their advanced gravity technology enable them to perform a wide array of phenomena, from force screens and telekinesis to limited control over the space-time fabric. Other than that, all signatoire civilizations in the federation are Type II civilizations in the Kardashev scale. and at least 2 signatoires are in possession of Matrioshka Brains.

Cultural Progress Level: Signatoire civilizations are either One-World governments or have grown past tribalisms as to be able to present a unified front to the federation.

History: The galactic federation is actually a relatively new phenomenon, with most of its signatoire civilizations having barely hit the limited window of oportunity planets provide a sentient species to reach the stars before the next Extinction-Level Event.

Current Agenda: After confirmation of the Well of Furies having taken residence on Earth, the federation forbid all contact with Earth. While the federation keeps a Peace Keeper outpost right outside the Oort cloud, their job is make sure whatever dangers come out of Earth remain confined within the Sol system. In addition to the day-to-day intergalactic politics, the federation is currently investigating the rumors of a Type III civilization from another universe attempting to make contact, particularly the distressing rumors of this Type III civilization being an cannibalistic empire.


Most Dangerous Game (ongoing): 16058, 16059, 16060, 4363, 15230, 22386, 23645 * The God Machine (finished): 26365 * Family Reunion (finished): 18920 * Remnants (finished): 5405, 5408, 5411, 5597 * Ball and Chain (finished): 33690 * The Scroll of the Spirit Dragon (finished): 37070 * Prime Real Estate (finished):  43979 * Lord of War (finished):  49034 * Euthanatos (ongoing): 41945, 54307, 54312, 50727

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