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Are their any supergroups with a theme?


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3 hours ago, Garrickwest said:

Are there any supergroups  on based on a theme? Like dc characters or all medieval characters or anything? 

On Excelsior I see pretty regular ads for segmented supers or some such.   Insects.  The whole thing just bugs me.


I play with Cosmic Council.  There is a SG Costume.  There is probably SG lore.  I run a vamp so I just do what I want.  There are top notch speed runners, builders, farmers in the group.  There is a weekly Master Incarnate Trial(s) on Saturday.  Starting with Master of Magisterium Really Hard Way.  (They always get it, 97% on the first try)

Cosmic Council is a large organized SG.  We have a lot of quality players and a schedule of 1-2 events almost every day.  Plus a lot of casual play and discussions on Discord:




read the Rules and info, if you are interested, then post in Gateway (under public channels) that you agree to the rules and who you want to bring on board.  You will usually get a response in a few hours tops.  The leadership is most active 6-9 Eastern time. Good luck!

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