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What is the relative path folder called? <COH>\Settings\Live\


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What is the CORRECT (or official) name for the relative path folder  <COH>\Settings\Live\? This is the default folder where keybinds.txt is saved if you use the /bind_save command. I've seen it described in many different ways:

root folder

home folder

game folder

default folder

working folder

relative path folder

default game folder

default home folder


I want to write up a wiki page about it, but I don't want to spread the confusion. 

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Well, there are actually two, depending on which launcher you use.


If you are using the “Tequila” launcher, the default folder for bind files will will be \data under the City of Heroes game installation folder. (If the game is in c:\games\CoH, the default bindfile location will be c:\games\CoH\data.)


If you are using the “Homecoming” launcher, bind files will be in \settings\live under the CoH installation folder.


I simply call it the default folder.



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Gonna just drop this for reference even if it doesn't directly answer the question. The official HC thread is linked by this thread as well, so you only have to look in one place.

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