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Missing Character


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This is pretty low priority and not all that important, but I thought it odd and wanted to ask as there may be a very obvious answer.  If not, that's ok too.


I last played 2 years ago and created several characters.    Recently i returned and all of my characters were there -  except one.


As best I can remember I had a farming character that was a Rad/Rad Brute ( possibly a tanker) As far as I can remember it was my highest level character and I was farming with it to supply other characters, doing lots of AE farms.


What I found odd is that its the only character missing.  I have several ow level concept characters i created that were like level 3 or 4 but this one was not.


I do not recall deleting this character, that as best i can remember was level 50 ( or at least getting very close) and I dont know why I would.


I dont remember the character name, unfortunately.


Just found it odd that only the highest level  ( and probably richest) character was missing?


Any theories on this?  I know Homecoming is all ran by volunteers, I do not expect anyone to spend time looking into this, just  more to satisfy my curiosity than anything.


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1. Did you check all five shards?


2. Do you have a playerslot.txt file in your accounts folder?  If so, delete it, and check again.


3. If the Brute or Tanker still cannot be found, would it possibly be on another account?  Many people have a farming Brute or Tanker on a second account.


4. Welcome back to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles!

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21 hours ago, Apparition said:

2. Do you have a playerslot.txt file in your accounts folder?  If so, delete it, and check again.


This is the likely solution. Checkout my link for migration to find where to look.

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