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Changes to Regen to bring it into modern day.


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As most know, Regen is the weakest set for melee defensive sets due to its lack of really anything outside of regeneration, which more modern sets like Bio can almost match. However, just giving Regen what Bio has would make both sets play very similar to each other. So I remade Regen into a set that still keeps its identity, but also give it a niche almost no other set has. And of course, with these changes, it'll be possible to proliferate regen to Tankers. (Although that might be a bad idea(?)

TLDR The changes make it so Regen has an insane amount of Debuff resistance, more resistance, a tiny bit of DEF, an auto rez toggle, Instant healing is a toggle and gives a tiny bit of absorb, some -dam to enemies, and reconstruction is baked into Dull pain. Numbers can def be tweaked, but this idea makes regeneration a lot better and less spiky and gives it a tiny bit of team support, although not much outside of actually tanking. Its biggest niche being the auto rez and the debuff resistances that will allow it to reach cap or close to it on most of them with Ageless and other abilities.

T1 Fast Healing (Auto)
You heal Hit Points faster than normal.
+100% Regen , +35% Res(Regen)

T2 Quick Recovery (Auto)
You regain Endurance faster than normal.
+30% Recovry , +35% Res(Recov, end)

T3 Dull Pain (Clickie)
Recharge from 360 to 240, HP max from 45% to 50%.

T4 Integration (Toggle)
You can Integrate your Mind and Body, Making you resistant to (Basic mez resistances). Your concentration also increases your resistance to debuffs as you heal away the effects.
(Mez resistances given to melee sets), +60% res(DefDebuff, EndRecov, Regen), +30% Res(Slow), +20% Res(ToHit, Perception, End)
EndCost 0.26/s

T5 Resilience (Auto)
Your regeneration makes you resilient to all damage. This is always on and costs no endurance.
10% Res(all), 3% Def(all)

T6 Instant Healing (Toggle)
Your body regenerates at an insane rate. This boosts your Regeneration Rate while toggled on. Additionally your body regenerates so fast it prepares itself for oncoming damage, giving you a slight about of Absorb.
600% +Regen, +10% Absorb
EndCost 0.28/s

T7 Adaption (Toggle)
This technique allows you to use your body's regenerative abilities to adapt to attacks and become more resilient to them, increasing your resilience to all damage. Additionally your body's ability to adapt to your foe's attacks effectively reduces their damage dealt.
20% Res(all), -15% DamageBuff, Taunt
EndCost 0.18/s

T8 Revive (Toggle)
You recover so fast that not even falling in battle can stop you. You heal slightly faster and if you would fall in battle you revive yourself at half hp but lose half of your endurance. This is so taxing that you are unable to regain endurance for a little while. When you are revived from this ability, it is toggled off. This ability does not benefit from Recharge Reduction.
100% +Regen, Self Resurrection(Special)
EndCost 0.12/s

T9 Moment of Glory (Clickie)
Cast time to 1 sec instead of 2.5s, otherwise unchanged.
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I wouldn't get rid of Reconstruction.


I do like the Revive change.  Toggle it on for additional Regeneration and when you die, it revives you?  Yes please 🙂


Instant Healing also a Toggle, nice.


Move Adaption 20% Resist and Taunt to Instant Healing.


Not sure about the Damage Debuff as I'm not sure if IH would need more, but I wouldn't want it in the mez resist toggle either.

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Time to post again...


how to fix regen


1. Give more -regen resist

2. Either lower recharge a bit or increase duration of instant healing or moment of glory 

3. give stalkers some +recovery in combination with fast healing

4. allow Rez to be used while alive (like sentinels)

5. Have the heals in dull pain and reconstruction fire off at the beginning of the animation, rather then towards the end. 

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I tried a fix regen topic a while back,  i went a different route that included the click abilities becoming usable during other ability animation times after using a few regen click powers.  My guess is that regen isnt very high on the fix it list since willpower is considered the fixed regen set.  I wouldnt mind it getting a rebalance though because alot of people see regen and think they will have wolverine level regeneration but end up disappointed.


Ive been told that regen is a beast in pvp though,  so its hard to buff a set that lags in pve without making it godmode in pvp. 


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I just don't know what to do with the set. I've muled over it for a long time but nothing that comes to mind would "fix" the issues with regen. Every time it comes up I write out like, 3 fucking paragraphs then delete them because it's the same, tired arguments that everyone knows but not know how to deal with.

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If the issue is God Mode in PvP but Gnashing Lamentation in PvE, then why not a split operation? PvP already has different mechanics for mezzes from PvE. And we already have enhancement sets that have different effects depending on PvE vs PvP. Would having /Regeneration function as is in PvP but function differently in PvE be viable?


(Please note that I am not claiming that /Regeneration is either God Mode or Dumpster Fire power set. I'm using hyperbole.)

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