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A big Thank You post to all who contribute to Homecoming


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I would just like to leave some words of appreciation for the people doing hard work around here.  Developers, Homecoming Team, Game Masters, Constructive Posters and Thoughtful Lurkers: thank you for staying professional through all the ups and downs.


I don't agree with every change being made and I don't agree with every change that has been made.  But what I do like to see is complexity being added into an otherwise barebones system: Homecoming has consistently taken the more inventive path of making content and powersets unique from one another, often utilizing new features to achieve balance.  These changes aren't being made "just cause" nor are they the first ideas tried: a more diverse character becomes more effective for different reasons, and a more diverse team allows more freedom in the game.  The CoH specialty of "bring your own build" steps up a level with every patch, and the player having agency in choosing what to play, especially solo, is a real mainstay of CoH compared to other games.  And coming from games where such player agency often does not exist, I appreciate this.


But over the years, I also want to say that I have grown a healthy respect for the community of Homecoming for upholding civility through it all.  It is easy for someone to look at Homecoming as groups and talk as though each group has singular minds doing and agreeing with everything.  They're not.  There is a person behind each account, each handling their own life/work/game balance.  Doesn't matter if they're a developer working on content or an invisible hand making sure the servers stay running, or if they're a forum poster making well-thought suggestions or a GM that combs through such suggestions.  They have all chosen to contribute to this project despite the reward merely being more work, and they have done so with a stellar track record compared to most.


An online community is a chance to be open and to improve, and attacking others does not befit the learning mind.  I haven't seen any changes from Homecoming that have been done in bad faith; everything that's happened so far has had some sort of reason behind it that was intended to help, even if that reason was misunderstood.  Give others the benefit of the doubt, then address the points of contention before coming to a conclusion on one another.  Everyone is a someone.


So again, mad appreciation to everyone that works on this project of passion and additionally to all of the helpers of the community that make effort to be concise and rational with their posts here and on the discord.  Be you for/against changes, even if you're someone that doesn't post frequently, it is often the focused and well-sourced response that makes the difference in a decision, not the volume or size of the thread.


Thank you, and I look forward to playing with you all ingame!

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@Veracor - Veracor, Bio/TW Tanker on Everlasting - 1596 badges, vet level 20000 or something I don't even know anymore.


Everlasting raid leader, Hamidon main tank, iTrial main tank -- hit me up if you have questions!

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I thought I posted my agreement with this sentiment last night, but I guess I must have forgot!


I may not of liked every addition brought in a page, but I do enjoy the people behind the additions. They're at least TRYING something, ya know? In any case, lookin forward to some new toons on Page 5.

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-Stick to need to know info only on the forums(how-to's, inf making guides, maybe a generalist run down of your chosen AT)

-Interact in at least a neutral manner. You don't have to like the folks here, but avoid being personal

-Try and focus your time in-game. In-game folks are generally better to deal with and get real-time answers from than forums.



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