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Water Blast VS Electric Blast....GO!


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Pros:  Great AoE set, fun tidal forces orange ring mechanic, knockup/down, self heal


Cons: Not as strong against single targets, no snipe



Pros:  End sapping can be a strong form of damage mitigation, Shocked mechanic rewards sapping, Charge Up Tesla Cage and Voltaic Sentinel all aid damage plus sapping, teammates using -recovery and -end powers boosts your damage via Shocked


Cons: Short Circuit is Pbaoe, effective end sapping is harder versus AVs and GMs, end sapping is not an effective control until the target has 0 end and 0 or worse recovery

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Water: terrible ST damage. Decent AoE (I hesitate to call it good while Fire exists). Good place to place a FF proc if playing anything that wants as much recharge as it can squeeze (Radiation, for example, to reach perma AM). Nice self heal that can help a lot in surviving difficult content and the AoE does soft CC that helps with survival. Fully ranged set.


Electricity: good ST helped with the pet that does pretty reasonable damage 'for free'. More moderate AoE some of which wants us in melee. Sapping is much better these days and the Shocked mechanic adds a noticeable amount of damage. Sapping is there as a form of CC but the fast nature of CoH does not let it shine since it requires a 100% drained blue bar. That said on my Elec/Bio Sentinel it was common that I managed to prevent Minotaurs/Cyclops from activating their T9 by keeping them completely drained which is always a nice little brag.

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