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Most Damage Oriented Tank?


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12 hours ago, Krimson said:

My latest Tanker, who solo hunts Giant Monsters, is Bio/Savage. My Goliath War Walker/Kronos Buster build that I am currently working on is an Energy/Bio Scrapper. This Tanker has also become my main Smashing/Lethal Farmer, and I have no problems with clear times. 


But the strength of Tankers in combat comes from an AoE chain, so I would not really recommend a Single Target set for them. 


Well, I was saying in terms of most damaging ST Tanker.

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A potential strike against Energy Melee would be Power Crash not being affected by arc changes (according to City of Data). Of course a lot of people skip Power Crash (madness if you ask me...it cannot be that hard to take a step back) so perhaps the strike was already there.


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On 1/22/2023 at 1:19 PM, Neiska said:

All true, but I tend to put the Tanker AT proc enhancements in my damage auras, that way they auto-stack without me worrying about it. Its like 16% free resist that's automatic. For a single enhancement and a single slot, I am hard pressed to find a comparable effect on a build through a single slot. 

This is a highly underrated secondary effect of Tanker ATOs, and it's so good to the point it gives me pause whenever I consider rerolling a primary without a damage aura.

Not only we give up the damage aura itself, we also have to pass on this wonderful synergy.


Doubly relevant for proc builds who often don't want to slot Tanker ATOs and their massive +recharge in attack powers.

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On 1/18/2023 at 2:17 PM, Mythical Creature said:

My Stone Armor / Radiation melee tank seems to do a lot more damage than many of my other tankers. Something about the combination of the contaminated status effect, the increased damage from brimstone armor, or the double damage auras just makes enemies melt. My survivability doesn't seem to be diminished at all, I am still fully survivable even though I am pumping out a decent amount of dps. I struggle to enjoy bio armor because it doesn't quite provide me enough survivability to make up for the damage toggle, stone armor after the changes feels like I get my damage mode without having to sacrifice survivability. That is exactly what I like on a tanker. 

Any chance you could share the build?

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On 1/17/2023 at 12:48 PM, C U R S E said:

Shield/Dark with Against all Odds and Sould Drain, with all your powers procced out is insane. To have all that survivability of a tanker and put out absurd damage is OP'd. 

Do you have a build you could share?

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On 1/23/2023 at 8:43 AM, Erratic1 said:

A potential strike against Energy Melee would be Power Crash not being affected by arc changes (according to City of Data). Of course a lot of people skip Power Crash (madness if you ask me...it cannot be that hard to take a step back) so perhaps the strike was already there.


Most 120 degree cones aren't allowed the Gauntlet bonus.  Shadow Maul seems to be the exception (or an oversight... shhhhh!).   But yeah, it's also a shame the PBAoE is 12ft radius instead of 15ft.  It gets to recharge faster as a tradeoff though, so there's that.


But hey, at least it's not Titan Weapons, which not only has THREE cones that don't benefit from Gauntlet, but two of them also only hit 5 targets each.  Bleh.

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18 hours ago, brodoggie said:

That would be awesome if you wouldn’t mind posting the mids build data. Thanks!


Here it is. Let me know if you have any questions. The one thing you will want to mitigate with incarnate choices is Defense Debuff Resistance, stone only naturally offers 50% of it, but you have a few options to fix this, the destiny core with debuff resistances is the most obvious choice, as the +recharge will also help you ramp up dps. 


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