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Mastemind Ancillary/Epic


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Why does the pet class not get more pets from their epics?


Not only that, there's so much more that could be done with them. How about some support and buff powers? Summons and support, that's the summoner role. Not half assed attacks that are useless with our damage and endurance consumption mods.


Get some paladin concepts up in here, An aura that reflects damage back onto enemies. Maybe limit it to your pets for balance. But it would make secondaries with high pet turn over like storm or trick arrow a lot more viable and fun. There's a lot of stuff you could do with this.


You could really evolve the AT's roll in the late game with some creative new Epics that FIT the AT's party roll.

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This isn't WoW. (Edit: We're still waiting on the vectored knock system the devs have been working on, and it uses a mechanic the game already has. Damage reflection is not a mechanic the game has.)


While I would like more pets available to my MMs, the point of the APPs/PPPs is to fill gaps in the ATs. So Scrappers get access to range attacks. Blasters get access to armor. MMs get access to more ranged attacks and control options.


If you want more APPs, then flesh out what the new pool looks like. What are the powers? What order do they become available?

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Pretty much what Rudra said.  Epics are meant to give you power types not normally accessible by your AT. 


Some MM Epic pools are real stinkers, I'll give you that.  One of the standouts is Fire Mastery (or is it something like Pyre or Heat Mastery?  It's Fire attacks) for additional attacks and also Bonfire, with proper slotting is amazing control.


I'd like to see some of the lackluster Epic pools buffed across every AT, along with adding more Epic pools.

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