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  1. I see people bring up Ninja Run/Beast Run quite a lot for many different reasons. There's a lot of contention over these two little powers, that's for sure. Frankly, I wouldn't mind Sprint being reworked to run as fast as Ninja Run/Beast Run out of combat but slow to the old Sprint speed in combat, and being able to customize the animations between standard, ninja, beast, and more (throw the prestige sprint animations in there while you're at it do declutter our power menu). So just combine all of them into one useful inherent power. Keep the slotting the same, but make Sprint faster out of combat while cannibalizing the other two powers. It'd also have the benefit of running Combat Jumping at the same time (turning on Combat Jumping disables Ninja/Beast Run). So for those that want to run and jump as fast as Ninja/Beast when toggled together with Sprint, just use Sprint with the preferred animation with a nice +Speed Enhancement and run it along with Combat Jumping. You also get Combat Jumping's defense bonus while keeping your preferred animations!
  2. Some good ideas in this thread. I like the idea of Opportunity being a clicky like Domination, being able to use it on whenever you want when it activates (either via the current Fury-like build up or something else?). This will let players not feel obligated to use the T1 or T2 powers in powersets where they aren't that great, and it makes a complex Inherent a little simpler. While upgrading the damage scale won't give Sentinels Blaster level damage, they don't need it (or else they'll over shadow Blasters). While Blasters get their fast snipes, an increased damage scaler for Sentinels will close the gap a bit while keeping their unique utility. I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet (I didn't read ALL the comments, about half of them), but I'd love to see the Opportunity "Fury" Bar be a lot like Domination. In that once you are able to activate an Opportunity, you get a buff called "Window of Opportunity" and that lets you place 1 of the 2 Opportunities on a target. During this Window of Opportunity, if the target that has it dies, you can place the Opportunity on a new target.
  3. I always build to theme but rarely does that result in matching weapon types or elements. I like my characters to have a mix of things and Epic Pools very often play into the concept. My Brute is a mini-Godzilla that uses Savage Melee for claw attacks, Radiation Armor as radiation is what powers him (and Ground Zero makes for a great "Critical Mass" type nova ability), and Energy Mastery for Laser Eye Beams (as a substitute for a breath weapon, something not fired from the hands for a better monster feel). I'm still trying to figure out what AT and powerset combo I can enjoy to make a Black Mage inspired character that uses Fire, Ice, and Electricity. So, yes, but not in the way you describe.
  4. So that way we delete the one off, novel suggestions that get burried only for more of the same usual subjects to get reposted over and over? Personally i think we should just sticky the most common and hotly discussed repeat topics. Lets less exciting but less controversial suggestions be seen for a few minutes.
  5. So was nerfing Jaunt all that necessary? You have to run a stealth-less Super Speed to use it and it already had a cooldown that'd prevent you from chaining it, even with recharge, and there's no hover delay after using it so using it in the air is off the table too. Truth be told, and this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm getting pretty annoyed that we can't have nice things because Day 1 travel powers that people already skip to save slots and take P2W powers in their place might look even worse than they did previously.
  6. I guess I wouldn't mind. He's pretty iconic. I feel like HC should be a new chapter for CoX. Retire the old guard, bring in some new faces, scale things down so they can be built up again, etc. I say that because the HC devs don't have all that baggage the old devs had, with Jack or NCSoft or anything else. They can diverge in multiple different ways.
  7. GM Kal on the HC Discord said they're working on it and to stay tuned.
  8. Can't make it targetable by the player and not by enemies? If not, I guess all the more reason to make it a permanent pet.
  9. Clearly, Ice Mistral should replace Ms. Liberty in Atlas and Sirocco should be the contact of a new Hero Task Force. That Heel-Face-Turn was almost there and the game got canned. Or, you know, Back Alley Brawler is there, too. Or Ms. Liberty is perfectly fine being there, too.
  10. I didn't do a terrible amount of testing with this set so I can't comment TOO much on it, but one thing I should note is that it's really silly Galvanic Sentinel is not permanent. Galvanic Sentinel SHOULD be a permanent pet and so should Voltaic Sentinel. I feel like it shouldn't be able to be targeted by enemies, either, also like Voltaic Sentinel. I feel like this is especially true of Galvanic since its entire purpose is to let you chain powers back onto yourself and its low base duration seems like a hassle I wouldn't bother dealing with.
  11. Very nice. *Patiently awaiting Gadgetry* I'm serious I have like 4 character ideas that could use some or all the powers from Gadgetry. I have a bad feeling it'll be the last origin pool completed. As for Jaunt, I think it's great for what it is as a compliment to a stealth-less Super Speed. It's a snappy short range teleport that gives this alternative to Super Speed some vertical travel at the cost of innate stealth. Plus, you can't reliably use Jaunt for transport by itself because of its unenhanceable cooldown. So I don't think Jaunt needs nerfed at all, no. Rather, Teleport could be made more snappy and over all make it feel better to use. I never waste a power pick on Teleport, and even though I try to have all my characters have different forms of travel to make them unique from each other, I just use Warshade's innate Teleport powers instead.
  12. By not being a Pool Power and being something you can grab in the P2W vendor, and combine it with ninja run, beast run, super jump, or even flight. I made the suggestion while I was on break at work so I couldn't elaborate further, but Gliding doesn't help you gain altitude which makes it subpar as a standalone travel power and a terrible use of a precious power pick if it was a Pool power. If it was a Pool Power it'd need to be bundled with some variant of Super Jump to gain initial altitude, or better yet, not have it as a power pick at all and just be a P2W freebie you can combine with a different travel power.
  13. If nothing else, I feel like Gliding would work fine if it's basically the air control of Combat Jumping that lets you move even faster in the air while slowing your descent and negating fall damage. All that would be left is some new animations so its not just the default falling animations. I could see multiple ones for each direction you glide like "sliding" has. Edit: bonus points for wings with a gliding animation or activated jetpacks/boots
  14. You'll take my ragdoll effects over my cold dead hands. Bowling for Hellions will never die!
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