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  1. I'm all for more costume and power options! I support!
  2. Huge get shafted on Circle pieces as well. No mage love for our swole brethren.
  3. I don't see why not. People have been asking for more Redside stuff so this is a good start, and we get to go throw fisticuffs with the OG mascot. I support!
  4. I support it! I feel like the testing environment would be a great place to just throw crap at the wall and see what sticks. If you discover magic, put that on the live servers! If it causes a catastrophe, it won't survive the next round of testing. Like, I get it that HC wants this server to emulate a live-service version of CoH, but you have a bit more freedom! I just want to see what kind of insanity (or, maybe, magic?) that would come from being able to pair any powerset with any other powerset.
  5. I agree with Zepp. Removing or reducing the effectiveness of PA's Taunt strips a vital component of Illusion Control away. This is primarily how Illusion Control actually controls mobs, by distracting them with the phantoms. It's different. It's not the same "1 immob, 1 hold, 1 aoe immob, 1 aoe hold, some flavor stuff" like all the other sets. If you must, then reduce the damage. But I would wholly recommend to just add Illusion Control to Dominators as is and see how it performs in a test setting to determine if it actually overperforms. Much of Illusion's current use in hig
  6. I support. Also, I'd support making the little buggers untargetable so they don't get Thanos'd if a minion looks at them cross. If their buff is that big of a deal, then maybe cosmetic versions that can't be killed.
  7. I guess you could always just tweak the numbers. If they don't have PA, then they don't have Illusion Control so that would be pointless.
  8. Some say it wouldn't do much for Domination. I say that's fine, because it doesn't do much for Containment either. It doesn't need to as it stands on its own. I support!
  9. I'm all about more choices. I support this. Stuff like this would be what makes me actually do more than street sweep and papers in redside.
  10. A good compromise would be to ooen up Epic Pools a smidge earlier while doing a big balance pass on them, add a power or two to existing pools, and to add a bunch more pools. That'd sort of be a Tertiary powerset at that point.
  11. You can't force yourself to like Redside. Whether it's the level design or not wanting to be a bad guy. And that's fine. It doesn't reflect badly on the content nor does it reflect badly on you. If you dislike doing Redside content but might want to team with Redsiders, play Vigilante. If you don't want to or don't like the morality missions that make you Vigilante, Null the Gull can fix you right up.
  12. If snake tail in place of legs can ever be made to work, I'll make a new main based around it.
  13. Let me keep my fancy Gold Star or Blue Arrow icons even in Primal Earth. Treat me like a Vigilante or Rogue if you want. It really spices up my character select screen! God I love this idea.
  14. I know this is unrelated to hair, but... how feasible would taking the current animated tails and scaling them up to a larger size be? Larger versions of each existing tail?
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