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  1. That would be my thought. Just a means to reduce the rate at which you fall, rather than complex mechanisms to simulate real gliding. I always knew doing even the most inconsequential things in CoH was difficult but this is at a new level!
  2. I think it'd be pretty cool if there was a Glide travel power toggle from the P2W vender. To balance it, maybe make it mutually exclusive with Ninja, Beast, and Athletic Run in terms of getting it for free and then having to purchase it if you have those other powers. Basically, for the endurance cost equivalent to the Ninja/Beast/Athletic Run powers, your falling speed is reduced, given air control if you didn't already have it, and have your fall damage negated. For a little extra endurance per second, you can leap and bound without worry with Super Jump or even Super Speed with its new m
  3. I'm pretty pleased with the Flight changes overall. Thanks for adding a little extra speed to Fly as well.
  4. Holy crap the disc/rocketboard/carpet changes look awesome! I might even make characters around them now!
  5. Still iffy on rune but... Arcane Bolt is back on the menu! For my Controller, at least.
  6. You're not wrong but I find even less usable hair for dudes.
  7. I support this! I see you're like @EgyptoNerd You know the struggle. You can't pick Barbarian hair forever! On a more serious note, I'd really like some new hairstyles for Male/Huge that don't look like garbage. There's like 2 or 3 I find useable.
  8. I want a "I Hate Arachnos" armor set. Just like... built to ruin Arachnos's day armor set.
  9. Right? Habashy: "Okay, you need to don this disguise so you can infiltrate the Hellions!" My 8ft tall lizardman character: "Something tells me this isn't going to work out very well." Lo and behold this disguise is not merely a change of clothes but some sort of magical glamor or illusion. Same with female characters being turned into winged demons for that mission. It really does hamper the immersion somewhat. Though I support having increased run speed in these missions if they absolutely have to stay.
  10. It needs a Power of Friendship power. Actually, that could be its own set...
  11. I support this! Even if I will likely never reach 2 billion myself. A good QoL feature and, as mentioned above, would make for a killer contest prize! I also agree that it doesn't need a tax or nobody would use it, as it would be a niche item to begin with. Openly tradable too, since you can already do that with billions of raw inf.
  12. I would be for delaying the RoP nerf until the rest of the Sorcery pool (and all the Origin pools) get some TLC, but if the devs are set on nerfing Rune, then who am I to argue? There's a few improvements I would personally do for the rest of the pools so that there's not one power that warrants taking said pool but then I'm not entirely sure where the devs want the Origin pools to be in relation to Primary/Secondary sets strength wise. All that I've gathered has it pointing to "Origin/Pool powers should be inherently weaker than Primary/Secondary powers" as a general rule.
  13. I love how in CoH you can find a group of 8 the moment you log into the world for the first time instead of hours of fetch quests like in other MMOs in order to reach your first dungeon. If it's not DFB it's AE. If it's not AE it's sewers. If not sewers then it's a new server that doesn't force certain playstyles on players. A nope from me. Introduce more level 1 trials and now we're talkin.
  14. Magitek options or something. I'm all about anything Power Armor related. Power Armor was my favorite powerset from Champions.
  15. Can we really even say anymore that flight deserves to be slow because of its relative convenience and safety when Super Speed makes you both invisible AND intangible and Super Jump gets all the vertically they want with Double Jump? Those two pools get love after love but god forbid Flight doesn't get kneecapped.
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