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Demons or Zombies?


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I almost always play a theme.  For me undead would be an easy decision except Grave Knights and Lich are a little too old world for me. If they were all zombies?  Sweet.  Demons I can make work.  Evil is timeless.


Which is better in game?  I always thought it was Demons but I heard undead got a decent boost.  Paired with Dark.  Of course.

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Hello Snarky.


Honestly, IMO depends on how much control you like. Lich has some good control at the expense of some damage vs. Demon Prince. Undead also are immune to slows, but are not quite as fast as demons in the ground obstacle course; demons block doors and are noisy, undead are silent. Both perform well, especially with the update to Necromancy, and I'd place them about on par with each other whereas previously undead were behind demons by quite a bit. No surprises there.


Demons is just great for damage, but when I feel like having some control (more than Demons, as it is), I go with Necromancy, as Lich is pretty well scripted AI for sitting in the back lines and tossing out his controls. 


I have both Necro/Dark and Demon/Dark for years, and I love them both so much, I can't call either better than the other, especially now. 


Just go with theme, as both are solid performers, neither disappoints. 


TLDR: both are great. Undead over Demons only if you like a small tradeoff between damage for control. 

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1 hour ago, Snarky said:

Grave Knights and Lich are a little too old world for me

Headcannon that you dress your GKs and Lich in dumdum costumes?


1 hour ago, Snarky said:

Which is better in game?  I always thought it was Demons but I heard undead got a decent boost.  Paired with Dark.  Of course.

With dark, I prefer the stacking of -ToHit debuffs from the zombies. I also like that tier 1 and 2 are all melee which makes positioning straightforward. Demons (tier 3) is mostly melee but the others have a blend of attacks. Because of that, positioning can be a little more finicky. 


I play muted so the noise issue doesn’t really come up. Teammates otoh really complain about those demon roars (which may be a check in favor of demons if annoyance is something you enjoy).

@Force Reduxis right in that both are great as well as the relative merits. 

Personal preference is zombies all the way. I have a couple I regularly play, including /dark, /sonic, and /nature. My future likely involves another zombie.

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Most pet emotes will silence the Demons btw.  Of course, that’s only when idle, demons not receiving group buffs, etc….so really only matters for standing around between missions.  Personally I play with sound off except when soloing and always have.  


I have almost every primary coupled with /Storm for high DPS MM’s.  Even with the new enhancements to Zombies, which I agree are game changing, I’d still give the edge to Demons over Zombies when coupled with /Storm for high recharge/high DPS builds.  The difference, of course, remains the controls from the Lich.  But at higher levels against +4 foes, those aren’t all that beneficial either.  


Necro/Dark on the other hand….seems to fit both thematically as well as augmentative to what the Necro gang already is throwing out.  I have a Demons/Dark and a Necro/Dark and in those pairings, the new Necro/Dark shines.



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