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is sonic assault good in general, with illu?


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Do you like /sonic assault?


is it decent?


cant seem to find a lot of talk on it.


Ive heard anger, with illusion/, because no taunt PA. I say to hell with that, and was considering that as a primary with /sonic assault.


anyone have exp with the /sonic assault 2ndary?


any infos appreciated!

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I'm in the camp that Illusion control on a Domi is still pretty damn good. Mind you my experience with it is a Perma Dom/ Perma PA build.


Sonic Assault I would aim to build the Domi to work well in melee range to maximize your resistance debuffs, which helps increase your PA's damage.


Overall it seems like a good combo, and was my runner up when Illusion came to Domis, I ultimately settled on an Ill/Sav/Ice Domi for a Morbius like blood demon.

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savage is pretty amazing, and being able to tp (and damage) then flash, must feel good.


the eagle is also fun, and i like the burdies.


flies no so much, but power order changes let you skip that now i think.


think i will try sonic tho, just as I never have.


my next tanks gonna be savage tho...if i can stop thinking scrapper would be better...


ty for infos @SeraphimKensai

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@lvl 26 - disruption aura is good (always on -15% res autohit, albeit at 0.52end/sec)


the knockback cone is ok, but is only 50ft base range so you can end up clipping edge with 1 mob, or I do a lot, not being used to it.



deafening wave is short CD, 20s, and is a mag2+2(@30%) hold and a bit of dmg. its nice.


does not work with domination, but supplements tye long CD aoe holds.


ended up, so far, with hasten, infiltrate, and stealth in the power pools. i worry about res.


I'll make up an illu for comparison.


with regard to sonic assault, its a mix of ranged and aoe, as youd expect.  

the ST ranged chain is good, and with mesmerize and dominate, your never short an attack. almost too much so, which may result in late respec.


if i could choose a better assault powerset, so far, itd be thorns, or savage. 

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