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What alignment do you have your toon set to?

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2 hours ago, lemming said:

Tips do vanish when you change alignment though as expected

Tips vanish if you change alignment between side-restricted alignments (i.e., between hero and villain); otherwise they don't disappear until you zone to a side inappropriate for the tips. You can, for example, have blueside tips as a hero, change to vigilante, and still have the tips; if you then zone to Sharkhead, those tips vanish. It is a limitation of the game that you can't have tips for more than one side at a time.

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The tips should not disappear just because you go to the other side's zones. For instance you are vigilante and earned a villain tip in Grandville. If you then zone into Peregrine Island, that tip will no longer be visible, but if you rezone back into a villain zone, it will show back up. You should be able to hold 3 blue-side tips and 3 red-side tips at once (at least as a Vig or Rogue) but won't see all of them unless you are in a mixed-alignment zone (RWZ, Ouro, sg base, etc).

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well they do vanish though if u leave a certain lvl bracket like lvling from 29 to 30... cause tips are divided in brackets, the last and permanent bracket is from 40 to 50.

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