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alpha not appearing in combat attributes?


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i've noticed alpha power resilient total core revamp is not showing in combat attributes

it reads "For all powers: Increase Damaga Resistance by 33% and To Hit Buffs by 20%"

should it appear or not?



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The enhancement applies directly to your powers like Alpha Barrier and Tough. It's not a global set bonus so that's why it's not named in the combat attributes. 


So basically, compare your resist values with it equipped and then un-equip it. You should see them all go down. 

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Also remember that the Alpha slot acts like enhancements, not a direct addition to a stat (I made that mistake myself, back on Live). So if you had an unslotted power that gave you 15% Energy resist, that Alpha would boost it 33% to 20%. If you had two Resistance SOs in it, the Alpha would increase that 40% to 51.5%+16.5% (half of the 33% not being affected by ED), raising it from 21% Res to 25.2%.

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5 hours ago, biostem said:

The alphas could use some clarification in their description;  Instead of saying "For all powers", it should read "For all powers that are able to accept the following enhancement types, increases X,Y, or Z by A%"

c'mon Biostem...  really?


"For all powers: Increase Damaga Resistance by 33% and To Hit Buffs by 20%"   Applied to Fire Blast powers.  Still true.  It increases all of those attributes by the correct amount on Fire Blast.  Zero. Null.   Hold on!  Aim has To Hit Buffs!  I almost got you there, admit it.  But by and large (and small) you just want to look at the powers that have the enhancers that correspond to the attributes the Alpha enhances.  Which it tells you.  Clearly.

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