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What would be the best support character for a Blaster?


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12 minutes ago, smnolimits43 said:

the only problem with Mastermind, is i have to be more active.  I guess i can set the pets as defensive.

Not at all.


Considering you're looking at basically skipping your entire secondary as a defender on a dual box, going with an MM means you can use about half of your set on AFK mode.

What this team needs is more Defenders

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Experimental Injection can be a good pool power pick for a blaster/support duo which can let you nab some mez protection for your blaster friend without locking you into specific powersets to grant it, if you wanted to play something like cold domination.

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Currently on fire.

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Threads like this kind of make me a bit sad. This game has many great players and many who want to team up and enjoy the experience - but many players want to play by themselves with multiple toons.


Neither is wrong but it just strikes me as feeling a tad disjointed and I wonder if we're getting the best from it. To me it feels like a missed opportunity to mix it up and team (even if just a duo) with other players which allows you to network, potentially increase your friends list and also compare and contrast power sets and how they mesh with your own builds and ATs.


I get there's a consistency argument - if you've got what is effectively an NPC on auto-follow spamming heals or similar you know what you're gonna get - and you can play any time. But it just strikes me that a team - even just a duo - is going to give better support and more fun ultimately.

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The Ghost Slaying Axe. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherspectre in the room, accept no substitutes.

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