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honoroit the unclean - rad emit or poison??


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honoroit the rot bearer, honoroit the unclean!




Id like to make a defender.

I know that sonic blast is good.

however, Id like to try something new to me, and am eyeing doing something like flooring def.


I dont know how effective that is versus -res, and I'm not sure if theres a payoff for doing defender vs corruptor (as the city of data stuff seems to only put the debuffs on rad blast off by 25%... and several of the radiation emission powers seem to have same values)


my choices are...

poison or rad emission, with a secondary of rad or water.


what's bestest, in your opinion.


im probably going to try to save up 400 bajillion inf for a neat thorncaster costume for them.  so it has to be great powerset wise.

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Posted (edited)

honoroit the unclean of excelsior is now lvl 30.


the debuffs are working well, and its neat to spit at your foes and theres a little splash. *i do wish some poison powers were more visible than they are*


so great, in fact, that when i joined a fire farm (54), the kill rate of the team vastly improved when i hit vs sit.  


its fun too, irradiate is just great, and you can cycle that with neutron bomb very frequently, for lots of aoe -def.


i took, and love, neurotoxic breath.  it lets you kite solo, and helps when content is too hard.

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20 minutes ago, biostem said:

Go with poison/water - color them some sickly hue.  Water will also give you a heal that poison lacks, and go with a flies combat aura.


i went poison / rad, and yes, got the flies aura 😀 

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