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Well done to the winners of the "Bugs/Insects" Friday Fashion Contest with a prize pool of over 1 Billion Influence! Make sure to come see us on FRIDAY at 19:00 EDT at Homecoming - Excelsior for a chance to win!

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Lauci,  I've been forgetting to ask this, is judging of the costumes done in the original game play graphics or that cell shaded option, I remember a twitch streamer last year was running their cc's and judging in the cell shading way and it really have alot of differences that made some costumes look much less interesting to some.  Have you ever specified how the judging is thus done in those regards?  I know the pictures in the threads seem to show the non cell shaded but just confirming otherwise. Also, not knocking the contests just curious as to how that factors or not.

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