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Unique Powers to slot?


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14 hours ago, Thrax said:

Just look for secondary effects and that will be the ones that can take different sets.


Agreed, but KM isn't really special there tho.   Disorient and Knockdown are pretty common.   Probably less common are the attack types: Ranged single-target and Ranged AoE.  Not TOO uncommon, but not every set has one and only a few have both types.


As for unique secondary effects, I'd say Boggle in Psi Melee.  Does anything else take Confuse sets?  And Siphon Life in Dark Melee.  Lots of Tanker primaries can slot heal sets in a self-heal power, but secondary attacks?  Isn't Siphon Life the only healing attack Tankers get?   And Dark Melee's Touch of Fear?


And there's various endurance draining attacks in Elec Melee that can take endurance modification sets.  I don't think anybody else does that in a secondary.  Ice Melee does slow and has a hold.  Only a few sets have an attack that does Hold.  Stun/KB is much more common.


After that, I'd say the +def attacks (that are enhanceable) like Guarded Spin, Defensive Sweep, Parry, and Divine Avalanche.   Again, lots of primaries slot defense sets.  But this is where a secondary attack can offer another home for LotG:recharge.



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5 hours ago, ZemX said:

Isn't Siphon Life the only healing attack Tankers get?

Would Rad Melee's Radiation Siphon meet that criteria?

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33 minutes ago, PLVRIZR said:

Would Rad Melee's Radiation Siphon meet that criteria?


Knew I was forgetting something.  Thanks PLV. It does indeed take healing and accurate healing sets.


Speaking of Rad Melee, reminded me about defense debuff and accurate defense debuff sets too.  Not that uncommon.  I think most blade powersets do it as does radiation melee.  Kind of a big deal though since Achilles Heel: -res can be slotted in any power that accepts defense debuff sets.  More useful to soloists maybe than to team players however as its effect doesn't stack even from different casters.

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