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Question about the Golden Giza

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Who cares, go nuts and make one yourself!  Might not be "canon" but again, who cares?


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It's a Summer Block Buster B-Movie! Non-canon story, inspired by such classics as Planet of The Vampires and The Ghosts of Mars.
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10 hours ago, twozerofoxtrot said:

Has anyone ever done an arc (or even just a single mission) where the Golden Giza is actually a powerful super weapon in disguise?.


I mean. Just look at it. It's clearly not of this Earth.

It may as well not be, since Johnny Sonata has those mystical protection wards surrounding it.

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8 hours ago, cranebump said:

It may as well not be, since Johnny Sonata has those mystical protection wards surrounding it.


They don't really fit in with the Giza's aesthetic though, if you look at them closely. 


From a distance it's all obelisk and pyramid. 


But up close it's more like Doom Pillar and StarCraft.


I bet there's a Rikti Moonbreaker hiding in that big golden box! 

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