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  1. Name/post content continues to pay off.
  2. Some time back I was slapping together comic book covers for Cliffside Avenue, Tipsy's unique RP brainchild, as art practice on the retired ipad mini I inherited. Sadly, my life circumstances changed and I wasn't able to continue with the group, but it was a great experience all round, with some really engaging misfit characters, and I felt like I should finally post them here. These are all quick and dirty, more amateur impressionism meant to capture the mood of the characters than anything else, and in that regard, I think the mission was accomplished. Oblique, "A Looking Look" Scry, "Scry Me a River" Mystery, "Lies, Damned Lies, and Cliffside Avenue" Bonus Euryale, which I doubt I'll ever finish, but wanted to include just for the sake of that facial expression. Bonus SKULL.
  3. "Okay, so this clone of yours, what did he look like?" -Dean MacArthur
  4. ToxxCo's CEO takes the time to enjoy a smoke in Grandville, watching the intake queues and enjoying the latest broadcast of Recluse Today on the big screen. "YES," booms the tyrant, "THAT GUY. SO COOL. YOU RABBLE WOULD DO WELL TO BE MORE LIKE HIM."
  5. Ally/rescue dialogue barks that don't all fire off at once. That's pretty much all I'm asking for, please and thank you. Dialogue trees a great idea, as was suggested above. Some finer control over spawn points would be great, but I'm not expecting miracles, here. Right now, on most maps, we basically just make strong suggestions to the engine about where we'd like the end bosses to be, and hope it humors us. To follow Darkneblade's suggestion above: actual scripted cutscenes sounds way too complex for something like AE, but I could see maybe some selectable prefab cutscene options being added, eg: villain monologues, villain monologues in defeat, two characters have conversation, scrolling star wars text, that sort of thing. Something to consider, I know none of this is easy y a long shot.
  6. ArcID: 17374 Name: The Game of Thorns Perpetrator: @boilinghands Circle of Thorns Online, the hit MMO from Abraxas Entertainment, has ground entire economies to a standstill. More addictive than high-grade narcotics, more popular than Pocket D and more contagious than the common cold, the game boasts a playerbase in the billions. And some people take it very, very seriously.... Your blissful ignorance of the Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying world comes to an end when your S.C.U.M.B.A.G. app (Sociopath Criminals Undertaking Morally Bankrupt Assignments Gladly) receives a curious job offer: make the standard assassination fee, simply in exchange for ruining a rival guild's in-game event. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. The best explanation I’ve heard for this is that enemy encounters based on friendly or neutral NPCs, such as allies or hostage rescues, are causing the dialogue to fire in reaction to said NPC as soon as they’re created, with the mob AI doing something akin to mistaking them for a player. Enemy-only encounters such as bosses or patrols don’t have this issue, giving the notion a certain weight. Assume that this will never be fixed and try to work around it. 💩👍
  8. Hey, thanks for taking the time! This is all good info which I'll file away for future edits, but I'll just respond to few salient points. First of all, Jim Slithers is... he's fine. He, uh, he's just sleeping. In the trashcan. Black Scorpion always had asthma, being bullied for it is what turned him into a brutal, unfeeling monster. He doesn't show it in the patron arcs, but on the inside, his iron lung is quivering. He shows up because he's not as dumb as Arbiter Kruul. I'd have put in more explanation, but the character limit is really harsh, and I decided describing him eating a hot dog was more important than filling in potential plot holes. Regarding extra objects and defendable objectives: essentially, if its not on the quest list, it's background. The objects in the Freak mission are just there to be smashed and add roadblocks as the Freaks start fights with you for no reason. The place is a dump, nobody's going to care if it gets even more trashed. That was 100% unintentional and has been corrected, so thanks! At +2/x6, they definitely are. The allies are mostly there for character and to make the arc less punishing for lower level or underequipped players. Verity still gets caught on every piece of terrain in Oranbega, but then, so do I. And to answer your question: sadly, Jace remains an enigma. We may never know what 400IQ genius lies behind that unassuming, pantsless avatar. But I bet it's someone cool.
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