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  1. The best explanation I’ve heard for this is that enemy encounters based on friendly or neutral NPCs, such as allies or hostage rescues, are causing the dialogue to fire in reaction to said NPC as soon as they’re created, with the mob AI doing something akin to mistaking them for a player. Enemy-only encounters such as bosses or patrols don’t have this issue, giving the notion a certain weight. Assume that this will never be fixed and try to work around it. 💩👍
  2. Hey, thanks for taking the time! This is all good info which I'll file away for future edits, but I'll just respond to few salient points. First of all, Jim Slithers is... he's fine. He, uh, he's just sleeping. In the trashcan. Black Scorpion always had asthma, being bullied for it is what turned him into a brutal, unfeeling monster. He doesn't show it in the patron arcs, but on the inside, his iron lung is quivering. He shows up because he's not as dumb as Arbiter Kruul. I'd have put in more explanation, but the character limit is really harsh, and I decided describing him eating a hot dog was more important than filling in potential plot holes. Regarding extra objects and defendable objectives: essentially, if its not on the quest list, it's background. The objects in the Freak mission are just there to be smashed and add roadblocks as the Freaks start fights with you for no reason. The place is a dump, nobody's going to care if it gets even more trashed. That was 100% unintentional and has been corrected, so thanks! At +2/x6, they definitely are. The allies are mostly there for character and to make the arc less punishing for lower level or underequipped players. Verity still gets caught on every piece of terrain in Oranbega, but then, so do I. And to answer your question: sadly, Jace remains an enigma. We may never know what 400IQ genius lies behind that unassuming, pantsless avatar. But I bet it's someone cool.
  3. (I'm looking for mechanical feedback on this one. I've tried to make it an engaging experience, challenging without being punishing, tested it with a range of levels and characters, but there's only so much you can do. If you found parts too difficult or too easy, if something really didn't work or really wasn't intuitive enough, shoot me a PM with the info and your character details, and I'll take it into account for future updates (or tell you there's nothing I can do because the AE is a nightmare world that exists to torture creativity.) Thanks in advance!)
  4. An ancient world. A people divided. A legend, waiting to be forged. Join the Mu Rebellion or cast your fate with the Oranbegan Loyalists! Adventure awaits you in..... Circle of Thorns Online, the hit MMO from Abraxas Entertainment, has ground entire economies to a standstill. More addictive than high-grade narcotics, more popular than Pocket D and more contagious than the common cold, the game boasts a playerbase in the billions. And some people take it very, very seriously.... Your blissful ignorance of the Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying world comes to an end when your S.C.U.M.B.A.G. app (Sociopath Criminals Undertaking Morally Bankrupt Assignments Gladly) receives a curious job offer: make the standard assassination fee, simply in exchange for ruining a rival guild's in-game event. What could possibly go wrong? *** ArcID 17374: The Game of Thorns is a Rogue-aligned, story-focused mission arc with a 40-54ish difficulty curve tuned to be workable at lower levels. It contains a lot of words. It is not as good as this post makes it sound.
  5. Incredibly, yes. To a point. What you can do is populate a map or part of a map with single-spawn "ally" creatures. Set them to do nothing or wander on rescue so they'll stay more or less where they are, and set betrays when to whatever the trigger will be, along with whatever text line you want them to shout across the map regardless of where they are in relation to your character because spoken dialogue in this thing is completely broken. Oh. So is ally AI, so some of them will probably still follow you anyway. This likely won't make for a very satisfying series of combats, so you might want to add in some extra mob spawns of the same type that have the mission goal is created when... set to the same trigger. Maybe an ambush set to spawn when one or more of the allies dies. Good luck out there.
  6. [ Drol Sisemen: "Plotting" your future! ]
  7. It's even a side-effect of the Poison powerset's resurrection ability, so you know it's doable! Our VG's had to rely on getting killed and brought back so far, if they wanted a good purge. The comment about trolling is of course sobering, but honestly, there's enough troll outlets already that I don't think this one will make a dent. If someone's angling to ruin your experience, they'll do it regardless of the tools at their disposal.
  8. This is a condition common to a very large number of people who get their incarnate levels, since the game, both dramatically and mechanically, begins to treat you like a walking god. It's almost like a steroid reaction, some never recover their objectivity.
  9. I feel like we're all slowly getting better at this as we keep at it, either through practice or inspiration or seeing a cool approach someone else used and incorporating our own version of it. I've seen some real atmospheric improvements over time in some of the bases I've visited, and some of these projects like Port Cheddar are just brain-breaking from the word go. Even in our base, we've added so much to every room that I look back at the screens I first posted and almost don't recognize them. Anyway, that's enough misty-eyed crap, time for some more SEWERS. This bit isn't so impressive in screenshots, but I wanted to show it here. \ Messing with elevation, we put in a ramped overflow area in a semi-hidden nook. ...Which eventually leads to our cooling tower -- the very tip of the Corruption Engine. We wanted to make this a kind of Star Wars bottomless pit type of affair, with a strong sense of vertigo. I think it worked okay. The Mot Breath effect gives a constant sense of the height of the thing, and makes it difficult to tell where the floor actually is. It feels suitably precarious. And it goes up quite far. I've seen a lot of people lamenting the lack of round rooms, or the inside of pipes. This is the best we've been able to do -- it's made of a bunch of the very largest sized sewer pipes, which are frankly huge. Cram enough of them together and it turns out you can actually get a convincing circular interior. Also we really dug those little lights. Hence, our new refueling station for the sub. Ah, I fear we really must continue our deliveries. I'm sure we'll have more to show you next time you slip and fall down the wrong pipe during a DFB run. Thank you for the DNA. I promise we'll be putting it... to good use...
  10. When last our paths crossed, I promised you a glimpse into the maddening secrets of the OOZE chamber. This is where S.E.W.E.R, the criminal activities cabal of ToxxCo, pursues its sinister biological engineering agendas. In layman's terms, it's the 'mad science' department of the Unofficial Roleplay Sewer. ...We haven't quite managed to genetically engineer "efficient plumbing" as an employee trait. Seriously these pipes are a nightmare. But we can't bring ourselves to stop. You can see we still have a number of loose ends to spaghettify. The Ooze pit itself. Here we see the latest model in our Kristen line being nutricated. This is also where the Tastylifetm research team concoct our new artificial sweetener, preservatives, and soda flavors. The post-theory surgical zone. This is where we cure our new employees. Of their inferiorities. God damnit not again. Okay I'm like sixty percent sure that's not supposed to be in there. OKAY SO it also turns out we had a visitor as I was taking these screenshots, ahaha. And I honestly thought it was one of our failed clones of Lord Recluse (don't ask) in a standard uniform until I did a double take. This is what a cloning project does to you. More tidbits to come in just a sec.
  11. Press F3 to enable room clipping (the ability to move things past the boundaries of the room, allowing you to embed objects in the walls, floor and ceiling) Press F1 to cycle through grid options until it says Grid Disabled (Allowing you to move things at will rather than having them snap to a position.) Find something cool to use as a platform. There's plenty of options, and now that you can sink things into the floor at whatever height you prefer, you shouldn't have any trouble. Use a dock piece, a dumpster, a stone block, a set of crates, or go completely crazy and use an actual platform piece. Wild! While dragging objects on top of your new platform, it can be convenient to hit F5 until you're placing on Surface rather than floor, wall or ceiling. That generally places the object on top of whatever you're dragging it onto automatically. However, it can be finnicky and you may need to just shift-drag them up from the floor and manually place them (hold CTRL to move objects while keeping their height locked) Hopefully that answers your question. The picture was very informative.
  12. Well, there's that one bartender who keeps saying something like "The chalk marks? Yeah, Back Alley Brawler had one too many last night." Presumably he's talking about the time Back Alley Brawler got tanked on prune juice and started scrawling his favorite scenes from Dragonball Z all over the dance floor before the security guys dragged him out of there. Last Night.... at Pocket D.
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