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  1. It really made me consider my non-vampire privilege and put a lot of things into perspective regarding the way I take my ability to go out in sunlight and look at crucifixes for granted, so yes, I think it was extremely important and thank you for bringing it up. I hope others will take the time to self reflect after reading it, also. Fuck the armpit thing, though, get this shit out of here before I die of Irrelevance Poisoning.
  2. Everything worked fine, cool premise. Consider taking the Fortunatas out of that one mission, though, or just have one as a boss NPC. A room full of long-range psychic damage and -recharge at that level range gets ugly, fast.
  3. "It's basically Second Life but you can punch a guy over a building if you want."
  4. Name/post content continues to pay off.
  5. Some time back I was slapping together comic book covers for Cliffside Avenue, Tipsy's unique RP brainchild, as art practice on the retired ipad mini I inherited. Sadly, my life circumstances changed and I wasn't able to continue with the group, but it was a great experience all round, with some really engaging misfit characters, and I felt like I should finally post them here. These are all quick and dirty, more amateur impressionism meant to capture the mood of the characters than anything else, and in that regard, I think the mission was accomplished. Oblique, "A Looking L
  6. "Okay, so this clone of yours, what did he look like?" -Dean MacArthur
  7. ToxxCo's CEO takes the time to enjoy a smoke in Grandville, watching the intake queues and enjoying the latest broadcast of Recluse Today on the big screen. "YES," booms the tyrant, "THAT GUY. SO COOL. YOU RABBLE WOULD DO WELL TO BE MORE LIKE HIM."
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