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Ouroboros Mission Guide / Badges


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I was wondering if anyone had a good mission list for Ouroboros that is updated. 


I was able to locate this very outdated guide, which is somewhat of use, however, a couple of the arcs are no longer available & the '35-39: Revenant Hero Project' is REALLY long & lots of travel.    But at least its a starting point.  Many arcs in Ouroborous are not eligible for the Ouroboros badges which is frustrating. 




Special thanks to Lady Thanatos for pointed out the anomoly in the space-time-forum continuum.


HUGE thanks to gothess for being a big enough nerd to have this copied elsewhere.  :P (Srsly tho, ty!)


It's alive! It's alive!!!




For those getting the Flashback badges, here's the "easy" arc list for Hero-side. About half of these were recommended to me by a friend on Virtue. Below the arcs is a recommended approach to getting all the badges associated with the arcs. Here's the list for now:


01-14: Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls (HINT: The time/defeat badges are easy for this one, too.)


15-19: I Lost My Daddy (HINT: If you just want the Flashback badges quick, fail the first mission.)


20-24: The Buried Past (HINT: Beat the 2 EBs to 10-20% HP; they'll teleport out.)


25-29: A Madman's Council -or- War of the Fir Bolg (Temp Power)


30-34: Hatred's Hungry Heart (Temp Power)


35-39: Revenant Hero Project (HINT: Last mish can be a pain - Paragon Protectors. Team for these badges.)


40-44: Division: Line (A little long but very easy.)


45-50: Ouroboros Initiation (Level Fluctuation) -or- ...Benjamin A. Decker (Easy but travel heavy.)



You should be able to get all the badges in 4 passes for each level range with this pretty simple strategy:


1 - No Temp Powers, Enemies Buffed, No Inspirations


2 - No Travel, Player Debuffed


3 - AT Only


4 - No Anc/Patron (where applicable), No Enhancements (Not a bad idea to have defenders/controllers with you.)


These arcs are all Cath-tested, mother-approved now.


Happy badging!

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Back in the day I made this chart/checklist to help keep track of Ouroboros badges. I used it by opening it in Paint and using the Fill Bucket tool as I completed each badge.




Anyone know if they ever added a No APPs badge for the 35-39 range?

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I was wondering if anyone had a good mission list for Ouroboros that is updated. 


Something like this?  If you like it please give Almafeta some Inf!


Ouroboros Flashback Badge Guide

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