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Put Numbers on the Scales in the Costume Creator?

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Sometimes I wish the scales in the costume creator had numbers on them.  Scales are things like Physique (the width of the character) or Hips or Legs or the other sliders that you can use to change the physical dimensions of your character.  If you decide to change these on a character, it can be hard to match them just by eyeballing the position of the slider.  I don't need real world numbers, just something like from 1 to 100 would be fine.


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Yes, please! I've been hoping for either numbers on the scales or the ability to save/load the scales on their own.

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The only thing is, the interface is, at best, approximate.

"I need a thingamajig of 37"

* 32
* 33
* 35
* 36
* 38

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