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I can only recall some of my toons (and that's just the 50's).  The one's I do recall include my main:


Psifire (fire/kin controller)

CNS Tap (spines/regen scrapper)

Echinacea (emp/rad defender)

T G I F (invul/axe tanker)

Minnie Gunn (assault/nrg blaster)

Willie the Wimp (robot/traps MM)

Charles N Stipe (PB)



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I played a butt ton of masterminds on Liberty in the Armies of Evil villain group.  Also had an electric/ninjitsu stalker, a crab soldier, a widow, and a couple brutes.  And one illusion/kinetic controller hero.


Damn I missed this game.

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Liberty was my first server, with many characters making it to 40, then 50. I didn't do any incarnate material on Liberty however, as I was on a different server at sunset. I do remember the villain side being *very* quiet.

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Liberty was my home server. My main was a Claw/Regen Scrapper named Weapon Alpha


Also Liberty server a Discord server set up, for everyone looking for their old SGs friends or just looking to hang out and talk in general.



feel free to come join us. https://discord.gg/bAQ4RM


There is nothing wrong with the main CoH discord channel for Liberty Servier, there was a group of us realized we wanted something more. Something where we could make SG specific channels which could not be done in the main discord server. Since they were already overloaded with channels and didn't want to add more there, and were looking at ways to reduce channels.  It is not

something anyone has to come to but we have had a great deal of success with people finding their SG and friends and being able to reconnect with that specific group of people.




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I'm old enough to know better, but sometimes I still do it anyway.

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