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Classic Low-Level Gangs Redone, Available for Download

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Reposting this as well in addition to my AE Guide over at this post: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,6221.msg50834.html#msg50834


These are some of CoH's most classic low-level mobs remade from the ground up in AE so that they can be fought from any level range (1-54). Say goodbye to boring, played-out IDF and WarWorks and welcome back some great familiar groups. Every one of these Custom Villain Groups will have their .cvg file linked to the post for quick download and use in anyone's AEs (simply put the .cvg file into your City of Heroes > CustomVillainGroup folder). If you don't have that folder yet, make a quick custom villain group in game and it should pop up!


FYI all files are on Google Drive because they exceed the limit to be attached to a forum post.


*NOTE: Each of these groups is named 'The <EnemyGroup>' because making their name simply 'Skulls' or 'Hellions' causes the actual in-game mob to override and spawn instead. You can change the group name to something different if you don't like 'The' being at the front of the name.





Since the Skulls were very recently revamped in-game, it was simple to remake their costumes one-for-one in AE. Their power selection mirrors what is listed on ParagonWiki, with the exception of adding an LT with dark-melee based attacks. Here's a breakdown of all the enemies that come with it:



- Gravedigger (several male/female models using hatchets, shovels, sledgehammers, and dual revolvers as weapons).


- Death Head Gunners (burst assault rifle attacks)

- Death Head Nihilists (dark melee)


- Bone Daddy (dark blast/dark melee)

Elite Bosses

- Bone Lord (machete users)


- Lazarus (custom dark Melee/rad Emission Skulls AV free for use if you like the costume)

- Femur (bone war mace)

- Dire


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1is588v3KjgsZwBM6GmRw_j7-nmIEClGt

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Unlike the Skulls, Hellions never got a make-over, so their costumes were still very Issue 1. That made them hard to remake one-for-one in AE, but I hope I did a good job. As a matter of preference, I removed the 'Girlfriend from Hell' enemy (as I never found it very funny) and instead added female Damned bosses.



- Blood Brothers (a variety of character models with bats, hatchets, revolvers, the works)


- Fallen Gunner (burst assault rifle)

- Fallen Arsonist (Fire Melee attacks)

- Fallen Pyro (a new enemy that uses ignite and flamethrower from assault rifle. The character models have tanks on their back to imply they are wielding flamethrowers).


- Damned (male/female fire blast, fire melee, and even the demon summoning whip attacks for some)


- Judas (custom Dark Control/Fire Manip Hellions AV)


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19uZKCNRIuAelVmssGtTkU0XvXhcC47qD

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The Trolls took a bit of imagination to recreate as the proper Troll face is not available for use outside of the NPC editor. The demonic face colored green serves as a great stand-in though and a variety of cool different LTs and Bosses were added to this group to make them more exciting than they may have once been. All powers are once again copied from what was on Paragonwiki except in the case of new enemies.



- Trollkin Gunners (a variety of models using simple burst guns with a super-strength jab melee attack)

- Trollkin Slugger (bat-based melee minion)

- Trollkin Slammer (sledge-based melee minion)


- Gardvord (super-strength/regeneration)

- Grendel (super-strength/regeneration-no integration)

- Jutal (super-strength/assault rifle for ranged attacks)

- Supa Troll


- Caliban (super strength/invuln)

- Ogre (stone melee/stone armor)

- Rager (super strength/hurl boulder from stone melee -- based off the Top Dog from the Destroyers faction for flavor)

- Huldra (female troll boss with Titan Weapons/Invuln)


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wHfvVVTRQjy65-5JUhOnSGiYWijOXZOr

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The look and feel of the Warriors was actually super simple to recreate. They all have a very uniform appearance and even though it used the Issue 1 style, it was no problem to update in the costume creator. Their powers were also very simple as they just had a couple of attacks from every weapon set.



- Warrior Chopper (battle axe)

- Warrior Slicer (broadsword)

- Warrior Slammer (war mace)


- Slasher (broadsword)

- Hewer (battle axe)

- Crusher (war mace)


- Slasher Elite (broadsword)

- Hewer Elite (battle axe)

- Smasher Elite (war mace)

- Athena's Chosen (newly designed boss with a broadsword/shield defense spin)


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H8opVvFT13_EmuQWB5ZJPeiB2o9FH9FS

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The Outcasts are the most expansively recreated enemy group I've done just because of how many different enemy types there were to begin with... and then how many random new ones I added. It seemed silly for the Outcasts to only have Earth/Ice/Elec/Fire mutants under their banner so I threw in some new weird ones. Outcasts also now have female enemies too!



- Outcast Initiate (these are powerless thugs that attack with bats/hammers but wear shirts with the Outcast symbols on them)

- Outcast Charger (electricity)

- Outcast Cooler (ice)

- Outcast Crusher (stone)

- Outcast Gust (storm summoning)

- Outcast Shade (dark melee)

- Outcast Torch (fire)

- Outcast Vine (thorns)


- Block (stone/assault rifle)

- Brick (stone)

- Bloom (plant)

- Chiller (ice/assault rifle)

- Freezer (ice)

- Cyclone (storm/assault rifle)

- Match (fire/assault rifle)

- Scorcher (fire)

- Volt (elec/assault rifle)

- Shocker (elec)

- Wraith (dark)


- Lead Bloom (plant)

- Lead Brick (stone + stone armor)

- Lead Cyclone (storm + propel from grav control)

- Lead Freezer (ice + ice armor)

- Lead Scorcher (fire + fire armor)

- Lead Shocker (elec + flight)

- Lead Wraith (dark + dark armor)


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jjiriqru_fH0NtlArfBnkOymo8Brxhed

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Bumping this resource as I think I noticed a few newish Hellion/Skulls missions out there and thought the authors might want to expand the level ranges...

Try out my AE Arcs!   Solo friendly, often canon related, & some contest winners

#848 Rularularian - Heroic - 41-54 | #854 The Serpent Beyond the Horizon - Heroic - 46-52 | #855 Save the Diver, Save the World - Vigilante - 25-30 |

|#25869 Condemning Croatoa - Villainous - 25-33 | #25870 Robolution (Red-side) - Villainous - 25-34 #27314 Robolution (Blue-side) - Heroic - 25-34 |

| #26387 The Genesis & Geneticists of The Coming Hamiggedon - Villainous - 41-54 | #27055 The Atlas of the Multiverse - Rogue - 46-54 |

#28330 Wonderland - Neutral - 25-54 |

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