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Unkillable Scrapper Build (Built for Farming)

Racist Dolphin

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Made this Scrapper build, you become a unkillable behemoth. Only weakness is endurance consumption but that can be countered with the Ageless Incarnate, not to mention Energy Drain is on a 16 second cooldown.

Let me know what you think of this build!



Fire&Cold: 48%!

Smashing&Lethal: 40%

Energy: 42%

Negative Energy: 32%


Recharge Bonus: 188.50% (With Hasten)

Damage Bonus: 27%

Full specs: https://i.vgy.me/4YugXB.png


Video (Might still be uploading. Slow Upload Speed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA2qCZM5Yyc


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This looks more like a farming build then an "unkillable behemoth".


Actually with those defensive numbers, you'd get creamed in high end content away from the farms.


Energy Armor is a decent set (I run it on my Brute) but you need to sacrifice recharge/damage to get it into the area where you're comfortable doing +4/+8s TFs.


Also your slotting looks to be out of whack as you're running 2.22% end / sec which is insanely high and why you're having endurance issues (with an EA set no less) as 3:50 in your video shows.


Decent farm build but I'd probably stick with Spines/Fire in ComicCon AE if that's your goal.

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I don't know if anyone remembers the old Wernerscore of survivability. I'm honestly not sure how to boil it down to a single number these days, what with all the powers scaling by number of enemies or how close we are to death, and whether we're running normal or incarnate content. So until I figure something better out, I'll give a range. Low figure is 1 enemy in range, minimum scaling resistance, incarnate content. High figure is max emenies in range, max scaling resistance, normal content. So for this build:


Wernerscore = 821 to 2594


Rather useless without points of comparison, I know. I only have two points of comparison in the new game with all the resistance buffs and new sets, the two builds I'm working on, very much works in progress, the first for myself, the second for a friend for incarnate content.


SS / Fire Brute = 3231 to 11,153
Invuln / SS Tanker = 6115 to 12,286


You'd expect Brutes and Tankers to be more solid, of course, but even in the old game, I've seen Scrappers with much better than 2594. Still, it's probably not bad. Probably a good overall score for a smashing/lethal farmer, and good for general non-incarnate play. Those numbers are with Cardiac Core Paragon and Melee Core Embodiment. There might be better choices. I didn't account for the effect Ageless has on the recharge of the heal / regeneration, so it's marginally better than those numbers. I also don't include debuffs in my analysis, even though debuff resistance can be important for survivability, and this has pretty good debuff resistance, particularly when Ageless is up. Oh, and importantly, it doesn't account for how inspirations can affect survivability. Generally back on the old forum we were following Scrapper Challenge rules, one of which was no inspirations.

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