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  1. T9 is throwing a bag of Doritos from your sofa.
  2. I like my Archery/Bio Sent. Its a different playstyle and will absolutely out survive a Blaster 9 out of 10 times on harder targets.
  3. I'm having a stroke trying to figure out what RoP and Melee Core are.
  4. I think Scrappers should get Super Strength.
  5. Answers in reply and I cannot open your build because my Mid's isn't up to date.
  6. Is there a way to build for defense debuff resistance?
  7. Its been almost two years since I've done anything with this character and a lot of new enhancements have come out. I haven't added any yet but does anyone have any suggestions? https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1520&c=697&a=1394&f=HEX&dc=78DA6D94594F135114C7EF74A6D6420B2D485BF60242A185A105F4D5A08051C190107D33CD40AED0D885CC94441EFD0A9A68E20A082E2F7E0F97A8EF22EA077049DCD7F130E76F211927697EF7FEE79C7BFEF7DCB99D3A3F167870F4C221A1541FC91B96953D6C2E95A5EFA4515E328DBCA027305ACC1596ACF8A9C2AC69F848A87342B253322FA53EB3982B4A2BC6D2983C2B8B96D4C70CF35C76D42C94C
  8. Emperor's got a fever, and the only cure is more Utopia.
  9. Nothing, Goldside is perfect. Emperor Cole our Lord and Savior has made a utopia that needs no improving. Any other suggestion is heresy of the highest order and should immediately be punished.
  10. I've never looked at the Sentinel version but now that I have I'm envious. That secondary looks really nice but that's just based off of looking at Mid's.
  11. @BrandX @Werner @JayboH any ideas?
  12. Murcielago

    Regen 3.0?

    The two regen posts that have been floating around the forum recently made me think about regen possibly getting a rework by the New Dev Gods. I want to maintain a lot of the playstyle that it currently has and not turn it into a Willpower or Bio Armor clone. Regen lacks debuff resistance against a lot especially against it's primary damage mitigation, regen. -Regen is prevalent towards end game content, everything seems to have it along with increased accuracy. I am proposing the following: Regen resistance to Resilience Recharge resistance to Integration (credit to @JayboH)
  13. Maaaan that would be a great improvement. Regen definitely needs to be looked at, it got nuked when they changed IH to a click.
  14. I'm building this character kind of around exemplaring so I don't want to build around Incarnates yet.
  15. I keep forgetting about +5 IOs *facepalm*
  16. Still playing around with having perma-hasten and raising regen. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1526&c=674&a=1348&f=HEX&dc=78DA65945B4F13511485CFD0A9C8ADB4DC6FA55CA5173AB482C4274D948B2868A5804F06A6ED112769A64DDB1879344613F507F8E82DF1D11FE225FE1295275FEBA66B01633A49F39D59FBECB5F7393D67B69EAE747E597F765D19819B45BB5ADDCFE62B76B9AC2BADD9BCA3DDBC56F2F81F386B95A356198D9C86F7B774516B6BCDD195238CC367A115FD48BB556D6DEB43EDEA8A5D734A6E68C37DAC2BDAAD59A78350A6542ACADB13A7EAE49CA2533B6A563A1BCAA6B6CB8E7BD8DE78C996B52E8456CB4EDEBA512A486DBB5A931E86A4B998FC9E9F
  17. Definitely going to try this, I'll post up the chunky once I'm done.
  18. Would you mind posting the data chunk? My mid's doesn't want to read your build 😞
  19. I understand layered defense, that's what my dark/shield namesake is for. I am chasing a certain playstyle rather than traditional min/maxing.
  20. Why can't we have both? Super Stoned Melee.
  21. The only love Scrappers need is having super strength ported over.
  22. Does anyone have a video of what Infiltration looks like?
  23. I forgot about the change to Concealment. Did they ever update MR?
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