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Macro question regarding inspirations.


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I use the same concept to bind a (mashable) key to convert inspirations to reds instead of using macros.  For example this is close to what I use, given " ] " is my bound key for converting reds:

In my binds directory, I have a folder "MakeReds" and the text files below:



] "insp_combine insight enrage$$insp_combine sturdy enrage$$insp_combine respite enrage$$insp_combine respite enrage$$insp_combine break_free enrage$$insp_combine awaken enrage$$insp_combine catch_a_breath enrage$$bind_load_file_silent D:\CoHbinds\MakeReds\medRed.txt"



 ] "insp_combine Keen_Insight Focused_Rage$$insp_combine Take_a_Breather Focused_Rage$$insp_combine dramatic_improvement focused_rage$$insp_combine Emerge Focused_Rage$$insp_combine Bounce_Back Focused_Rage$$bind_load_file_silent D:\CoHbinds\MakeReds\bigRed.txt"



] "insp_combine Uncanny_Insight Righteous_Rage$$insp_combine Second_Wind Righteous_Rage$$insp_combine resurgence righteous_rage$$insp_combine Escape Righteous_Rage$$insp_combine Restoration Righteous_Rage$$bind_load_file_silent D:\CoHbinds\MakeReds\smallRed.txt"


Then login to CoH. Type in: "/bind_load_file D:\CoHbinds\MakeReds\smallRed.txt" to start the cycle. If you had 3 small non-red insps, you should see them combine. Now, every time I type " ] " it will cycle through and make red insps.  It's kind of fun because sometimes I'll have to mash it repeatedly to make the insp I want. And oddly satisfying when it does.  Thanks to @The Philotic Knight for the original post on the archives on how to use .txt files to cycle powers.

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