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  1. I lost count, but I don't think I have carpal tunnel yet!
  2. I don't understand, I'm giving them nice things!!!
  3. The funny thing about this is that I only spent about 20 million on converters... and it turned into 50 million instantly in sales... this is kind ridiculous... haha! It's like you CAN'T lose money unless you're somehow really dumb or give it away!
  4. And 10 seconds later.... Ummmm.... well that was unexpected... I guess people just love this enhancement so much!
  5. I just spent tons of extra cash buying converters, so that I can take a bunch of random enhancements and sell these for 1 Inf each... for fun! I wonder how far down I can make the price of this enhancement go before it pops back up again?
  6. I'm not surprised. The HC team seems to want to set expectations low RE: "The Ongoing Negotiations" in order not to get anyone's hopes up. It's frustrating, but it's understandable. They don't want to insinuate anything that they can't promise.
  7. Looks like, yeah, it's a known issue: https://greenshot.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/mobile?originPath=%2Fbrowse%2FBUG-2084#issue/BUG-2084
  8. Weird. Are you running full screen or Windowed? If you're doing one way, try the other (Alt + Enter) and see if it changes the condition. You can also try changing the hotkey button, in case some other software on your system is messing with things: https://getgreenshot.org/faq/my-prntscreen-key-no-longer-works-with-greenshot/
  9. Ueaj, that's bizarre. What version of Windows are you using?
  10. Try changing the behavior of Greenshot from autosave to opening in the editor. Then I'm curious to see what appears in the editor at the MOMENT you take the screenshot. Let us know.
  11. Honestly, I think Repulsion Field is the best power in the set, TBH. You can do so much with it! You can use it either offensive or defensively... actively, or passively. It's just... amazing.
  12. Yeah, I always have it open in the editor, I never "auto-save".
  13. Here's a thing that I did: http://www.cityofplayers.com/pks-def-file-translator/ I had a request to make a de-binner, so I might do that next. The forum stuff is on hold right now, because looking at the parsing is starting to give me a headache. I will get back to it, but I need to step back for a bit.
  14. The fact that the OP hasn't come back to explain their definition of "challenge" in a comprehensive way is telling. You might even say the way they approached this thread is to garner a certain type of response intentionally... I'll drop it there, for now.
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