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  1. ACTUALLY, I added it "for you" months ago based on our PM conversation that I'm not surprised was forgotten... as I was going through all of the old "mod threads" and trying to find pre-existing mods to add into the system... 😛
  2. It seems like not many people are interested in making client side mods for CoH, even with all of the tools that I provided to make it easier to figure out how to do so.... 😛 Perhaps CoH really is dead, and we're just playing around with the remains of its corpse at this point. It certainly isn't the explosive resurgence that I expected it to be after the source code was leaked, that's for sure... Hell, I'm pretty sure that the original Wolfenstein 3D from the 80s has a more vibrant modding community than CoH has. I wonder why...
  3. Did you have both the old installer and the new installer? It's possible the different directories might be getting confused.
  4. Have you tried wiping put your Data directory entirely and just installing using CoH Modder?
  5. Yes, at least the texture underlying the power's graphics. @therealtitanman has already done this with a few powers - for example he's done a lot of work to make an alternate effect for Time Manipulation that makes it look more like a Doctor Strsbge type magic circle.
  6. I suppose I could set a default starting directory. However, I wrote my tool so that it can handle multiple servers, not JUST Homecoming. Setting a default folder would, in essence, tell the user that "we prefer that you use Homecoming". Not sure I want to do that. And on top of that, at some point the users have to be responsible for their own experience. You can only hand-hold them so much.
  7. Doesn't matter, that's why I ask you where the CoH directory is, so you can run it from anywhere.
  8. Its pretty easy. You start the program, find Vidiotmaps on the top list, highlight it, click Install, wait for the install to finish, then start the game. The modder program doesn't have to keep running in the background.
  9. FYI, there's now a V6 on the server, which I recommend everyone download. It contains an important bugfix to a bug discovered by @Grim Lynn, who as far as I'm concerned has earned this:
  10. Yup, it's from here: Join the "club", and you can download the Rosetta Stone Excel sheet, which contains EVERY game sound reference that there is, along with correlating information to help people find the sounds.
  11. It shouldn't have taken that long, I found it in about 30 seconds knowing what you were looking for in the Rosetta stone. This appears to be the only specifically female mace sound 😛 :
  12. Honestly, I think they got a bit lazy with re-using the same sounds for SO MANY THINGS. It's causing issues now.
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