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  1. I'm more curious to see if the issue can be produced at-will. Because if someone can do that, then I can fix the bug. I'd rather fix the bug than have to have "warnings" on mods. Because obviously it's a bug in my code somewhere that caused that issue, but it's the only time I've heard of it.
  2. So.... good news/bad news. The bad news is, yes, my system restarted for an automatic update. The good news is, a whole lot of files got extracted before that, so while I reconsider my code and recode it to make it a more sustainable process, I'm also in the process of copying what I HAVE extracted so far over to http://oldcohforums.cityofplayers.com/ So now you can at least get a "taste" of what I've "scavenged" so far. There's THOUSANDS of files, and frankly, my computer may not have the storage capacity to hold them all and keep processing in the same director
  3. So.... uh.... slight update. Remember how it looked Ike I was almost half done? Yeah, it started slowing down... ALOT. I couldn't figure out why, but then I remembered that I had pre-sorted the file list from smallest to largest. So.... we're probably not even 25% done yet.... sorry. 😪
  4. FYI, still chugging along. Not quite halfway there, but I would have expected any major errors to have happened by now: Now, cross my fingers that some app on my computer doesn't decide to perform an unattended "update and restart" without my permission!
  5. It should be noted that my program was based on data from the original SCoRE leak.... so any changes that HC has made to the powers since then would NOT be reflected in that data. If anyone has the time to make a proper and full DeBinner, then we could use that to obtain updated data from the client files. But, until then... this is what we got.
  6. So, I'm about 20% done processing, I'd say the initial processing should be done in about a week, assuming nothing interrupts the process: And so far, with that 20% processed, I have this many files so far extracted from the WARCs (with my own WARC parser that I built from the ground up): So, with 20% being 579,873 files taking up 39.745 GB, I estimate that the final total will be about 2,899,365 files taking up roughly 198.728 GB of space. Now, that's just raw, unprocessed files, written directly from a bytestream. But they'll be out there in file
  7. Progress is slow and steady, but this is just phase 1: Here's some interesting things that I've found so far: With a special appearance by @Healix and @Hyperstrike:
  8. Yeah, because the code is the worst kind of spaghetti code, overly complicated as hell.
  9. But, see, they didn't really reverse engineer it. They were given the code, just like the rest of us. That's not reverse engineering. That's... engineering, I suppose.
  10. I'll have to think on this @Sarrate, it's a good idea. I think what I'd have to do is keep a "historical record" of the files, and what order they were modded in, and then when you went to uninstall a mod, try to figure out which "version" of each modded file should be restored based on that. It would take some work, but I'm sure it's possible. I'd just have to think about HOW exactly I'd do it. My source code is out there and free to modify, if you've got the time and want to think about tackling it for yourself. You'd just have to setup your own FTP server for testing, as the cre
  11. Anyone that knows me, knows that I can be very "VERBOSE", but I feel I need to say a couple things here, and I'll try to be succinct about it: As far as the Cottage Rule itself goes and whether to follow it or not, I do NOT believe that's an "either/or situation". The way that Incarnate powers work, where you can CHOOSE to have one ability or another, shows that you can have BOTH. City of Heroes has ALWAYS been about freedom and choice, from the start. We can apply a similar technology to existing powers - if a good portion of the player base wants Build Up to build a small cottage rathe
  12. I think this could work, actually. What I suspect is that not all of the sounds are at appropriate volume levels for the type of sound that they are. "localized sounds" (sounds that travel "with you", like your powers), should be at a different level than "ambient sounds", and BOTH categories of sounds should be "normalized" to have the same maximum and minimum "peaks and valleys" (dBs). I wonder if anyone has ever taken all of the sound files in the game, ran them all through a program like Audacity, pulled out their peak, minimal, and average decibal levels and put them all on a
  13. Not really at this time.... the closest thing that it has is whenever a mod is installed, if any existing files are there, they are automatically backed up, and then restored once the mod is uninstalled. So, lets say you have Mod 1, which affects Wolf sounds, and then Mod 2 affects ALL animal sounds. Once you install Mod 2 "on top of" Mod 1, then wolf sounds will be "backed up", and then when Mod 2 is uninstalled, you'll be back to the wolf sounds from Mod 1. I had a hell of a time figuring that one out already, I can't imagine trying to figure out anything more complex than that!
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