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  1. And it looks like an attempted hacker attack on the FTP server... IP address traces back to Mexico City... instaban!
  2. And for today's update: They never did... 😢 : Discussion on the killing of Statesman: And a post from one of my old (former) friends, memories.....
  3. Glad to have you aboard. The whole "final product" will be available for viewing at http://cohforums.cityofplayers.com/ when the project is complete. Right now, I have the results from the last "attempt", which is in fact the full set of files. BUT many of them are "corrupted" because I wasn't aware of HTTP "Chunked transfer encoding". I discovered that when looking through the final data from all of the outputs. It contained many "odd" bits in the HTML files that looked like (and were) checksum digits, and the same thing happened with MANY images, making most of the images unreadable by any i
  4. Unfortunately, random communication errors will occur. Not much I can do about that. Shit happens. 😢 Just try again.
  5. Yeah @DarkWings I think in the next version I'll just tale that Load Mod option out, it's been more trouble than its worth. I kind of expected people to make mod files that they'd save and share, but I suppose with also adding in my centralized repository for mod downloading, I kind of killed the need for that functionality. That mod isn't setup for CoH Modder. Maybe I'll convert it when I have more time.
  6. Current project status: And, the files are looking GREAT! No errors so far that I can see.... Missing pieces of CoH history are coming back, slowly! Who remembers "theOcho"? My favorite dev with a name referencing the movie Dodgeball?
  7. Not really, that just means that WARC needs to be re-processed with the new version. I'll probably let it sit until most people are on 2.1, then I'll throw it back into the input folder.
  8. Version 2.1 has now been released with that bug fix, if you want to avoid running across that bug with RIDICULOUSLY long URL filenames.
  9. And I've just confirmed that clicking on the button in the "frozen" program does indeed stop after that iteration is done once the program eventually "unfreezes". I tested it with two separate instances at the same time. One stopped when it was supposed to go to the next iteration (working as expected), and the other stopped when the screen "refreshed" the next time with an error that I'm going to have to figure out in a specific file: Now I have to figure out what the HELL to do with a file that's called "http://titanindustries.guildportal.com/UI/SigGenHandler.ashx?m
  10. Current project status: Chugging along, nice and easy! Thanks everyone! @Ura Hero forget what I said about killing the task. I had the same issue with the programs seeming to lock up, and had a couple "lock up" yesterday. But this time I just left them. The last time I checked yesterday, the processing folders for my two instances had been last modified around 07/29/2021 around 7:00 PM and 5:30PM, give or take. I go to check this morning, and this is what I see: So, it looks like with multiple instances, sometimes they may STILL appear to "lock up"
  11. Yeah, kill it, it's long gone. In other news, my internet is back up, and I'm processing again, so y'all should be able to get back in the game as well!
  12. Y'all didn't do it... this time. A severe storm killed my internet (yes my server is hosted locally): https://www.weau.com/2021/07/28/weather-alert-dangerous-outbreak-severe-weather-expected-this-evening/ I'll let you know when we're back up and running again.
  13. Yeah, all the ones that end with a reference to line 136, that's the line where the Zip file was created, but it failed to upload. Just drop off the filenames of those and I can push them back to the input folder, because they'll have to be restarted all over again.
  14. Those appear to be failing after processing is complete, but when your system was trying to upload the Zip file. Sounds like those ones need to be redone. I've moved those two from Processing back to Input. Unfortunately, connection failures WILL happen. That's a normal part of the whole process, unfortunately. I would recode it to retry automatically, but I don't really have time. It's more efficient for me to just handle these exceptions manually.
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