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  1. Not without getting me involved. You can of course load an existing mod into the Edit window and rename it, then re-upload. When you re-upload it'll be added to the database as a new entry with the new name. Then you just have to ask me to remove the old one. I want old mod removal to be a manual process, so that I make sure that nobody's doing anything cruel or mean, like wiping out all of the mods on the server.
  2. Now that the errors in there again, and I have time to look at it, I believe I have found the problem. I've just released a program update (v 1.65) where it should be fixed. The issue was that my "self healing code" was doing a comparison of the ModVersion alright, so that part was working correctly... doing *A* comparison. The problem was that the field was being treated like a STRING field rather than a NUMERICAL field. And in a string field, 8 > 11, because 8 comes after 1. So version 8 was being seen as a newer version than version 11, which is what caused the whole issue to begin with. Rookie mistake, and I'm mad at myself for it, ugh. Should be fixed now though:
  3. Yeah, no, my "I26 Map Pack" is just a merger of the original ViotMaps and @Blondeshell's MoreMaps pack. I haven't updated it since, and wouldn't know where to get the updated map files from to do so.
  4. Just checked this out myself, it looks like @Solarverse somehow managed to upload both a version 8 and version 11 of his "Original Thermal Radiation" which broke the database. I've removed the duplicate older entry and it should now be working. Not sure how this happened, as I had "self-healing" code put in to fix things like this. I'll have to look into it further when I have move time. Solarverse, anything you recall that was unusual the last time you uploaded/updated that mod? Any info would help me troubleshoot the issue.
  5. You could probably find all of those on my "Rosetta Stone", but as Ruby stated, you'd have to also sift through tons of NPC stuff too, that's kind of unavoidable AFAIK.
  6. Sounds like something's messed up with your install. I'd delete the whole directory and try reinstalling.
  7. @tjjano33 why do things the hard way? Just use CoH Modder and point the program at your CoH directory 😛
  8. @Solarverse what version number is the file named? We're up to version 5, which contains several worksheets (tabs) in the same workbook (file).
  9. @Solarverse no special program, I just used the filters that you can see at the top header line and filtered the sheet by power name, as you can see in my screenshot.
  10. I see three sounds associated with that power, @Force Redux @Solarverse: One in the power itself, and two in the associated pet: SOUND\OGG\POWERS\RADINFECT1 SOUND\OGG\WEAPONS\POISONGAS1_LOOP SOUND\OGG\THORNS\TORCH2_LOOP Did you try all three of these?
  11. @Solarverse, AFAIK all sounds and graphics are local, because it would be way too much data to try to push during runtime, it'd really slow down an MMO if everyone was fetching assets all the time from the server. The server just keeps track of player movement, character data, etc.
  12. Anything you see and hear can be modified client side, it's just a matter of finding the correct asset to replace. Yes, including walls. That's what my Visual Rosetta Stone is for. I'm working on making a better linkage between some missing power textures now, but I think I have most, if not all, of the "world" textures already.
  13. Temporarily down. From my server host: However, all previously downloaded or installed mods should still work! Probably a good idea when the server comes back up, to go ahead and click the "Fresh Start" button to ensure that you have all of the files locally in case that happens again. 😉
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