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  1. Oh, with that I think you'll probably be fine @Mimiru . I was using an EC2/t3.large, if you want to compare: https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/
  2. Feel free, the code is open source. Just be warned - it's a resource hog. It failed to work on my cheap $50/year HostGator account, that's why I pushed it to an AWS account, but... it got too pricey for my family to maintain. I'd love to see it working somewhere else though!
  3. Well, I can no longer justify to my wife the $45/month it costs to run the server that's hosting the DevTracker, so I have to kill it as of today. The source code can still be found at City of Players in case anyone wants to steal it and host it themselves. Take care, everyone.
  4. Now, I know that we now have data about which ATs/sets are the most popular thanks to @Cipher. That's NOT what I'm asking here. While sets may become unpopular because they are less efficient, or harder to play, or too quirky, I don't really care about popularity. What I care about is pure performance. Which sets are the LOWEST DPS, the WORST to team with, that MOST annoying sets, the most PAINFUL to slog through solo. Now, some of this might be provable with numbers, but I suspect most of them won't be provable at all, since there's so much to be said for player preference and personal experience. So that's what I'm looking for here, qualitative information on what sets you find the worst, the least "fun" to play. After people have provided their own experiences, I might then turn it into a poll so that everyone can vote on which sets are just.... just the worst. Here's the format I'd like you to follow, so that we can have it in a bit of a standard format: AT/Primary/Secondary Number of levels of experience you have in it Why is it so bad? Here's an example (not a REAL example, I've never played this combo before!): Controller/Illusion/Storm Summoning 35 The pets do NOT play well with the Storm powers, stuff gets knocked all over the place, endurance drain is painful, and aggro goes right to me because of all the AoE and effects! This is just a fun little thing I'd like to start to keep my mind occupied while I'm too busy to work on my Field Trainer (which requires WAY more concentration and solid blocks of time!).
  5. Ah, so you scraped it @Mimiru . Nice. it's funny that you had to do that, when they have stated publicly that they would allow anyone to make a copy of their Wiki since it's under "Open GNU" license, but when asked for the data, I heard just about nothing but crickets.... ugh. Did you even ask them at all, or did you just do the scraping?
  6. @Mimiru Can I ask how you accomplished this? Did you make this all from scratch, did you "scrape" the Titan Network's ParagonWiki, or did you actually get the Titan Network to give you their stuff as a starting point? I'd been wanting to do this for some time, but I didn't want to start from scratch, so I'd been bugging the Titan Network for literal MONTHS, and got nowhere with them... so I was wondering how you got your data?
  7. Source code available on my website is now also up to date, in case anyone wants to see what I did and make it better and host it themselves. *hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge*
  8. @Doc_Scorpion all fixed up. I had assumed that a certain array would always have at least one element. I was wrong. I corrected that bad assumption:
  9. Crap. I'll try to get to this today.
  10. FYI, if you haven't guessed already, this is on hold for the moment. I'm having to work AND teach my twin six year olds kindergarten basics. So, yeah, no time for this until they get back in school, sadly.
  11. Shoot, if someone (or the community) would be willing to pay my salary, I'd give up my day job to write nothing but CoH tools all day. But bills gotta be paid, you know?
  12. Uh-oh.... Dynamically generated custom UserControls are a GO! With DATA! Now to see how hard it will be to get them to accept event handlers to point back to the main page's ActionHappened method (that controls pretty much everything).
  13. Some progress today... Note below that the "Next Action" button has just become the "Begin" button, because apparently all controls except the TextBox control accept an "auto-postback" value that let's me refresh the page and re-run the logic, re-igniting the triggers every time the action is chosen. It's only the TextBox object that's a little bitch and isn't playing nice, so it needs a "helper" control. But LOOK! We've got data loaded! Now, to figure out how to make my PowerPickers ACTUALLY show up dynamically on the page - because for some reason it isn't happening... but we're getting there, slowly and surely! I'm kind of tempted to roll this out now, so that people could play with the controls, but what would be the point, when you can't really DO anything with it? Nah, I'll just leave it on my PC until it's to the point where the Desktop Alpha is. 🙂
  14. I successfully "translated" all of my Desktop Alpha language over to the ASP.NET platform from the WinForms platform.... theoretically. What I mean by that, is that I have all of the pieces in place to THEORETICALLY make things work similarly on the Web version as it worked on the Desktop version, and the code compiles with no errors: HOWEVER, now comes the next step of turning theory into practice, and trying to actually RUN the damn thing, and then fix things when they break because theory sucks balls when it comes to practice. Like this, for example: Click here - And then.... I feel like I'm going to be seeing a WHOLE LOT of this page, over the coming weeks... stay tuned, to a computer monitor and/or cell phone and/or tablet near you!
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