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  1. Except that Demons' Souls didn't come out until 2009 and Dark Souls in 2011, AFTER both CoH and CO were out. Doesn't add up.
  2. Just started plopping down a basic user interface for now, no code yet. It's a start. I suspect and hope that I'll be able to copy most of the code from the Desktop alpha over to this to save myself a ton of time, but that's reliant on seeing how similar the ASP.NET web controls are to the WinForms controls. A glimmer of hope is the fact that I can create a Web UserControl (as you can see in my first screenshot), which was the linchpin of the Desktop app, so that instead of having to actually write out 20+ controls by hand, I can dynamically generate them on an as-needed basis. Time will tell whether or not I'm capable of figuring out how to do that on the web...
  3. Here, I found it for you: Every time I saw that name, all I could see was this smirking face in my head:
  4. Why is CoH > CO? If you want to know my opinion, it's all in the attitude, the philosophy. The attitude of CoH when I login is "Hey, go nuts, have fun!" while the attitude I see when I did try to log into CO was "you GOTTA do this, and this and this, and do it fast! Faster! FASTER! Go here, attack that, block! Zap to get endurance back!" It's the difference between catering towards a casual audience, and catering towards the "gamer" audience. Not everyone always wants to "be a gamer", at least, not all the time, not even gamers. But all of us, ALL OF US, need a break - a place to escape away from all of the pressures and frustrations of daily life. A place where we aren't PUSHED into this or that, where we can just RELAX and go at our own pace. THAT is what City of Heroes does and does well. Even if it's not always Easy, it's always RELAXED. It's Cheers: The Game. Most MMOs don't offer that. They cater to "gamers" that make their chosen MMO their reason for living after they get off of work - or their second job. They force you into twitch game play, and spending hours and hours grinding to get what you want. They make you go at THEIR pace - just like the rest of the "real world" does. THEY set the rules, and you have to follow them, just like you hear from your boss, or your teacher, or your parents, every day. City of Heroes, just wants you to come and play, whenever you want, for as long as you want, whatever you want to do. It's all about you, and what you want to do. And that, is what makes all the difference.
  5. Yeah. But that should have also affected CO as well. My point still stands. When people have a choice between CO and CoH, guess where the vast majority goes?
  6. No, it doesn't speak highly of CO at all. Because CO is ALSO free to play.
  7. I always thought the CO characters looked more like apes than people.
  8. Yes, actually, using the trading interface to trade with other characters in person. Does anyone even still use that anymore?
  9. Guess what, @Ultimo, you already CAN do a lot of what you're talking about in-game. Not all of it, but a lot of it. It's called Architect Entertainment. You can make a nemesis, you can make missions where you're a REAL villain and work towards global domination. The tools are there. Sure, you can't make changes to the ACTUAL game world, but with AE you can "pretend" any storyline that you wish.
  10. There *is* one mission in the game where you fight your "shadow self", so there's that. MAN it was tough as an FF Defender to beat another FF Defender. So. Much. KNOCKBACK!
  11. Seeing this reddit thread from a year ago made me wonder - how *IS* this publicly released Superhero game, created by Cryptic, released in 2009, and sponsored and hosted by a global corporation doing, by comparison to our humble illegally run servers, which are hosted by a small anonymous team of independent fans? Well, let's look at our servers at this exact moment first: Over 2400 players in the middle of a Friday during the work week? That's pretty darn good if you ask me, for an over 15 year old game that's still OFFICIALLY dead. Now, let's look at the competition. What does Steam say? Wait, wait, 163 players??? With an all time max of 984 players??? That can't be right... maybe that's because people aren't running it THROUGH Steam, so Steam can't track it? Let's check in-game. I log in, and check ALL of the possible maps (which include instanced maps, by the way), because for some reason the game doesn't keep and display data like that publicly, and I'm frustrated to find out that their search window has a limitation of 100 players at a time, so I have to take this section by section and do some math... so, here we go: So.... 86 + 96 + 17 + 75 + 51 = 325 REALLY? 325 people in-game right now, with a legal game that was created and released in 2009, that's supported by a multinational corporation, that presumably has a paid staff and is still making content updates? Compared with 2,400 at the same time period for an illegal game that was created and released in 2004, which officially shut down in 2012, and is being supported by players and an unpaid staff? I think the data clearly speaks for itself. Cryptic made a bad choice in giving up City of Heroes and trying to recreate a wheel, that they already created pretty damn well the first time. I'm thankful that we have a team that's working to make this legitimate, and to hopefully take it into the next level. The foundation is good, fantastic. Now, we just need to see what this puppy is capable of. I think that this pretty much proves beyond a reasonable doubt which superhero MMO is the greatest. Our very own beloved City of Heroes.
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