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  1. Just think of it this way. By making a Force Field character that can reach the soft-cap for Defense and be nigh invulnerable and still able to attack while NOT inside of their "ultimate defense bubble", you've basically just won the game. Good job! Enjoy your victory! If you want something new to challenge you further, you can absolutely gimp yourself intentionally and try to beat +4x8 mobs without having any enhancements slotted, for a start. Just an idea. I'd just advise against trying to push the powers to be MORE powerful because you feel overpowered with your intentionally overpowered build. πŸ˜›
  2. I'm sorry @Solarverse, but I don't think the game should be balanced around munchkin builds.
  3. I just fixed that. It was a data issue with two versions of the same mod existing on the database at the same time. Should be resolved now, please try again! You shouldn't need to restart the program even!
  4. Beyond me too my friend. Once you start talking about bits and bytes and streams and such, that's WAY past my level of programming ability, sadly.
  5. And Soonβ„’ is now! Not only can you now manipulate the size of all of the control areas, but now there is a new Category filter: If you leave that filter blank/NULL, it will display ALL mods. I went ahead and manually went into all 60 existing mods and inserted/updated that ModCategory to be accurate myself on the server. Because I'm a maniac. Be aware that this filter affects ALL of the ListBoxes, so if you have any installed mods and/or uninstalled local mods, they may not appear if you have this filter set to anything but the default "blank" setting, due to the locally installed mod files having either no or invalid ModCategory settings "baked into them". Your best bet to see them is to blank out the filter. Then you might want to think about removing/uninstalling them from your PC and getting a fresh updated copy from the server. Or, if you want to go extreme, there's always the "Fresh Start" button that wipes all mods from your mod directories and re-downloads (but does NOT install!!!) all of the mods from the server:
  6. You know what? I'll do you one better. I just put all controls inside a series of SplitContainers, so that you will be able to do this: Resize pretty much any of the areas at your whim by modifying the border between the areas. That also includes the height: I'll release this update as soon as I get the "Category Filter" put in, which is my next task, so... Soonβ„’.
  7. That's the Holy Grail @Black Orchid II. There's supposed to be a way to do it by "hacking" the mapserver executable, and I think either @Sif and/or @RubyRed might have accomplished this task, but as I recall, those efforts were limited to the purposes of their specific applications. My "dream" is a WinZip-type application that can take a .bin file and spit out a .def file, but from my understanding, that would be a monumental task, and the developers that are more skilled than I am don't appear to think that such a tool is worth their time to create. I disagree, and believe that it would benefit the community greatly, but I can see where it would be a maintenance NIGHTMARE. And I unfortunately am not a skilled enough programmer to figure it out for myself. Believe me, I started looking into the relevant sections of code and went cross-eyed. So many structures within structures and references to references... 😒
  8. Looks like we'll have to agree to disagree @Solarverse , as I'm an originalist, and you appear to be a loose constructionist... πŸ˜›
  9. Now that I have some time to give a proper answer, here it is. What I would personally do with the power I have detailed in my response to the "Force Field (Cottage Rule Need Not Apply)" thread: In short, I'd merge it with Detention Field and give the power the ability to make ANY target, self, ally, or enemy untouchable. As for your suggestion? I don't like the idea of moving PFF to Tier 9 and modifying it in that way, and here's why: Design Philosophy - When looking over the Primary powersets, if you're paying attention you'll notice that there's some patterns. Blaster Primaries get a choice at level 1 between two different blasts, one weak but fast, and one stronger but slower Tankers get a choice at level 1 between either a fairly "weak" auto power that makes them naturally tougher, or a much stronger toggle that costs endurance Defenders, being much more "variable" than other Archetypes typically have a choice between two different powers that are "definitive" of their whole set's playstyle. Empathy gets either a PBAoE heal or a single target ally heal Dark gets either a targeted AoE debuff or a targeted enemy debuff + Heal Force Fields gets either a Personal Force Field or a quick stricking guaranteed knockback attack etc. etc..... these abilities are representative of what the set stands for as a whole, and give new players a "sneak peek" about the type of playstyle they have to look forward to throughout their gaming session with that primary. Moving these around breaks that design philosphy. Force Bolt teaches the player about knockback, and PFF teaches them about damage negation through Defense Buffs, in the most extreme way possible! Playstyle - As an early level Force Field Defender the power to basically "hide" from virtually ALL damage has helped me INNUMERABLE times with... Travelling through areas that would have otherwise killed me. It's made it INFINITELY easier for me to solo, as I can just take a "time out" whenever I damn well please and the enemies I'm facing can't do SHIT about it, frustratingly whacking away at my bubble πŸ™‚ ! It's also allowed me to act as a "pseudo-tank" by jumping into mobs first and taking the alpha strike from the enemies while my teammates went nuts. It's also allowed me to take a breather and conserve my resources safely if I needed to. It's also helped me avoid a total team wipe with saving my own ass and then teleporting all my teammates back to safety... there's SO many uses for this power, that I find it a shame that you haven't found more use out of it... Personal Philosophy - The "Cottage Rule" in general I find to be valuable. Why throw away the design work of professionals that's been proven to be valuable, when you can tweak what's already there? That being said, if you're going to rework things, if there's a REALLY good reason to do so. I don't like the idea of changing PFF to make a Force Field user into essentially a "Sentinel-lite". I just like the "on/off" nature of the power, and I personally LIKE the inherent danger that comes with being "squishier" than my teammates. Honestly, it thrills me and keeps me on my toes, it almost makes the game "hard mode" for me compare to my teammates, which I enjoy thoroughly. Consider it a martyr complex, but I like being on the razor's edge where I'm hurting but my team is doing just fine because of the benefits that my powers are bringing to the team!
  10. This is the "buff Force Fields" thread, someone else started a thread for if we were to rework FF from the ground up, Cottage Rule be damned. Here's what O said about that: I'll get back to you more when I have more time.
  11. This is amazing @Bopper. Can I ask, where did you get your data from? And how did you parse it? I'm curious about your methodology and source. Is this a "static point in time" from a certain code release, or do you have sources that are feeding you new information?
  12. Thanks for the nod @Sovera, but I don't have time to tackle a BIG project like that would be right now. I had to put my "Web Hero Designer" on hold due to lack of time to devote to learning enough about ASP.NET to finish it, and all I've found time for is for making small programs to parse the game's text files for data, like here: Or maintain and make improvements on my CoH Modder: My current "mini-project" is actually trying once again to bring the old CoH forums back in some format. Where my previous database-driven model failed, I found a way to decompile .WARC files, so I'm in the process of doing that now.... all 18,869 files.... all 500+ GBs... it's a LOT of unpacking to do. And then, after I have them all unpacked, I need to go through them and fix the file references so that the files point to each other, rename files etc. etc.
  13. Okay, thank you @Solarverse I was confused. So the reference ISN'T for maletaunt6b, it was for 4, but 6b is the sound you wanted, and I happened to find it among a collection of apparently "decommissioned" sounds. Great, all is right in the world, and my head now won't explode from lack of logic.
  14. So does maletaunt6 actually affect the sound of the taunt powers? Have you tested this in game yet? If so, I'm super confused, because my search searched ALL of the game code that I'm aware of - the data files, the code, and even the binaries... so where the HELL is the reference then? It's like the game is pulling it out of nowhere... that concerns me.
  15. Maybe that's the case @AboveTheChemist. I just finished my grep search, and in the whole of my CoH files, it's only referenced in two files, both of which appear to be related to either Dev testing or excluding the file from production:
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