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  1. On the other hand, it looks like he's got a pretty full life right now, and he seems pretty happy/chipper about it. So, maybe we shouldn't cry doom and get upset for someone who doesn't seem upset themselves.
  2. Yeah, frankly, I never ran a modern Hamidon, I only ran Hamidons before Leagues even existed, so I don't even know how the interface works. I assumed that people could leave and join Leagues on a whim like they can a team, but maybe that's wrong? My suggestion was based on that assumption.
  3. I think the Hamidon issue could be resolved by making the Hive into a League-instanced mission. No player cap, just whomever is in the League are the only ones that can enter that instance. It'd require new code, probably a lot, but I think it'd be worth it, and it'd be code that could be used elsewhere in future missions/task forces/trials.
  4. Just because you don't enjoy the lower level game, that doesn't make it a universal opinion, or anything remotely close to a fact. That being said, I've been asking for just adding an "I Win" button that insta-levels people to 50 almost since Homecoming started. I started it off as a joke, since I *LIKE* the content at all levels, but the more I hear these arguments, the more I think it should be real. Set it there in City Hall, right next to the SuperGroup registration desk. Just a little non-descript bell that people can choose to click on or not. If they click on it, they instantly become level 50, and have to go to Miss Liberty or whomever to train to pick their powers. However, no free influnce or slots will be given, you'll have to figure that part out for yourself, either from your other alts supplying the funds, or from farming easy farms yourself. But I think this buttons' existence would DRASTICALLY reduce the "PL me plz" and "DFB LFM" nonsense in the primary chat. And I don't think that's a bad thing. Let's make it happen people!
  5. A team Mission Statement Full transparency wherever possible. A long term publicly visible plan/goals (annual plan, 2 year plan, 5 year plan, etc.) "Completed" Incarnate Powers (at least for all of the named Incarnate slots) A monthly "state of the game" post with information/stats and an update on how were doing on the plan VS. Where we thought we'd be. A plan for good AE missions/arcs to be folded into the actual game, a pathway for players to provide permanent content into the game's "Canon". That'd be a good start. 🙂
  6. Well, as I said, I wanted to clone ParagonWiki onto my own non-Fandom private server. But when I ask for access to do so... crickets. Frustrating.
  7. I started this, just to get by with a placeholder, though nobody picked it up and ran with it: https://coh-homecoming-unofficial.fandom.com/wiki/City_Of_Heroes:_Homecoming_Unofficial_Wiki I tried to do this, and have heard nothing but crickets since then: But then, I'm starting to get sadly used to being ghosted, it seems to be getting to be par for the course for this whole community lately. 😢
  8. My guess would be "yes", until we hear otherwise.
  9. The official tool now is Piglet, but you have to sign up for OuroDev to get access to it: https://ourowiki.ouro-comdev.com/index.php?title=Piglet
  10. Confirming, it's completely consistent, 100% of the time.
  11. Now I want to form an SG with the other 19 FF/Elec Defenders...
  12. Why don't you just dump the raw data and let the denizens here graph it for you? Less work for you, more fun for them. 😉
  13. From what I can see from the stats, it looks like the majority of players want to either "do the most X", picking those sets that are known for the most damage or HEALZ... or the ones that looks the "coolest" to a 12 year old boy, like dual wielding and lasers. Poor, poor archery...
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