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  1. That's not a bad idea. I think you're all hinting at the main issue - Force Fields does fine, for what it does, but it doesn't do ENOUGH. So, what should that extra "something" be that other support sets don't do as well. Cold Domination came in and started taking over FF's position as the Defense master, along with providing additional utilities that FF doesn't provide (-SPD, -Recharge, +Ally HP, Swapping Endurance between enemies and allies). So, what can FF bring to the table that Cold doesn't, to differentiate it and make it stand apart from Cold. And I think you're on the right track, as I was hinting with my original suggestions. I think that area can and should be - raw damage. The "oomph" of a force field hitting someone. In my opinion, Force Fields should see a large increase in its damage output to account for other sets, IOs, etc. taking away from what "made it great", namely, Defense. In a world where everyone can get tons of Defense bonuses in the end game, and everyone is already in a low chance of wiping due to their various powers/auras... then if FF provided more damage, then it would help the team even more. So, as I said in my original post: Up the damage for Force Bolt to a Tier 1 Blaster attack level of damage Up the damage for Repulsion Bomb to a Tier 3 Blaster attack, or a Tier 1 Blaster AoE attack. And, since everyone is always complaining about it (though I've personally never disliked it), double the speed on the animation and reduce the cast time by half. A third option could be, just as you suggested, any enemy hit with Repulsion Field ALSO takes damage from the force of the blow. Let's call it another Tier 1 Blaster attack. Hell, why not? The FFer is already losing endurance to knock enemies back, why not give them some free damage as well? Force Bubble wouldn't make sense to add damage to, since it's just a Repel wall. However, what if Detention Field also did DoT to the enemy? Let's call it damage from lack of oxygen, or damage from the detention field pushing in on the enemy. As has been suggested by others, lets also up the MAG on the hold and the immobilization. Allow FFers to bring something unique to the table by letting them be able to hold AVs. But again, I think it needs to be a toggle so that we can release at our own choice, and to make it not too overpowered, increase the endurance cost for as long as the toggle is activated, so that the FFer can't keep them held indefinitely. What do you think about these adjustments? Then FF would have the following: The standard 4 Defense raising powers (Deflection, Insulation, Dispersion, and PFF) Three different powers that can do attack level damage (Force Bolt - Single Target, Repulsion Field - PBAoE, Repulsion Bomb - Targeted AoE) An "uber hold" - Detention Field, with perhaps some moderate DoT? The Gandalf Power - Force Bubble (YOU SHALL NOT PASS!) I think that would be quite something, and change the mix a bit. What say you?
  2. Not the same thing. Repulsion Field has a TINY radius of activation - basically, an enemy has to be on top of you and gets one free swipe before they are knocked back. Force Bubble in the other hand has a HUGE radius of activation around the FFer, that enemies can "push" through. Honestly, I haven't spent the time looking into the mechanics of how the Repel effect actually works. Maybe I should, since I now have access to the code. But from just the behavior I've noticed, it looks like some mobs have a repel resistance, so some can push through better than others. Some with the highest repel resistance can push through all the way to the FFer and get a swipe in. Then, as they are swiping, for some reason they lose their repel resistance as the swipe is happening, and they get pushed back again. It's an interesting effect, and I wish I understood it more. Either way, the two powers do NOT have the exact same effect. They have similar effects, but not the same, and they use two different mechanics to do it.
  3. A Defender with Personal Force Field can stand in a mob full of Freakshow Tanks swiping, and take no damage at all. 😛
  4. And it makes sense, because Absorb basically *IS* healing... it's just "preventative healing". The more we talk about it, the more I think Absorb doesn't make sense for FF. Now Defense Debuff protection, on the other hand...
  5. The "other layer" for me, was always the soft control. And in my extensive experience, It works pretty darn good. I suspect that most players that don't enjoy the force fields current playstyle are looking for something different... perhaps some sort of "passive buff-bot" that follows you around, buffs you and blasts? That's never how I played. I've always been in the thick of it, knocking enemies up and down and all around. It makes for a very dynamic playstyle.
  6. I suppose that'd be an option too, I guess. I think the evolution of the temperement of the devs showed though that they were starting to "give stuff away" to players more than they had in the past with each year - reducing requirements for power picks, reducing level requirements, etc. etc. I kind of doubt that they'd force the playerbase today to choose one power over another.
  7. Example, the Medicine pool (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Medicine). When it was started, it looked like this: Power Level Effect Aid Other 6 Close, Ally Heal Stimulant 6 Ranged, +Status Protection(Ally, PvE), +Status Resistance(Ally, PvP) Aid Self 14 Self, Heal, +Res(Stun) Resuscitate 20 Close, Resurrect(Ally) By Issue 24, it looked like this: Power Level Effect Aid Other 4 Close, Ally Heal Injection 4 Ranged, +Status Protection(Ally, PvE), +Status Resistance(Ally, PvP) OR -DMG(Foe, All), -Rech(Foe), -ToHit(Foe) Aid Self 14 Self, Heal, +Res(Stun), +EndGain(Synergy) Resuscitate 14 Close, Resurrect(Ally) Field Medic 14 Self, +Heal, -Res(Heal), Special THREE different powers to choose from at level 14, where before, there was just one. And ALL pool powers only used to have FOUR choices. They increased that for most if not all power pools to five choices. So, there's a precedent for powersets to have multiple choices at the same level.
  8. The personal jibe was inappropriate, you're right about that, and I apologize for it. However, post after post shows that you really don't LIKE the Force Fields set. You just... don't. Thus, I don't think that your opinion should be given much weight in any changes to the set. The opinions of those that enjoy the set as it is should be given greater weight. This opinion would be fine - as a new power that doesn't replace an existing power. We already have examples in the Power Pools of the Paragon Studios devs offering players a CHOICE of alternative powers to choose from other than the traditional powers. If you really want to "go nuts" with new power ideas, that'd be the route to go.
  9. If you want to free up a slot, merge Deflection and Insulation Shields into a single ally shield, and double the endurance cost. BAM! Free power slot to play with. Problem solved. Just leave my two VERY different powers alone and don't merge them.
  10. Yyyyyeah... Someone that doesn't even know the names of the powers PROBABLY shouldn't be one of the ones to guide the discussion of the changes to those powers.
  11. I personally don't get what the difference is between Absorb and Regen/Healing. I mean, if you allowed players to be "overhealed" and have that overhealing decay automatically... there'd be no practical difference. It really feels like Empathy's domain to me. Both powers essentially just increase your life meter.
  12. I can guarantee you that if they were liable, they'd make sure they had a say. Otherwise they'd dump the stock.
  13. I disagree, and I think you are misunderstanding how liability works. If you take away limited liability, then the OWNERS of the businesses are responsible for those decisions, not the workers. If limited liability was taken away, and a Domino's delivery driver, for example, hit someone and broke their leg, then the owners of the business would be financially liable, not the driver or their co-workers. Though, as per the law of the land, the driver could be held personally responsible for related criminal offenses, as the criminal offenses are related to the actual perpetrators. What I'm saying, in short, is that if Wal-mart lost limited liability, then if someone slips and trips and falls on their personal sidewalk, the Walton family would have to pay personally, rather than it coming out of the "corporate wallet". I think it would keep them more honest. Though, to your point, we should also be writing laws to prevent frivolous lawsuits, so that if a case is determined in the favor of the defendant, all court costs should go immediately to the plaintiff. That would deter those types of frivolous lawsuits. I think for one to happen, the other also has to happen at the same time. You have to make people responsible for their own lawsuits at the same time you make people responsible and sue-able for the actions of their companies.
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