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  1. Was there a recent change to nukes that I missed? Because my electrical nuke is now doing knock back, and I swear it's NEVER done knock back before...
  2. I'm doing it all solo, for concept. It's the principle of the thing. I don't want my Excelsior version of The Philotic Knight to team... EVER. I know it's weird, especially for an FF Defender, but I wanted to prove, at least to myself, that it's still totally viable as a solo hero, from level 1 to level 50+, all the way to "completing" the character with the highest tier Incarnate abilities. So far, it looks like I'm proving it just fine. But that won't work if I try to "cheat". I just needed a path to do it without teaming, I have no issues doing the work itself.
  3. Thanks everyone. I was trying to do the iTrials entirely for the merits to get the T4s, nothing to do with the trials themselves. I've got all six slots unlocked, and T3s in all of them, except I think I have two T4s by now, so I've got four T4s left to go. So I was looking for a way to "farm" the Empyrean Merits. It looks like that guide that @Omega-202 pointed to will solve that, as it points to the arc that @Ukase and others pointed to, so thanks for that everyone!
  4. Does anyone know if it's even possible to start an Incarnate Trial completely solo? Context: I've gotten my main up to Veteran Level 32, with ALL of my slots unlocked AND filled with tier 3 Incarnate abilities... COMPLETELLY SOLO. I wanted to test and see how hard it would be to do this on a FF/Elec Defender without EVER teaming with a single other person. Not only did I do it, I did it fairly easily. But, the trudge through getting those very rare tier 4 abilities has been very slow and painful, I think I've only got two of them so far, grinding through the Veteran Levels for Empyrian Merits. It'd be MUCH faster if I could solo iTrials, but I haven't figured out how to work the GUI to make that happen, if it's even possible! Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Screenshots would be awesome for the process... again, if it's even possible.
  5. The single best song I've ever heard to play on repeat while writing code. A perfect mix of chill music and dynamic music to help your mind focus for a bit, and then de-focus to rest, then focus again. Sometimes, I literally play this all day long on a loop when I have a project that I REALLY have to focus on: Emiliana Torrini - Wednesday's Child
  6. Dude, that was an old link from literally months ago. Try this one now: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/gameaccount/
  7. I disagree, at least for myself. When I signed up for City of Heroes, I signed up to play a HERO, working together with other heroes to fight against the evils of the world's villains. I never wanted PvP, and I have zero interest in it. I think I've stepped in a PvP zone maybe twice ever, and just out of curiosity. I'd rather play a cooperative game rather than a competitive game. There's enough tribalism in the world out there what with all the sportsballs and the wars and such, that to me, a cooperative game where you work WITH humans to fight AI, is a refreshing change of pace. I don't need to play against other humans for the sake of my ePeen. Though, of course, I understand that some other humans feel that need to be competitive with each other. In my opinion, that need should be squashed wherever possible as a relic of our caveman days.
  8. Thanks for tagging me, but I'll leave that to others. I have a lot on my plate right now, and not enough time to start in a new venture, as much as I'd like to. Time is the most precious commodity.
  9. How about we all focus on the game changes, instead of each other?
  10. Oops... Hmmm.... I wonder, could the HC team's coders perhaps do the same thing that happens with Laura Lockheart to Positron when someone gets this mission? I'm guessing that's "newer tech" that was never applied to the older missions.
  11. Wait wait, wait, did you just say the word "suffering" in a video game forum, and the word related to an action within a video game?
  12. @Leandro, wait, you mean you're all HUMAN??? Damn, and here I thought y'all were some kind of all seeing-all knowing computer gods. THANKS FOR RUINING THE ILLUSION DUDE! 😡 😡 😡
  13. On the other hand, it looks like he's got a pretty full life right now, and he seems pretty happy/chipper about it. So, maybe we shouldn't cry doom and get upset for someone who doesn't seem upset themselves.
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