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Fire Chief Badge

Blue Jay

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The progress bar is full: 100 Hellions, 100 fires extinguished. But it does not complete. I've tried changing alignment. I've tried continuing to fight fires and Hellions to infinity. The progress bar is so stuck, when you hover the mouse over it, it doesn't even show you the progress, like every other progress bar.

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The bar only shows Hellions defeated.  100 fires extinguished takes a very long time for most builds, but it is what you need to do.

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I got caught out with this one as well.


There's actually two progress bars, one for the hellions and one for the fires. I does state it at the bottom of each progress bar but I missed it and couldn't understand why it wasn't progressing. Then I spotted the fire bar and realised my mistake.


And yeah, takes a while to get the 100 fires done, usually multiple attempts to do it. Teaming with other heroes doing the fire helps though.

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Hi, just got awarded the Fire Chief badge so I now have all three, however the completion bar in the defeats section is still there and although it has a full blue line  it says 99% complete!

Thus also means that it is at the top of the “Nearest to Completion” section list.

Is this a known bug?



And eight hours later and after a log out and then back in seems to have sorted it all out, all the progress bars gone and lists tidied up.

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