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Update Skin Outfit Pieces


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I love a lot of the skin outfits but hate how most of them look painted on. We're limited to only a few select ones that have both versions like Heart, Angelic and a few others.


During live it seemed Cryptic / Paragon Studios started adding and updating the skin costume pieces to have versions with depth edging and a little more like clothing instead of the painted on look to them. With the community now being able to update and submit patterns, is there any intent to continue this?

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I concur.  There are also a lot of tops with skin and face textures that just look, well, "off";  They're either blurry, don't match up properly between the front and back halves, or have other oddities, like the color being off from other pieces using the exact same color selection(s)...

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also, i'd like a little more balance and expansion of the "with skin" options. easy one being the basic brief pattern on skin for males. the bare option is a little boxy. and there's lady pants with basically g-string thongs soooooo, i'd like there to be a little more balance. 🙂

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