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  1. Agreed. Wouldn't mind seeing something like this under the tight option, especially the 1 shouldered shirt..*eg below! https://dailym.ai/2k3qDrS
  2. New, updated costume sets. A one shouldered/asymmetrical costume set for instance. (See David Bowie in his glam days) Maybe a proper Ancient Egyptian set for women as well as men and more consistency between the two in shared accessories (why do I have to go all over just to get a belt for women, only to find out it's men only?) And hairstyles for both, again, updated. (You can never have too many hairstyles!) Why isn't there a proper option for men and women with curly hair other than the afro, for instance? Don't be afraid to pull from all eras (including the 20th century)!. Let's have some FUN! with Icon!
  3. From the Steven Universe Soundtrack:
  4. Could we have a one shoulder option in the costume creator for men and women, maybe under tights like the Cybertech shirts are? I have a character named Cold Shoulder whose shoulders aren't cold because of this omission, you see... I know this might result in Tarzan and George of the Jungle clones, but it would really be cool to see. And yes, it is club wear for women already in real life.... So..please? I promise not to beg for Han Solo and Tina Turner hair this month if you put it in..... (for this request, I am not including togas, which are loose on the shoulders. I am wanting tight, like a lot of the skin tight options.)
  5. A few of my characters, that wound up in the novel I am writing, are reboots, technically, rather than attempt to continue half forgotten storylines. I picked up their stories a couple of months after I finished the establishing storyline in my novel (Needing to write more before I try to set it loose on Amazon.) I explain their presence here as they also commute via portals as needed (one of their number is a mage) from their current home base...which is how a couple of them are currently in an academy for those who are learning to use their powers. (I am helping my husband with his SG group). Another toon is a total reboot from the last time around on Live. Still another was on the drawing board when Live was shuttered, and I am now playing him from time to time. I really need to bug the devs though for a costume part. It's hard to play a toon named Cold Shoulder when you can't find a shirt that would cover only one shoulder for men. Only one character has carried over from Live with her story more or less intact and not rebooted, and that is partly because she is a time/dimensional traveler. Picked her storyline up after her husband on Live passed on (although if his player shows up, things are gonna get really wibbly wobbly and timey wimey really fast...)
  6. Thank you for posting this. Now I have all the instructions in one place if anyone asks me about CoH Homecoming.
  7. I would like to suggest a one shouldered shirt option for men. And a way to choose which shoulder is bared on the one shouldered shirt. Come on, who hasn't wanted to be Tarzan or a muscleman?
  8. Oryo

    Virtue Roll Call!

    After much consideration (and making posts in the CoH group in Facebook)...going to risk crashing the server and admitting that I am here and have rerolled the following toons.. Starting with Oryo- because no one villianside is sitting on the name I really wanted now..http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Oryo_Ryou (Oh yeah, total reboot for her...got no plans to roll up her 'sister' at this point. Also, got a boyfriend in this version so lay off, ERPers.... Then, Mellissandria- Probably not a reboot at this point. Since she is continuing from Virtue, she is still married. (Sorrynotsorry!) http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Mellissandria And Purple Paladin (Mystik Paladin on Virtue) Another case of finally getting the name I wanted to start with, because someone on Virtue sat on it.. http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Mystik_Paladin (Like Oryo, he's a reboot of the original version. In this timeline, he and Oryo were raised near Paragon City) (Got a headache yet? /evil grin) There will be no Kami Megami (my original main and the original Oryo's kid sister in the Virtueverse for now). If I do play her- she will be a TOTAL reboot from her Virtueverse entry as she was intended to be a background character who went far from her original storyline..(her entry if you are interested..she is the only one who had a beginning and end..http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Kami_Megami)
  9. Thank you for bringing CoX back...it has been a joy playing the new architype (I think it's called Guardian or something like it) today...when I could get in. I look forward to a more stable server. Or Three. Or Four.:) (hint hint)
  10. There is a flow chart doing the rounds somewhere but the game uses a MS SQL server and a dbserver daemon/helper process that interfaces with various other processes - auth, account and the map servers which can spawn multiple instances. Short of significant rewrites I'm not sure much can be done past a certain point to manage performance other than split up the community into multiple discrete servers. I'm not an expert, but after getting kicked off the map about ten or twenty times total today (and we won't even get into logging into the game itself..) may be time to get a second server and call that Atlas or something.
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