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  1. Took a screenshot earlier because i started leveling up a Blaster with Ninja Training this weekend and noticed that unlike my Ninjutsu Scrapper my Blaster wasn't moving faster despite the power description saying they should.
  2. On Tankers the Titan Weapons taunt has no sound effects.
  3. Was playing CoH yesterday, but needed to reinstall Windows 10 Pro and CoH after building a new system, so i installed Tequila and CoH to the (new) D:/Games directory, ran all the patching, clicked Play and received a "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." error message. Revalidating didn't help, nor did deleting tequila.XML and tequilalog.XML and revalidating again. Edit 1: Set Tequila to run as administrator and now the error message is "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the
  4. Howling Twilight doesn't need any accuracy since it's an autohit power. Personally i always focus on recharge since it's an amazing debuff, especially against AVs and GMs.
  5. Another minor bug is that the Peacebringer version of Hover, Combat Flight, uses the Fly animations instead of the hover animations. It's also a long-standing bug from live, so not holding my breath on this one.
  6. Managed to do make it for the first time in months, but then i know a lot of people have bigger financial concerns right now, so i had less competition.
  7. Having been playing a Peacebringer recently i noticed that Combat Flight, the Peacebringer Hover clone, still uses the old Fly animations instead of the Hover animations. Admittedly this is not a significant issue since Peacebringers can now take the Flight pool, but then i would have to give up the power effects.
  8. Just checked on live and VEAT leadership powers show 1.5s vs. 3.67s for the pool powers, so you are correct.
  9. Found a name error for a recipe earlier.
  10. Participated in well over a hundred Hami raids from the days of Yellow Dawn to shutdown and even at a zone cap of 50 it was never that hard with coordinated leadership. The last year or so before shutdown it was common to run two raids a night and the Zerg Through The Blooms strat was used fairly often in the last year in open to the server raids on Virtue. It did require a fair number of people to invest in temp powers, but it wasn't expecially difficult. Personally i'm hoping to have time for a couple raids this week, but we'll see.
  11. Currently the Warshade default appearance resistance shields completely obscure the Fireflies aura eye glow effect on my Warshade. You can see the glow from sides but not from the front of the character model. This is with a fairly short female character, i haven't tested this with other sizes and genders yet. Not exactly a major bug, true.
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