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  1. Poison's massive -to hit debuffs are dependent on being right next to your enemy. Any ranged mez that hits you breaks the Venomous Gas toggle, then everything in melee range murders you. Getting soft capped defense on a Poison Defender isn't easy, IMO, and if you could, what are sacrificing in order to do so? Inspirations run out. And if you have to wait until you get TWO incarnate powers for mez protection to utilize the later end of your primary's kit in Poison Trap and Venomous Gas then your kit just sucks from the mid game until very late game. I'm fine
  2. In regards to the changes Rune of Protection, all I have to say is please take a look at Poison now sooner please. Being able to cycle between Melee Hybrid and RoP made Poison’s play style playable. Venomous Gas can be turned off from enemy mezzes and requires the player to be in melee range as well as Poison Trap, on a squishy AT.
  3. I think I said in one of the Regen suggestion threads, but if I could make minor tweaks to Regen it would be to add debuff resistances somewhere in the powerset to -Regen and -Recovery. Also, maybe lowering the recharge time to 600 seconds for Instant Healing to bring it in line with a similar power, Rune of Protection’s recharge time.
  4. Oh thanks! I found them online pretty easily. I only saw the first four growing up.
  5. I loved those four anime music videos when as a teenager.
  6. I just simply think more endgame, incarnate level content, that also expands on the in-game story and lore is what most of us want. As new content was added on live, your hero or villain needed to get stronger to match the challenge of that new content. So I think innately, those concepts go hand in hand... for endgame content. So I would say, making new, more challenging content would be better then trying to add a "hard mode" for existing content. (Now I realize time and resources probably make that hard to accomplish, so I don't blame you if that isn't feasible. I get it.) This
  7. For enhancement boosters it would be nice to have the option to apply them in either +1 amounts and in +5.
  8. I am curious and I might be misremembering... are IO enhancement procs changing at some point? It could be interesting with the interactions with psuedo-pets like Dark Servant and Thunder Storm. I'd love to see Venomous Gas changed completely. I'm not a fan of a toggle aura that draws aggro on a squishy archetype, it just gets me killed. I was thinking rework into a team-wide or short ranger AoE Toxin damage buff, something similar to Toxins in Plant Manipulation. Or a Tar Patch effect that also does Toxin DoT. I don't see many Force Field users. So I doubt just changin
  9. I've noticed instances where my Katana/Regeneration Brute has zero regen from enemy debuffs and you also can be very vulnerable to recovery debuffs or endurance drains even with Quick Recovery and Stamina, while running only a few toggles. The thing I personally want to see, is some regen and recovery debuff resistances added somewhere in the kit for Regeneration. I'm ok with the downtime periods between Instant Healing and MoG, but seeing your main defensive statistic drop literally to zero or not having enough endurance to cast Reconstruction feels bad. I personally don't like Re
  10. As far off as the powerset discussion goes, I’m holding off on that subject until there’s more info. But the general statement that some powersets need love because they don’t see a lot of play is something I agree with. As far the Proc’s and PPM discussion goes I’m not too soon concerned about the damage numbers, but I would love to see some reworks and visual updates to how proc’s work when they trigger. Damage proc’s just show more damage numbers above the enemy and I would love to see actual animations specific to each set. Like for example: Mako’s Bite would trigge
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