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  1. Warhawk, I generally play at +4/x8, I only see one or two runners from groups. Not sure why you're seeing more.
  2. If they aggro'd other enemies when they came back, I'd hate the running mechanic. As it is, you can either wait for them to run back, or start in on the next group because one nearly-dead npc isn't going to make a difference.
  3. Clearly, we need change to Rage into a toggle, so we can always have it on. Change the name to Angry or something. It'll be our secret.
  4. Well, worst case scenario they just have to keep popping up new servers. As it is, if the HC negotiations are indeed the thing that kept NCSoft from sending out C&Ds in the first place, those servers got a nice benefit there. Gave them time to solidify as communities to survive any attempts at purging.
  5. Q: What is the most common type of arrest an Illusion-based superhero makes? A: Cardiac.
  6. If that's what they wanted before pulling the trigger, they could have done so already. Homecoming is the vast, vast majority of the CoH revival population. Like, we're talking 95%+ of the total player count. It's not going to get much better a target than that. I mean, unless you think they won't go for it until 100% of the pop is on Homecoming, in which case rest easy! Because it'll never happen.
  7. A. Player count is publicly available information. B. Server info is found out when sending the C&D letter, as already pointed out. C. What on God's green earth makes you think that information was ever on the table? Hell, we don't even know HOW the code got leaked, and I don't know that the HC admins have that information either. And why bother? Because it wastes a LOT less time. A C&D is over in a matter of weeks, it's been months. Why would NCSoft get information they could legally obtain through faster methods through a long and drawn out fake negotiation? None of what you're saying makes any sense whatsoever.
  8. A. I mean, the secret server ran for 7 years, I see no reason why Homecoming wouldn't be around in another 7. And sure, the pop will decline, but all that means is that they'll roll shards together. Even 1/10 the pop would be a decent size for a single shard. B. Obviously, NCSoft isn't exactly foaming at the mouth to take legal action, or these negotiations wouldn't be happening in the first place. The very idea that NCSoft was somehow unaware of or content to ignore private servers like Homecoming is the real foolishness. NCSoft have proven more than willing to go after private servers of other games in the past, no reason to assume CoH would somehow be any different. So, the HC team took the initiative to make an offer that obviously interested NCSoft, which is why the sever is still up despite 4 months of news articles in the gaming press drawing everyone's attention to it. If you think NCSoft got anything they couldn't have gotten legally of their own volition, the only naive one here is you.
  9. A. What do you call a supergroup that has Captain Plasma, Liquid Lad, Solid Soldier, and Gas Guy in it? B. The Statesmen!
  10. Interesting viewpoint! I'd debate a couple of points, though. 1. The Rikti situation was a complicated one. It may have been that only Galaxy Girl was in a position to help without just being instantly cut down. As she had been in retirement up till this point, Statesman may not have known of her being in a position to help, or even that she was in the fight. Recall that "chaotic" is a term frequently used to describe that first desperate battle. Overall, the fact that Statesman was unwilling to (as he saw it from his position) throw away the lives of the heros he was leading in a personal bid to save his daughter actually compliments his character instead of tarnishing it. 2. Delving into genetic manipulation is an extremely controversial subject even in the best of times, and when you're talking about the kinds of powers metas can have, it's not surprising that people are hesitant to open that can of worms. As for his "world control," Statesman is not Tyrant. He doesn't rule anyone, and he doesn't levy consequences against people or organizations for merely disagreeing with him. Finally, none of that is an excuse for becoming what Vahzilok became. He was already unstable, and the death of his father tipped him over the edge. 3. Blue Steel is most closely associated with the PPD, not the Freedom Phalanx. If anyone was giving him a pass, it was his buddies on the force. Not surprising, given that the Clockwork had already killed some police officers at that point. Doesn't make it right, but also not really fair to dump at Statesman's feet. 4. Statesman WAS definately too confident in his abilities at the point when he died. Surviving a tactical nuke to the face (and 70+ years of fighting crime, supervillains, and aliens) will do that to you. However, trying to handle a threat alone doesn't make him not a hero. If anything, it shows he was trying to protect others by not getting them involved. Still not a great trait to have, but not uncommon among heroes, either.
  11. SG Name: Paragon Hero Academy RP/RP Friendly: Heavy RP Theme/Era: Superhero College Redside/Blueside: Blue Recruitment Message: Paragon City is a dangerous place, even for experienced heroes. For those just starting on their journey as a protector of innocents, their first mistake might be their last. To learn what a hero needs to know about heroing, these rookie heroes find themselves at the Paragon Hero Academy! PHA offers a wonderful selection of courses ranging from the technological to the mystical, and everything in between! Students are offered on-campus housing and internship opportunities to help them settle into the heroing life, while a highly well equipped medical clinic tends to the various injuries and illnesses that befall the city's protectors in the field. A simulator provides the means for training those whose ink on their hero license is still drying, while those with more training and confidence participate in student patrols to keep Paragon safe! If you're looking to learn what it means to be a hero, sign up for classes today via our Discord! https://discord.gg/hzBMBZV ((Heavy RP SG with a focus on hero school RP, regular events and many other students to interact with! Staff applications are currently closed, but if you're interested submit the appropriate app and we'll take a look when we open that portion of recruitment again!))
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