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  1. I'm shocked I did not post here yet. I was Glad-somethingoranother on Justice. After the first year of the game I joined the Tempest Legion and stayed with them until the end. GladBurn GladHand GladStrike Gladness Gladicus GladStone GladFire Gladsicle Gladfury Amongst others! Been playing on Excelsior since April 2019, I have 6 50 (+3)s and am working on others... Add @Gladness to your friends list if you remember me.
  3. This is GladDog here, glad to see you again! I was one of the forum watchdogs at DCUO source as well as doing a couple of podcasts. I stayed with them all the way until the snap... :( I'm also playing on Excelsior with Legends. Add @Gladness to your friends list!
  4. I did not say not to suggest. I said to realize that a new powerset or a new AT or some-such is not something that is likely to happen soon, if at all. Suggesting a tweak is something that may happen quickly. I have suggested that they change the order of the powers in the epic pools Energy Mastery and Body Mastery so that Physical Perfection is Tier 1, moving Focused Accuracy to Tier 2. Because this is something that (I assume - not sure since I am not a programmer) should be easy to implement. I try to keep my suggestions simple, so that the devs may actually consider doing them.
  5. The dev team is for the most part, if not completely, unpaid and doing this stuff part time. It may take a year for a new powerset to be developed and tested. Not to say that you can't suggest away, but suggestions that are small adjustments to powers are much more likely to be done that a new AT or even a new powerset. Earlier I suggested playable Rikti. The only reason I suggested that is because Paragon Studios was considering doing this, and there may have been a significant amount of coding already finished. There are a number of powersets I would suggest, but I hardly feel like wasting my time doing something that will likely never see the light of day. So keep those guys in mind when you suggest things! Or if you have some coding experience, maybe try to make that powerset and let the dev team balance it out if they think it is worth their time. That would be far more likely to be finished and put in the game than 'A Dust Mastery powerset would ROCK!' type suggestions.
  6. Jack's initial proposal for City of Heroes was for everyone to go into missions wearing power armor. As they got damaged the armor would be less and less effective until the hero needed to abandon it. Once he realized the ridiculous amount of work he was making for himself and his team, he gave up on the idea. Also, this introduced gear into the game, and he was loathe to do so, since he was trying to make a game that was not gear-dependent. This was all the way back in early 2001.
  7. My main is a Dark/ Dark Scrapper, and it is normal to run with Cloak of Darkness on. Stealth, + def, + perception, +res immobilize. It is really annoying to have to turn off one of your primary advantages to get the hostage to the door.
  8. By the way, I do want to mention that power creep can be a devastating problem. Back in Issue 2 of the live game, Fire tanks used Healing Flames for Stun & Sleep resist, Burn for Hold and Immobilize resist, And mostly they took Acrobatics for KB resist. The only AoE taunt was Provoke, which cost 2 powers from a power pool that was needed for no other power. The reward for all of the micromanaging required to properly play a Fire Tank was the highest DPS available - by far - to a tank. And there was a lot of micromanaging. Then in Issue 3 The following changes occurred. Taunt became an AoE - no need to take the Presence Pool, a boon for all tanks. All mez resist except KB (none) and Disorient (put in Fire Shield) was moved to Plasma Armor. Burn damage was slightly attenuated, but the recycle rate was improved. Healing flames had the heal improved, stacking Toxic resistance added, and still had the Disorient resistance in it (I don't think this was intentional). Now, Fire Tanks were easy mode. About 1 in 4 new characters was a Fire Tank. But all of us old fogey Fire Tankers knew it was only a matter of time before the nerf hammer fell. And it fell hard, basically ruining the class. They increased the fear in Burn to the point that even with two tanks taunting, the bad guys would not stay in the patch. With the only real reason to take a Fire Tank removed, they disappeared off of the face of Paragon City. So yeah, any power increase must be CAREFULLY measured, and usually there has to be some sort of counter to keep the increase from ruining everything.
  9. First off, I agree that this is a good idea. Second off, the OP has made a pair of pools that have too much power. Third off, keep in mind that the Homecoming team is for the most part (maybe completely; IDK) unpaid. Any suggestions that has a chance of being put in the game has to be simple. Perhaps this would be a better implementation... FIGHTING T1 - Boxing, Kick T2 - Air Superiority, Hurl (some form of ranged attack should be added to the pool) T3 - Crosscut All of these powers exist in-game. T1 & T3 are already in the Fighting pool. The T2 powers would need to be renamed, and Hurl would likely require a little balancing. SURVVABILITY T1 - Insulation - same as Invul/ Resist Elements with 5.2% (6.5% for tanks) resistance EM Shield - same as Invul Resist Energies with 5.2% (6.5% for tanks) resistance T2 - Tough, Weave T3 - Siphon Life from the Dark Melee set, but with damage and healing scaled down. BTW, how does Weave soft cap defenses? AFAIK, it is a whopping 3.75% defense to all damage. And it is an expensive toggle at .32 end per sec.
  10. Boxing has very good DpA, especially compared to powers like Jab and Barrage. I think that they should have separate pools. Fighting (melee + 1 ranged) and Survivabilty. Fighting Tier 1 - Boxing, Air Superirority Tier 2 - Flurry, Leg Sweep Tier 3 - Spring Attack or possibly Hurl Survivabilty Tier 1 - Resist Elements ( passive 6.5% or 5.4% resistance to Fire, Ice and Toxic) Resist Energies (passive 6.5% or 5.4% resistance to energy, negative energy and psionic) Tier 2 - Tough, Weave Tier 3 - Something similar to Rune of Protection
  11. Suggestion 1; Change the order in the Epic Power Pool Energy Mastery/ Body Mastery. Tier 1 = Conserve Power, Physical Perfection. Tier 2 = Focused Accuracy, Laser Beam Eyes. Tier 3 = Energy Torrent. Suggestion 2; Make the Incarnate/ Hybrid core into a true toggle and take away the timer. If the end cost needs to go up, so be it.
  12. Rikti have a lot of animations, which translates well to fun player characters. I have ideas for 4 classes of Rikti - Soldier (in-between tank and scrapper), Mentalist (more or less a Dominator), Guardian (Blend of FF and Rad defender), Communications Officer (Mastermind). I've put together profiles for all of them, but the only one that I feel is finished enough to post is the Soldier. Racial Attributes - Hive Mind - can activate to dramatically increase perception as well as locating and identifying any Rikti in the area. Bonus of 10% damage vs other Rikti, but take an additional 10% damage from other Rikti. This bonus and penalty applies in PvP as well. Rikti Soldier – This is a Rikti warrior. While they have ranged abilities, they prefer to fight up close and personal. They are equipped with a Broadsword that also has the ability to cast ranged energy attacks. All melee attacks are lethal + energy damage. All ranged attacks are smashing + energy damage. ----------------------------------------------- Primary Power set – Power Sword 1 – Rikti Hack – a quick strike with the sword. Low damage, fast recycle, single target. 2 – Rikti Pulse – a ranged single target attack with moderate range, moderate damage and a fast recycle with a low chance to stun the target. 3 – Rikti Slash – a much more powerful single target melee blow that delivers high damage and has a moderate recycle. This attack has a chance to knock down the target. 4 – Confront – using a universal translator, the Soldier insults the target’s mother’s fashion sense. No damage or endurance use, short range and moderate recycle. If the character slots a Taunt enhancement, it acts like a Tanker’s taunt. 5 – Rikti Pulse Burst – same as Pulse but fires several shots in a quick burst that is in a narrow cone shaped attack. This attack can strike up to 5 targets in the cone and has a moderate chance to stun. Short range and long recycle. 6 – Rikti Focus – same as Buildup. 7 – Rikti Sword Circle – The sword is swung in a big circle, a PBAoE melee attack. Moderate damage, slow recycle, and a moderate chance to knock down any target it hits. 8 – Rikti Vorpal Strike – An extreme damage melee attack that has a high chance to stun and knock down. This attack has a long activation, is on a long recycle and has double the chance for a critical hit. 9 – Rikti Nova Strike – Drives the blade into the ground and causes an overload, releasing a PBAoE attack of energy damage. Extreme damage, melee range, very long recycle, a moderate chance to stun and a high chance to knock down. After using Nova Strike, it is 30 seconds before the user can use a ranged attack, and for 30 seconds all melee attacks have their damage reduced 20%. ----------------------------------------------- Secondary Power Set – Advanced Rikti Armor 1 – Metal Carapace – Rikti armor gives resistance to all types of damage and contains medical nanobots that repair any damage. The passive power gives a low level of damage resistance to all types of damage and a small increase to regen rate. 2 – Enhanced Nanobots – a toggle power that raises the regeneration rate for the soldier, to keep them in the fight. This power also activates sensors around the Soldier, giving a small boost to defense as well as a perception increase. 3 – Parry – A click power that has a good chance to block any attacks that occur over the next 10 seconds, a moderate increase to defense. This also greatly improves accuracy for 10 seconds. 4 – Environmental Shields – a toggle power that gives resistance to hold, immobilization, sleep, knockback and stun effects. This power also gives a large amount of Energy resistance and will act as a taunt field if a taunt enhancement is added. 5 – Hive Mind Awareness – A toggle power that allows the Soldier to access the Rikti Hive Mind, Allowing him to anticipate and reduce the effectiveness of attacks, giving ranged defense as well as a good level of resistance to smash, lethal and energy attacks, and a fair amount of resistance to fire, cold, and negative energy attacks. 6 – Reactive Armor – A click power. Sacrificial plates are attached to the armor of the Rikti Soldier, and absorb damage until they deplete. Long recycle. 7 – Fatal Energy – this passive power adds a damage component to Environmental Shield. 8 – Superior Nanobots – This is a click power that acts as a HoT for about 10 seconds. Very long timer. 9 – Neuro-muscular Enhancement – The Rikti Soldier is empowered with energy within himself. For 240 seconds, he has greatly improved damage resistance, a tremendous increase in regeneration and recovery, and a damage bonus. At the end of this time cycle, the Rikti loses all endurance and has his health reduced to 25% of maximum.
  13. Manufacturer: XFX Model: Wraith RX480 Operating System and version: Win10-64 Home Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes Optional info you like: Driver Version: Driver Packaging Version 2019 Monitor Resolution: 1080p Multi-monitor?: no Graphics Preset Used: Ultra at max Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Game is smooth as silk - I usually play 64 bit with no problems.
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