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  1. What was the point of increasing the target cap for Foot Stomp and Hand Clap while leaving their radii alone? These changes are extremely watered down from the first pass, and even then they felt insufficient to address the gaps between Tanker and Brute performance at endgame. What's the point of being forced to take useless T1 powers now like Jab, without Bruising?
  2. Only reason they'll not notice it's missing is because the amount of -Res it provides is so low that it can only really be appreciated while soloing, but I think an opportunity was missed to augment the team support capability of Tankers by buffing Bruising. Why shouldn't they be a force multiplier like Defenders if Tankers and Defenders are both designed for team play?
  3. If your characters have 90% damage resistance and a 5% chance to be hit, you shouldn't be worried about their HP. If they don't have both of those things, then you're cherry-picking my post. 45% defense (or 65% for Incarnate content) isn't enough to make you invincible, but combined with capped resistance it is. Extra HP is just padding out your stats at that point. It's silly to harp on HP as the defining advantage Tankers have over Brutes when other stats diminish the actual effectiveness of that sole advantage. If you're hitting harder than a Tanker and not taking any appreciable level of increased damage in return, you're objectively better than a Tanker in any way that really matters. Buffing AoE is a good start, but eliminating Bruising in favor of a purely selfish damage increase doesn't make a Tanker more attractive in a group setting. And the buffs to support abilities like the Leadership pool are negligible, especially considering you'll find Leadership buffs more commonly used by ATs that aren't Tankers. Using my own builds as an example, I have a Dominator that runs all 3 toggles plus Vengeance. My Tanker can't fit anything past Maneuvers in his build.
  4. I fail to see the relevance of increased hit points when a Tanker and Brute have both achieved def/res caps and the Brute deals more damage. HP is basically irrelevant if you're only getting hit 5% of the time and resisting 90% of the hits you do take. Barring extreme edge cases like Hamidon where your defensive stats are purposefully invalidated, the Brute will consistently outperform the Tanker at their stated group role. The fact remains that Brutes and Tankers were never balanced to coexist. Homecoming has inadvertently shone a bright light on these imbalances because of how much easier it is to put together top-tier builds here than it ever was on Live. Just buffing Tanker AoE and calling it a day isn't going to fix the problem.
  5. Hopefully the individual Tanker sets will be reviewed quickly after this patch goes live. I'm still not happy about Bruising being gone, but the AoE buffs will be nice. I just liked the thematic feel of Bruising and feel like it could have been buffed to increase the team support capability of Tankers. It doesn't seem like these changes are enough to fully close the gap between Tankers and Brutes. Brutes will still do more damage against single targets while retaining equivalent defenses to Tankers. Playing Super Strength just feels very...not super. I don't like dealing with the debuffs attached to Rage, so I removed it from my build, but without it the set may as well be called Impotent Nerd Rage. And Hurl's interaction with flight powers is still broken. It should be able to be used while flying at surface height, like Foot Stomp and Mighty Judgment.
  6. Any idea when the next round of changes will hit beta? It's been a month but it seems like all that's happened in all that time is the reversion of the change that allowed for Rage crashes to be avoided. Plus the removal of Bruising and the extra endurance for Tankers.
  7. Scrappers do not need Taunt powers at all. They are not intended to soak damage, otherwise they'd have higher resistance caps. They're just not intended to be squishy, either.
  8. I don't think we need a Superman/Cyclops-themed EAT, but otherwise I agree with you. I personally don't want eye beams, I just want to play a flying tank with super strength that doesn't need Rage to obliterate his enemies, and can be built to laugh in the face of all damage types. My current build is indestructible and can even hit the flight speed cap, but he hits like a wet noodle because I took out Rage for the sake of convenience. It really feels bad to have all my DPS wrapped up in one super inconvenient power.
  9. By this logic it seems there's very little we can be permitted to do in order to fix the problem of Super Strength being designed around Rage, I think "violating the cottage rule" would realistically involve actually breaking the theme of Super Strength and what the powers do, whereas changing the way Rage interacts with the set doesn't actually constitute such a violation. The old devs also acknowledged the cottage rule could be broken if it was necessary, and it's not like they were infallible.
  10. Making Hurl better is still not going to fix the fact that Rage is a required power, whereas Build Up is not required in every other set. Build Up is more of a "limit break" power that you only take if you want it. Single-stack perma-Rage is required to make Super Strength deal respectable damage. I don't want to take Rage. I don't like the crashes associated with it, particularly the damage crash. I don't want to micro-manage it at one stack just to perform adequately once these changes go live, to ignore the crash effects. Building Super Strength around its own special version of Build Up was a mistake, but the people who love stacking it twice and even three times are shouting "but muh cottage rule" and insisting we cannot change Rage in any way, beyond what's already been done. The proposed changes don't feel good to use. As far as I'm concerned it's just an incomplete fix. Rage and the set as a whole need to be looked at.
  11. So what exactly are we allowed to change about SS then, Vanden? With Bruising gone, Jab is now a complete waste of a slot that we're forced to take on Tankers, and Rage is a pain in the neck to run perma-single-stacked, but SS as a set only gets competitive damage when you run it with double-stacked Rage. So in order to maximize uptime on double-stacked Rage, we have to take Hasten. As @Demon Shellreported, that requires taking a huge endurance drain, averaging -35 endurance per minute.without even counting the drain from toggles or an attack chain. And even with the awesome power of double-stacked Rage, we then have to put up with 10 seconds of being de-powered and only being able to fire off Judgment if we want to deal any appreciable damage. Some part of the most holy and sacrosanct "cottage rule" will have to be bent or broken to fix the problems Super Strength has. There's no other way around it. SS is completely shackled to Rage, so Rage has to change in some way so that the rest of the set can be reworked to be more competitive with newer damage powersets.
  12. Another thing you're forgetting is that without Rage, the numbers for SS don't really equal the numbers for sets that only have Build Up. The powerset was balanced around having Rage up nearly all the time at one stack. Build Up is a very bursty power, so the sets that include it are designed to account for the fact that Build Up is not up all the time, and therefore not an essential part of their damage output. This is the problem that I think needs to be addressed. I don't think IO sets were ever accounted for when the devs looked at Super Strength balancing back in the day. The power was not likely meant to be perma-double-stacked or even triple-stacked. It becomes imbalanced at those levels but not so much before that double-stacking threshold. That's why I personally think Super Strength needs a rework, not just to improve the functionality of its attacks, but to change the way Rage is balanced. Of course, suggesting that anything be changed from the way it was on Live will invariably bring the "cottage rule" people out of the woodwork. But I really like Shadowsleuth's ideas for improving the attacks in SS. Giving Haymaker a cone and putting a debuff on Hand Clap are great suggestions. Though IIRC Hand Clap already has a stun, so maybe the magnitude could just be increased to make it a more useful form of CC? I still think removing Bruising was a mistake and that Tankers should just inherently apply a -Res debuff to all their attacks, but that's just me. Also, while this seems like it might be more of an oversight than an actual rework component, it would be nice if Hurl followed the same rules as other "ground attacks" like Foot Stomp or Mighty Judgment. Both of those powers work while a flying power is toggled on, as long as you're at ground level. Hurl doesn't though, and it's a pain to turn off Hover (a thematic defense toggle for many builds) just to use my only ranged attack.
  13. Fair enough. My point about Cross Punch still stands. I was saying Super Strength is not getting as much benefit out of the Tanker changes to AoE powers, because it only has one damaging AoE and no cones or other area attacks like several other Tanker secondaries do. Telling people "just take Cross Punch" is not a great solution when most people aren't going further than 3 powers into the Fighting power pool.
  14. It's balancing the entire set around double and triple stacking that's causing so much of the grief over these proposed changes, though. It was already a mistake to build the set around Rage when so many other sets get by without a constant buff power to account for. Build Up is optional for so many builds because you can't have 100% uptime on it, but because you can have perma-Rage and stack it, the entire set has to be balanced around the assumption that it will be built for perma at the very least. It'd be like if Hasten was part of a powerset instead of a pool power, you'd be expected to take it and build around it. No other damage sets are built with something like Rage that needs to be up all the time to have parity with other sets.
  15. Cross Punch is a pool power, and a fairly deep one at that. Not many people are going to build with it. Also, you're going to compare Rage to Fury when Brutes with Fury can take Rage in SS? And 2x Rage at that? Double Rage is not worth the damage crash, and it's rather disingenuous to call Tankers and Brutes "even" by comparing 2x Rage on a Tanker to a Brute that doesn't have it, seeing as how SS Brutes are fairly common, and the only reason it's not the most popular set is because Spines/Fire farmers exist.
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