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  1. Got a build file for it? I'd be very curious to see how you've slotted everything. I can only get about halfway there with my Inv/SS.
  2. I'd really like to see Super Strength get a balance pass of some kind. Thematically it's supposed to be incredibly powerful, but in practice it's one of the worst melee sets to actually play. I'm not saying it should be the best set ever, but it should be better than it is. The damage crash on Rage makes me feel like the Hulk turning back into puny Banner, and that's not what I picked the set for. Makes me want to rename the button to "Impotent Nerd Rage." It also continues to vex me that Foot Stomp works while flying (at ground level) but Hurl doesn't. I'd wager the majority of characters
  3. Is this an Invuln/Staff tank or something? How'd you do this?
  4. Just thought I would post Version 2.3.3 of my main's build. It may be of use to someone looking for a build that fulfills the "flying brick" power fantasy popularized by characters like Superman and other iconic superheroes. I've managed to achieve perma-Rage without Hasten, though it can also get about 19 seconds of double-Rage, which is pretty good. I've also balanced out the defenses and resistances, rather than only focusing on one or the other. I've posted the totals breakdown below, showing baseline performance with only one stack of Invincibility. It is lacking in any form of range
  5. Would you mind posting a build file? If not here, maybe on the Tanker board?
  6. I'd just like to see a build file because even with 10 stacks of Invincibility, I can't go that high. It won't boost positional defenses. And even if you could stack Invincibility infinitely, it won't give you +Res. I can play the game with figurative god mode, this is literal god mode. Either @America's Angel has the greatest Invuln build in the universe, or these numbers are fudged. Unless she's sacrificed all her damage output to achieve this, I don't know.
  7. Can I ask how you achieved such complete and total def/res cap uptime? I've never been able to achieve anything close to this on my Invuln/SS.
  8. Happy with these changes. The only other thing I'd like to have is a customization setting in the Tailor that tells Fly to override Hover's animation, but I'm guessing that's not possible because of whatever's in the code. I appreciate that we will have the option to remove Hover's "Magneto flight" animation, but I like having it on when I'm only using Hover. It suits the lower speed really well. I could keep toggling between the two as we currently do on Live, but I like having the extra flight control. I never missed it before because on Live I always have Afterburner toggled on outside of c
  9. I'm not complaining about the new Afterburner. The old AB made you go faster and so does the new one, even if I have gripes with the new cooldown it has. EvMa has very limited use inside combat and basically none outside. Anyone already using Combat Jumping and Hover for set bonuses won't get much out of EvMa at all. Live Afterburner has a use in every build, it makes you go significantly faster. EvMa is less universally effective because many builds will already have the benefits it provides and won't need to stack them with EvMa for that much extra benefit. At a certain point the mag is just
  10. Not really what I'm getting at. It just seems like EvMa is far less useful than the power it's replacing, aside from retaining slotting.
  11. It honestly feels like EvMa is struggling to justify its existence after the reasons most people spent a power slot on Afterburner have been pruned away into the new bonus Afterburner power. What good is bonus defense that only works outside of combat? What good is flight control when Hover already provides it, especially since we can now toggle Fly and Hover simultaneously?
  12. Can I just ask what you use Unstoppable for? You can more or less achieve the effect of perma-Unstoppable's mitigation through IO sets without ever having to actually take the power. Maybe not actually 70% resistance to everything plus capped S/L resistance, but with the right IO slotting you have enough defenses that 50-60% resists are plenty.
  13. It'd really be preferable to be able to hit the speed cap with Fly just by slotting a 50+5 +FlySpeed IO in Swift and Fly. I would hope the same was true for Super Speed and Super Jump, using Swift and Hurdle, respectively.
  14. I think the time to make this change was when they opened up the AT alignment restrictions, because Brutes in particular really overshadowed Tankers but were needed on Villain teams where Tankers couldn't go. Now, it would kill the community.
  15. This is satire, right? The title? Intentionally proposing suggestions that will draw the ire of most of the community?
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