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  1. Those are disingenuous arguments and you know it. Pets and Masterminds are far more integral to each other than Rage is to Super Strength. Momentum in Titan Weapons is not a separate power that has to be micro-managed, it's a built-in mechanic. Build Momentum itself has far more in common with Build Up, but outside of that, Momentum is more like a proc.
  2. Because a lot of people have good ideas for how it could work a lot better than it currently does. You seem to hold the mentality that change is bad on principle. To quote Shuri, "just because something works, does not mean it cannot be improved."
  3. So because it has Rage, we can never make changes to the functionality of that power beyond the single-stack crash removal? Perma-double-stacking it or even triple-stacking it is not intended behavior. Stack junkies are currently holding the entire set hostage because they cannot accept the possibility of improving the power by changing it. The "cottage rule" does not apply to everything. If it did, we'd still be on Issue 1.
  4. The sets with Build Up don't need to (and can't anyway) perma it to be competitive with SS, though. SS needs perma single-stack Rage just to be on an even footing. That's why it begs the question of why it shouldn't be reworked. Removing the crash for a single stack is a good start, but when the power needs to be at one stack with 100% uptime just to maintain parity, it suggests the existing design for Rage needs improvement because it feels very awkward to use. But no, keep simplifying my gripes down to laziness instead of offering compromises to the current stacking system.
  5. When SS needs one stack of Rage up all the time to compete with every other set that has Build Up, it begs the question why the set is designed in such a way that Rage needs to be up all the time, and then spawns questions like "why not make Rage a toggle?" and other such things that have become staples of this thread.
  6. I doubt many people were giving up 10 enhancement slots just to do that at the expense of basically everything else in their build. Possible? Yes. Practical and widely used? No. I certainly never remember it happening, and I played Invuln/SS back then, from launch to around the time F2P happened.
  7. Scrappers aren't meant to hold aggro, though. Like Stalkers, the stated purpose of the AT is melee DPS.
  8. It was not designed from the start to be stackable though. We know that much. It was impossible to achieve that level of recharge before the advent of IO sets. And if memory serves, it was Castle who imposed the crash penalty on it. Castle was not exactly a genius. That's the dev that made sweeping PvP changes which gave all ATs relatively similar mitigation and damage output, which the PvP community hated.
  9. And as I've said before, in light of this, I would be willing to give up Rage stacking. The window of dealing next to zero damage feels terrible and I really want that part gone. Just removing the crash for a single stack and effectively slapping a penalty only on the people who currently have high recharge in their builds and liked to auto-cast the power for the sake of convenience (because they cannot currently avoid the crash) doesn't feel good to play either. Given that SS as a set has a lot of really lackluster powers in it beyond Foot Stomp and Knockout Blow, I find it unlikely that I'm the only one using the set who stacked global recharge purely for the benefit of those select powers. I'd happily accept some pretty hefty reworks to how Rage works if it made the power more convenient to use without leaving it held hostage to those players who are unable to accept that allowing the power to stack (and therefore forcing some kind of penalty to be imposed on it when other perma-capable powers neither have nor need such a penalty) might be a bad idea.
  10. Knockout Blow is amazing, and also some people just really like the animations. It's difficult to use Martial Arts or Street Justice to capture the feel of a character with archetypal superhuman strength.
  11. If it was viable to take Rage out of my build and still deal respectable damage, I would. I think it's a huge problem that the set is balanced around having at least one stack of Rage up most of the time. I'd rather it be replaced with Build Up and then not have to take it. You can build a Tanker or Brute to have high enough defense/resists to eat the mitigation debuff, but you can't eat the 10 seconds of -999% damage. All you can do is pop Judgment and then stand around being weak as a kitten for the remaining 8 seconds.
  12. I don't see why people want to stack it. I want to auto-cast it and not crash, but I only stack it right now because I can't avoid the crash anyway, as it stands on the live servers. If it was a choice between being able to stack, and not having the damage crash, I'd choose the latter in a heartbeat. I guess because I play a Tanker with SS and not a Brute? I like this, I think it's thematic with the idea of building up a character's level of rage in combat. It ebbs and flows as the heat of battle grows and fades. But for Brutes it might be too much like having a second Fury meter. I've stated previously in this thread that ideally I'd like to just have the damage crash removed and let people stack Rage as high as their defenses can handle, but I really hate the damage crash enough that I'd be willing to accept Rage not stacking and turning into a toggle. I have tolerated the mitigation debuff up till now because my SS character is a Tanker and can easily achieve Incarnate-level 65% defense, meaning I can generally eat the mitigation debuff almost entirely on my own and can usually count on backup from my SG's party buffs. Even the -10% resistance half of the revised form of the debuff is manageable. I just think doing next to zero damage for 10 seconds is antithetical to the entire premise of Super Strength as a powerset and would really like to see that debuff removed. The fact that SS does such poor damage to begin with that the set needs Rage just to keep up with other sets (when they all have Build Up instead) seems like a pretty solid point in favor of removing Rage and replacing it with Build Up anyway. Just fiddle with the numbers to bring SS back in line with other sets.
  13. No. Sorry, but this is missing the point of the tank changes and the changes being made to Rage. The defensive debuff portion of the Rage crash is manageable for any Incarnate-level Tankers or Brutes that are built for defense, it's the -999% damage debuff that cannot be mitigated in any meaningful way.
  14. I really think we need to rework Bruising rather than get rid of it. Make it the defining characteristic between Tankers and Brutes. By all means, reduce the vast gulf between Tankers and Brutes as far as DPS, but in exchange for doing slightly less damage on a Tanker, use Bruising to emphasize their team support capabilities. Trade slightly less individual damage for greater team damage, use Bruising as a flanking debuff.
  15. Putting in an option to remove the effect of recharge buffs from other players isn't going to fix my build. But changing the functionality of Rage to offer less potent buffs on a permanent duration would be a nice compromise. If double-stacking is so bad, then don't let Rage stack. The thing I hate about Rage currently is the damage debuff.
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